Best Job Board Themes and Plugins for WordPress 2020

It's not a secret, that almost every person has faced a problem of job search. Each job seeker can get tired of endless interviews and irrelevant vacancies. And not only job seekers are having a hard time looking for a good job. Also, it is not that easy for employers to find a really good specialist in a certain sphere. It is hard to analyze different CVs, test work examples etc. Fortunately, the Internet can help both employers and employees, as it can solve all these problems.

Everything can be analyzed quickly and effectively. That’s why job-related websites are becoming more and more popular.

Nowadays, everyone has an opportunity to go online and communicate on the Web. You can send your applications and get a dream-job in the comfort of your home. You can even work staying inside - just enter a freelance job portal and enjoy! The only problem is that this kind of websites is actually expensive to create and maintain. Starting such a website from the beginning requires some special designer and programmer skills, but you can launch your online job board using WordPress job board themes and WordPress job plugins. It is much cheaper and faster than creating your site from scratch.

Top 5 WordPress job board themes

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CareerHunter - Complete Job Board WordPress Theme Sometimes it is not enough to create a classic website to attract more clients. In some cases, you need something creative if you want to boost a client base. And if you want a creative website template then we are here to advise you to download the CareerHunter WordPress Theme.It is a multipage template with many features. Due to such a number of pages, it will be extremely easy to sort information and present it in the most preferable way. It also has tonnes of visual elements, forms, effects, and so on. And most importantly this template is fully editable. $98 View More
WPJobify - Job Board WordPress Theme WPJobify WordPress theme is a well-designed digital product. It has a design that looks corporative, creative, and eye-catchy at the same time. And due to its coding WPJobife WordPress theme adapts to any screen. It looks great on PC, smartphone, or tablet.There many useful elements like application buttons, contact forms, and dropdown menus. Due to WPBakery Page Builder you can easily change it with simple drag-and-drop. It also has integrated WooCommerce features. And due to responsive coding, your website will be truly SEO-friendly. $59 View More
Jxpress - Job Board WordPress Theme In case you want to create a clean website that looks corporative and suits any type of job employment sphere then you should check out the Jxpress WordPress theme. Developers decided to give you more options in web development. And this is why the Jxpress has various layouts for home page, job listing page, blog page, and so on. It will help you customize your website. At the same time, Jxpress is fully editable, well-optimized and well-documented $85 View More
JobFind - Job Board WordPress Theme There are many job boards on the Internet. And you have to overcome your competitors if you want to be successful. This is why you need something eye-catchy when it comes to website development. Yet, since we talk about job boards your website has to be clean and reliable.Try out the JobFinder. It has a clean design that allows you to make an accent on the most important parts of your website. It has Landing Page Builder, Admin pannel, and multiple options of page layouts.  $98 View More
Simple Job Board In case you already have a website and want to add more features to it then you may need a WordPress plugin. Like this  Simple Job Board plugin. It adds a job board to your website. Of course, it is hard to compare a website theme developed for job boards with a website that has the only plugin. Yet, this plugin will really helpful to any HR manager. It will help you manage various jb offers and add different job listing. You can even add an appolication form to each job offer.  Free View More

All successful job portals must be updated constantly, so we have handpicked the fastest WordPress job board templates and best WordPress job listing plugins. Also, your website should be SEO-friendly to reach top search results and attract new customers. It has to be clear, visually appealing and understandable even for novice Internet users.

The good news is that all TemplateMonster’s job board WordPress themes meet these requirements. They are elegant, simple and user-friendly, so each of your clients will definitely be satisfied.

Besides, all job board templates from this collection are fully editable and responsive, as well as support all the major WordPress employment application plugins. In other words, each Internet-user will have an opportunity to search for employers or job seekers even using one’s mobile phone. Also, all WordPress jobs templates and jobs plugins are easy-to-install, so you can set it up without any special skills or professional help. It takes a short while to customize, and the rest time you can enjoy the results. Why waste your time? Choose one of the job board WordPress themes from this collection, boost its functionality with WordPress jobs plugins, launch your own site, become successful and start making money right now!

Monstroid - Best WordPress Template

Monstroid - Best WordPress Template

This is a nice multipurpose theme that you can turn into a job board WordPress theme. This theme has all the components to create an informative website. You can be sure that the simple job board you create using this template will look correct no matter what device a person uses. The features of this template are:

  • Jet Plugins compatibility – you can add new features and functions
  • It comes with several designed templates – find the one you like and modify it
  • Optimized – the website works fast on various devices
  • Good documentation – you can learn how to use the template

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Jobfinder - Job Board WordPress Theme

Jobfinder - Job Board WordPress Theme

Here’s a nice job board WordPress theme that comes with everything you need to create a helpful website. Job boards have to be easy to use and informative enough. This job board theme is super flexible. You can add various elements and make your website not only useful but also attractive. The features of this template are:

  • Various pages and elements – lists of companies, featured jobs, recently added jobs, etc.
  • Great flexibility – every element can be customized
  • SEO friendly – it’s important to make your website easy to find using search engines
  • Admin interface – control everything using a powerful administrator panel

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Adverom - PR Company Multipurpose Modern Elementor WordPress Theme

Adverom - PR Company Multipurpose Modern Elementor WordPress Theme

This is a template that can be turned into a job board WordPress theme with all the important information for job seekers. A job board theme has to be easy to use so it can be used by everyone. A visitor has to get all the information they need and post their resume. Such websites should be adapted for companies and job seekers. The advantages of this theme are:

  • Elegant design – it makes the website look more business-oriented
  • Drag and drop feature – add the elements you need without writing code
  • Mobile friendly – it will be displayed correctly on mobile devices

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Startup Company One Page WordPress Theme

Startup Company

You can use this template to create an amazing job board WordPress theme. It already comes with all you need to create a very helpful online resource for people who look for a job and for companies who look for employees. This jobs board template looks nice and it is optimized, so the page loads fast. It also has such features as:

  • Jet Elements Plugin – add new elements and functions using various plugins
  • Booked Appointment plugin – a reliable booking appointment plugin
  • Mega menu – improve usability of your website
  • SEO-friendly – you can make your website easier to find using search engines

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Cozy Desks - Coworking Elementor WordPress Theme

Cozy Desks - Coworking Elementor WordPress Theme

This is a great job board WordPress theme that already has everything you need to create a stunning useful website. This simple job board WordPress theme can be turned into an informative platform where employers and employees meet. This theme also looks amazing and it’s easy to use. It has such advantages as:

  • Many widgets – it comes with widgets and elements like a carousel, buttons, an image gallery, etc.
  • Live customizer – the page is updated automatically as you add or remove different elements
  • Various layouts – find the webpage design you like the most
  • SEO-friendly – make your website easy to find

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JobFind - Job Board WordPress Theme

JobFind - Job Board WordPress Theme

The websites which help people find a job are quite popular. If you want to create such a website, then you need a job board WordPress theme. This theme combines the stunning design and numerous functions so you can create a nice simple job board that has everything that companies and job seekers need. The features of this template are:

  • Crossbrowser and responsive – the website will look correctly no matter what device or browser a visitor uses
  • Different menu types – make your website user-friendly
  • Job status and companies listing – provide visitors with the necessary information
  • Flexibility – customize various elements easily

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NeoJB - Modern Job Board Elementor WordPress Theme

NeoJB - Modern Job Board Elementor WordPress Theme

This is a great job board WordPress theme that can be used to create a useful website for companies and job seekers. This simple job board is super easy to use and you can modify the template without coding anything. It comes with everything you need to make a nice, informative website. The features of this template are:

  • Elementor page builder – just drag and drop the elements you need
  • Numerous elements – you can add tabs, columns, testimonials, etc.
  • Flexibility – the theme has various options to change its design
  • Various layouts – find the layout you like and modify if it’s needed

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Jobork - Job Portal Template WordPress Theme

Jobork - Job Portal Template WordPress Theme

Here is a nice and positive job board WordPress theme. This is a great starting point if you want to create a nice useful webpage for job seekers and companies. The great thing about this job board theme is that it’s incredibly easy to use. The code is optimized – everything loads fast providing visitors with the best possible user experience. The features of this template are:

  • Responsiveness – the webpage is mobile-friendly
  • JetElements Plugin – you can add new features and elements easily
  • Cherry elements – they make website management easier
  • Elementor page builder – modify the webpage using the drag and drop feature

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Job Portal Responsive WordPress Theme

Job Portal Responsive WordPress Theme

This is a great job board WordPress theme to use as a starting point for your website. This job board theme is user-friendly so people can easily get all the information they need. This template is provided with everything you may need to create a complex website. However, all the elements are optimized, so the website will always work properly and fast. The advantages of this template are:

  • Job board – the central element that provides job seekers with the information they need
  • WPML – you can make your website multilingual
  • Social network widgets – you can add Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter widgets

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Jxpress - Job Board WordPress Theme

Jxpress - Job Board WordPress Theme

A good job board WordPress theme will speed up the process of creating a useful website. This job board theme is super flexible so it’s a perfect starting point to create your website. Moreover, it looks amazing. All the elements arranged to assure the highest level of usability. However, you can easily modify all the elements. This template can be changed without modifying the code. The features of this template are:

  • Various styles for job, candidate, and employee listings – find the one that matches your design
  • Responsiveness – the website works properly with mobile devices
  • User dashboard – make your website user-oriented

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Contributz - Corporate Consulting Elementor WordPress Theme


A job board WordPress theme is what you need to create a nice website. WordPress job board themes like this one come with everything you may need to make your website user-friendly and informative. Moreover, all the elements are made by professionals, so they will provide you with a high level of performance. The theme features include:

  • Elementor page builder compatibility – use the drag and drop feature to modify the page
  • Jet Element Plugin – you can add new features using various plugins
  • WPML – make the website multilingual and increase the number of visitors
  • SEO-friendly – make the website easy to find

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DreamRunner - Business Bureau Responsive WordPress Template


Creating a website that helps companies and job seekers isn’t easy. However, this job board WordPress theme is a great starting point. This jobs board template comes with everything you need to create a useful web page. It looks nice and it’s ergonomic – you can easily find everything you need here. The advantages of this template are:

  • Various header and footer layouts – find the design that you like
  • Bonus images – fill your website with the related content
  • JetElements – it comes with various useful elements to improve your website
  • Responsiveness – make your webpage mobile-friendly
  • Flexibility – you can customize all the elements

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Job Portal Responsive WordPress Theme

Job Portal Responsive WordPress Theme

This is the job board WordPress theme that can be a great place to start when you create a useful website. This simple job board comes with everything that a modern website needs. The great thing about this template is that you can modify it without changing a single line of code. The features of this template are:

  • Job Board Plugin – this plugin helps to create a nice job board
  • Lazy load – various elements are loaded only when a visitor can see them (it improves the loading time)
  • MotoPress Plugin – modify the website by using the drag and drop feature

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Professional Employment WordPress Theme

Professional Employment WordPress Theme

A job board WordPress theme is a great option when you want to create a useful website for companies and job seekers. Such WordPress job board themes not only look great, but they are also very useful. They have everything you need to create a helpful website. This template is optimized, so it doesn’t take much time to load the page. The features of this template are:

  • SEO-friendly – make your website easy to find using a search engine
  • MotoPress editor – the drag and drop feature makes page creation fast and easy
  • Parallax – a nice effect when background elements move slowly

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Simple and Elegant Digital Marketing Agency WordPress Template


This Marketing Agency template is one of the best job board WordPress themes. It has a simple structure and sober color scheme. This template will be suitable for any business project or corporate website. Upload the template with any WordPress job posting plugin that comes to your liking and your site is ready to go.

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Online Job Board Responsive WordPress Theme

Job Portal Responsive WordPress Theme

JobsFinder is a WordPress work theme that looks professional and really attractive. Using it, you can build a full-blown job portal in just a few hours. You may also adapt this design to any business concept. The combination of green and white refreshes the layout.

The image slider on top spiced up with animated ghost buttons captures the attention. WordPress job board plugin makes it possible to post hot vacancies right on the homepage. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest widgets will help to spread the word about job offers. Thanks to the Parallax scrolling effect, your website will look three-dimensional. Trust me, you have to check out all the functionality! Just hit the 'live demo' button for this.

Dimitri H.

Great job theme

Very nice and powerful theme. Has quite some design elements.

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Classic Business Research Agency WordPress Theme

ExtraLink - Business Research and Analytics Agency WordPress Theme

This job listing template really can be named a ‘classic’ one. It has a sober color scheme and clear structure. Everything is simple and visually appealing – such design is considered to be the most effective one. The theme is ready to be uploaded with any WordPress job posting plugin that comes to your liking.

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Plumbing Responsive WordPress Theme

PlumberPro is a WordPress theme for a plumbing company is a multi-purpose theme which you can adapt to the needs of any WP job board. For instance, it will be a great fit for an employment company or a job portal. This theme has an Appointment Manager plugin. Your clients will be able to see free time slots and book appointments on-site.

With Tables you can showcase the pricing plans, toggles will keep the info compact. As for the Countdown timer, it will show the time left until the offer expires. Besides, this jobs template has one more advantage - it's released under GPL v3.0 license.

Declan B.

It´s a great template. I am very happy with the results so far.

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Cleaning Responsive WordPress Theme

Cleaning.Pro is a Cleaning WordPress Theme. You can also use it for a staffing company or a job portal. It has a scope of features you will appreciate. There's an intuitive drag and drop page builder for building original site layouts.

Also, this theme is licensed under GPL 3.0. Feel free to use a range of layout components, CTAs and pricing tables. The Appointment Manager plugin will help customers book the appointments in your time slots. Alos, the theme is ready to be enhanced with any WordPress careers plugin of your choice. You just have to try this item out. Hit the 'live demo' button and enjoy the functionality!

Václav S.


This wordpress themplate is really easy to modify. Besides, it works well in most of devices. Recommend!

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Roof Repair WordPress Theme

Roof Repair Services is a WordPress theme for the roofing business. It will let you showcase the roofing repair services to your prospects. With the help of a full-width image slider, you'll be able to emphasize the best deals. Animated banners and galleries give this template an interactive vibe.

Tell more about your services using four WordPress Custom Post Types. ‘Our Team’, ‘Portfolio’, ‘Services’ and ‘Testimonials’ sections will help you do this. Pick this WordPress theme for your business services website and enjoy its great functionality. Let the web users find their dream jobs by means of any WP job manager plugin of your choice.

Dorron B.

Cool theme and like its function. I just started using WordPress again after several years, so having the platform really helped.

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Lawnmo WordPress Theme

Lawnmo is a WordPress theme for business services website. Feel free to use it for a corporate website or a job board WordPress site. It looks professional and clean thanks to the minimalist layout. Besides, it offers an array of great features. Feel free to place a brand logo and business related photos in the header section.

It's possible to categorize the content into blocks and give it a clear structure. The Audio Player and Video Integration features will let you embed some multimedia content. Don't be afraid to throw in some interactive features - it will pay off! Be sure, this WordPress theme will work well for any business project, just make a few changes!

Jonathan A.

Really nice template

High quality template! Really nice pictures and most of the site is really easy to update via WordPress.

There was an issue with the auto install, but really good services from support staff and end-result pretty nice.

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Plumbing Co WordPress Theme

PlumbingCo is a WordPress theme for a plumbing company. An array of custom options will allow you to adapt this theme to any business. In spite of this, you can try fitting it for a corporate website of a job portal. Thanks to the variety of features it will ensure excellent performance.

The Parallax scrolling effect adds depth and dimension to this template. The Audio Player and Video Integration features will help you embed some extra multimedia. Don't be shy - showcase the best projects you've engaged with. To see all the features this theme has, just hit the 'live demo' button!

Demo | More Info | Hosting

Pool Cleaning WordPress Theme

Pool Cleaning is a fresh business services WordPress theme. It has a stylish color palette in light-blue and black. Use it for a corporate or maintenance services website. It has the potential to present any business online.

The homepage nests elements like 'Company services', 'Gallery', 'Testimonials', Blog and Contacts. You can embed, edit or delete any element with MotoPress Editor.

Social login feature lets people use their social account IDs for registration. Stick-to-top Menu makes navigation user-friendly. Click the 'live demo' button and try it all yourself!

Mathieu C.

Piscine et spa.

Perfect template. Customer couldn't be more happier.Template super easy to install compare to the old ones.I can say frameworks 4 really does change the game as we know it.More simple than this is impossible. I'll definitely tell my programmer friends about it. Try it for your self you'll see what I am talking about. You'll see me per chasing more templates specially at this price.

Thank you.

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Marsy's Cleaning WordPress Theme

Marcy's Cleaning is a business services WordPress theme for a cleaning agency. But, it can be a basis for developing a website for any kind of business. It will fit a job portal website as well well due to its minimalist and professional layout.

This theme has incorporated social media features. The icons in the header are able to catch the eyes of your prospects the moment they land your page. Stunning Parallax effect creates the feel of dimension and depth. Highlight the advantages of your business with animated banners. Google Map and Contacts will help your clients get in touch.

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Fooyx WordPress Theme

Food Delivery is business services WordPress theme you will enjoy! Its great structure will help you build any maintenance website or job portal. No sharp edges, just smooth circular elements that benefit the layout.

Cherry Framework will help you add more individuality to the final look of the website. For better communication with prospects, there's a selection of instruments. Use an online chat, social media feature, newsletter subscription, etc. Thanks to the integrated Google Maps, your clients will find you with ease.

Hugo K.

Nice Template

Cherryframework allow you to have many great effects and features, i recommend you to keep update due the old version security bug. The SEO and responsive settings ia good, and this template is easy to customize. This template was used to security fence company, importing products from USA and bring to Brazil. You can check the site at this URL: . I have no complains to this template. I’m a Brazilian web designer, running a small business at my country. Template Monster has been an amazing supplier, providing me many WordPress templates, i can delivery the job before the deadline and my clients are very satisfied so far.

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Food Delivery WordPress Theme

Food Delivery Services is business services WordPress food template that won't leave you indifferent. It has a neat and modern design that will fit any business website. You may use this great layout for a blog as well. This theme has a combination of visual appeal and great functionality.

Parallax scrolling effect adds more dimension to the layout. Animated banners are just the thing to showcase the best offers and services. This template also has such extra features as audio and video integration. Feel free to embed more multimedia content. Social options and an online chat give more opportunities for communication with prospects.

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Pool Cleaning WordPress Theme

Pool is a business services WordPress theme that has a well-structured and efficient layout. You can use it for building a business or corporate website of any kind. Place the best offers or vacancies in the full-width image slider in the header. Thanks to its handy structure, your clients will be able to find the desired content with ease.

This item has features like Advanced Theme Options, Custom Page Templates, WPML support etc. Gorgeous Parallax effect adds a 3D feel to the flat website environment. With Audio and Video integration you'll be able to embed multimedia content. Portfolio functionality will help to create a pleasant to the eye web resource.

Demo | More Info | Hosting

Pool Cleaning Responsive WordPress Theme

Pooli is a business services WordPress theme that you can't overlook. It has a light and pleasing color palette. So, feel free to use it for a corporate or a business website of any type. It is possible to adapt this item for a job portal or a staffing company website.

Animated banners and buttons will help you showcase the best offers and deals. Social icons in the footer will allow connecting your social profiles. To check out all the benefits this theme has - just click the 'live demo' button! Don't forget to check other swimming WordPress themes.

This template was almost to easy to use. It was designed exactly for the purpose i needed it. The choice of images and general layout worked perfectly to match the design and ideas i was working with. The ability to modify the pages, add and remove images or text as needed makes using all template monster templates a breeze. If you need a simple yet effective template theme for a swimming pool then look no further than this theme.

DemoMore Info | Hosting

Window Cleaning Responsive WordPress Theme

Window is a lightweight maintenance services WordPress theme. You can adapt it for business or corporate website with ease. Cherry Framework will make it possible to make any changes you want. In spite of quite a minimalist look, this theme has rich functionality.

Extra features like Advanced Theme Options, Custom Page Templates, DropDown Menu, etc. Social options and Google Map will help to connect with your clients both on- and offline. Blog and Portfolio functionality will help you showcase any content in the best way. Still hesitating? Just see the live demo yourself.

Dongwook L.

Very good wordpress theme.

Easy install & Easy design theme.

Demo | More Info | Hosting

Cleaning Services WordPress Theme

Cleaning Company is a business service WordPress theme that's impossible to pass by. It has a vibrant color scheme and elements painted in red, blue, green and yellow. You may use it as a job board theme or download it for a staffing company website.

A full-width image slider in the header is right for the best offers. Give more information about your business to the prospects in the colorful banner sections. Use 'Our Testimonials' to create a true image of your business. DropDown Menu on top makes the navigation comfortable and user-friendly. Check out the live demo to learn more about this theme!

Antonio E.

Nice template

I really like their template but unfortunately not compatible with WooCommerce. We will not use.

Best regards

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Roofing Company WordPress Theme

Roof Repair is a vibrant maintenance services WordPress theme. The combination of green, black and white is an eye-catching one. It has a handy top menu with rich typography and clear fonts.

DropDown Menu makes the navigation more user-friendly and comfortable. Animated banners will help you showcase the best offers and deals. Parallax scrolling effect creates and the illusion of space and dimension. There's no better template for a business website - make sure to check out this item!

Sheila M.


WOW, what a deal! This is an amazing template. Easy to use, easy to install. It has a great slide intro that is easy to change as well as it is easy to put in your own logo, colors and graphics. Changing your copy can be accomplished in your admin panel along with your images and copy. Customer support was key to helping us with any trouble spots.

I would strongly recommend any templates from this company!! LOVE IT!

Demo | More Info | Hosting

Pool Cleaning Responsive WordPress Theme

4Pools is a WordPress theme for business websites that won't leave you indifferent! It has a neat and thought-out structure you can adapt to any kind of business web resource. Animated website sections will surprise you with great features.

This theme has 'Blog' and 'Portfolio' layouts for posting different types of content. Also, Advanced Theme Options and Custom Page Templates. As you can see, you're free to make any changes and publish any information you like. With the help of a Google Map and Social Options your prospects will be able to connect with you on- and offline. What else do you need for a successful online project?

David L.

recommended theme

Beautiful and elegant design, simple installation, so far, I didn't find bugs. There are many design options.

Demo | More Info | Hosting

Modern Professional Recruiting WordPress Template

Professional Employment WordPress Theme

Prowex is a job portal WordPress template for human resources and staffing companies. It looks neat and professional thanks to the clean lines and stylish color scheme. Use as many website sections as possible to tell more about your services.

The 'Testimonials' and 'Our Updates' sections will help you do that with ease. A section with the partners' logos will also do you good if you include your clients there. Make your social profiles visible with social profile buttons. Hit the 'live demo' to check the whole spectrum of functionality!

Jaclyn C.

works great

Easy to install, easy to edit, couldn't be happier.

Demo | More Info | Hosting

Financial Consultancy WordPress Theme

Advisto - Financial Advisor Consultancy WordPress Theme

This Financial Consultancy theme is eye-catching and simple. Bright colors are combined with sober, and the design looks stylish. As can be seen, it has a clear user-friendly structure and a clean code.

Demo | More Info | Hosting

Minimalist Corporate Website WordPress Template

Financial Business Accounting & Research Analyst WordPress Theme

This template is a real catch for each corporate website owner! It has a useful navigation and a simple structure, so any of your customers will be pleased without any doubts.

Demo | More Info | Hosting

Corporate Business WordPress Theme

Consulting Co WordPress Theme

Using this template you can create the best job portal website ever. It is designed for corporate business websites and can be easily adjusted to your needs. Also, you can keep a blog with this theme.

Demo | More Info | Hosting

Business Consulting Agency WordPress Theme

Consulting Agency WordPress Theme

With this template you can create a business consulting agency online and offer your market analysis services. It is SEO-friendly and easy to use, so you can go online without any great effort using this WordPress theme.

Demo | More Info | Hosting

Professional Recruiting Agency WordPress Template

HR Recruiting WordPress Theme

Except the fully responsive design and useful navigation, this template also has an auto-updater to provide your customers with new features and functions straight away. With its help you can also keep a blog with advice for job-seekers and recruiters.

Demo | More Info | Hosting

Job Board Responsive WordPress Theme

Job Portal Responsive WordPress Theme

The name of JobTheme speaks for itself. With this job portal theme WordPress, you'll find great employees and job offers. Bright color scheme of this template looks clean and professional.

Video background feature is a peculiarity of this theme. It shows the products in a quite interactive way. This theme has an animated image slider with colorful ghost buttons. A job board plugin will let you post and manage the job offers on the homepage. The Olark Chat will help you to connect with your audience with ease. Just think, what else do you need to become successful online.


Very clever!

We use this template as a multiregional platform for employment candidates. It seems like the programmers know very well what they are doing, because almost every single element you need to start building trust for visitors is present/or as a separate plugin.

I like it very much because saved a lot of time and brainstorming.

Thank you, Templatemonster!

Demo | More Info | Hosting

WordPress job board Plugins

WordPress Simple Job Board Plugin

plugin 1

This Simple Job Board Plugin for WordPress is very useful and easy to use. Using this job manager plugin you can add different job
offers and manage them without any great effort.

Fast Job Manager WordPress Plugin

plugin 2

With the help of this WordPress job application plugin you will manage your job applications and interwiews in an easy way. It is not only fast, but also easy to use and to install. It's the best choice for each job portal owner.

WordPress Job Board Plugin

plugin 3

Job Board WordPress Plugin is a real catch for managing a job offering website. It is useful, fast and lightweight. Besides, this plugin can be easily downloaded and set up.

Useful Job Manager WordPress Plugin by


plugin 4

This Job Manager WordPress Plugin is one of the best job board plugins created for WordPress. It is lightweight and powerful, so you can create a perfect recruiting website and manage it successfully.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed this job portal WordPress themes and WordPress job board plugins collection. Here you can find anything you want - from simple recruiting themes to corporate website templates. Also, we recommend you to consider jobs WordPress theme. All of them are extremely fast and useful. They are SEO-friendly, so your website will succeed and reach top places in search results without any great effort. In addition, each theme is aesthetically appealing and eye-catching. All templates and WordPress job plugins can be easily customized and adjusted to your needs - several clicks here and there and the WP job board website is ready to use. Also, you can edit buttons size and icons, choose layouts and add your logo to make it individual and unique.

As can be seen, you have no need to hire professional web-developers or designers to create a job portal based on WordPress - just choose the template you like, download a job board plugin and give a start to your recruiting website right now. You will get the detailed instructions together with the theme, and also you can contact TemplateMonster’s round-the-clock support team to solve any problem. With every passing day job offering and freelance websites become more and more popular, so there is no time to wait. Don’t let your business rivals be first and give a start to your career on the Internet!

WordPress job board FAQ

❓ Why do you need a job board website?

Nowadays people start any search online. And when they need a job or employee they start searching on the internet first. This is why you need a job board website. It will be your aggregator of vacancies that adds and removes job offers by itself. 

❓ Free job board WordPress themes or premium job board WordPress themes?

Obviously, free website themes look more preferable. Yet, in most cases, they lack some features. Or they require additional coding. And a template has to relieve you from coding. At the same time, premium themes are ready-to-use products. Just make sure that it suits your business.

❓ Who can customize a job board WordPress theme?

Anyone. You can even do it yourself, if you have a WordPress theme with Elementor Page builder, for example. It allows you to simply drag and drop elements. Modern website developers tend to release you from coding. And if some coding is required then it is al about working forms.

❓ How to find a good job board WordPress theme?

First of all, keep in mind that your job board website has to be fast. It requires good optimization. Clients and web search algorithms prefer fast websites. Another important thing is the structure. A job board website has to be easy to navigate and use.

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Oksana Preda

I like putting things in order and sorting stuff to make it easier to find something useful. That's why I like creating template listings. Besides that, I do researches on different interesting topics on web design and seek topics that could inspire readers. LinkedIn

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    Always a big fan of linking to bloggers that I love but don’t get a lot of link love from.

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