Best Metal Color Palettes to Try

Mar 28, 2018

As you see from the title of this article, today we will talk about metallic color or metal color palettes, as you like. I gathered eye-pleasing color palettes you will be able to use in your designs to add them a little bit of luxury look. You will get to know what colors go with gold, colors that go with silver, colors that go with copper, pick out your favorite color combinations for August, and so on.

If you are a professional, you surely know that colors make a powerful effect on us.

Look through our blue website templates & blue themes and you’ll notice that bluish colors perfectly fit for healthcare, finance, computer and technology, social websites, airlines, and political parties because according to the psychology of colors they are internationally associated with safety, protection, soothing, and so on.

But what's the point with metallic colors? I guess the situation is not that simple with them. Can you say what effect does metallic silver color make on you?

Metallic colors have a certain strength, solidity, and richness to them. Metal is thought of being indestructible. Since the 1960’s, car manufacturers have put metallic paints on their cars to lend a feeling of durability, solidity, and richness.

Here are some of the psychological associations for various metallic colors:

  • Aluminum – cool – new, durable, modern
  • Brass – warm – rich, durable
  • Bronze – warm – rich, old, solid
  • Chrome – cold – hard, durable, sparkly
  • Gold – warm – rich, classy
  • Silver – cool – rich, mellow

I am sure that being a creative designer you would love to experiment with new color combinations and see how far they can take your design concepts. I’ve handpicked 20 color palettes for August from the most popular ones uploaded to COLOURlovers to help you out.

This time we are going to take a look at metal color palettes because they are on the list of hot year’s trends. The fashion is already strong in the home decor, fashion and stationery markets and now it is expanding into technology and temporary tattoo areas. It’s difficult to deny the fact that gold color palette, rose gold color palette, silver color palette, copper color palette and other metallics are perfect for holiday designs (Christmas, for instance). You can give an extra, festive sparkle to your holiday card designs, patterns, illustrations, wrapping paper or holiday icons using metallic colors. They all give your designs an elegant touch, a feeling of opulence, a bit of glamorous, gold garnish.

Please keep in mind that you should be cautious with metallic color palettes. Just like any other color scheme it can make or break your design. You can try the minimalist approach, adding a metallic accent or risk it all and make the maximum to impart your design a dramatically chic look.

And don’t forget about gradients. They can be a way to create realistic metallic effects. Contrasting light and dark colors from your metallic palette result in that glimmering look.

I guess it’s time for the best part of this article. All of the palettes you see below are available for download. All you need to do is click on the color scheme name/s you like and get the swatches in a heap of formats including .ai, .html, .zip, .aco and .ase. You'll also find the HEX and RGB specifications for each color, so you’ll be able to use it in your next web or print design project. Please make sure to read the details of the Creative Commons license for each palette.

Have an enjoyable browsing!

Driving the road

  • street grey | #686466
  • slate blue metallic | #839CB5
  • avilluk hinterland | #96D7EB
  • beauty blue | #B1E1E9
  • beauty cloud | #F2E4F9


  • GOLD | #C39738
  • background light 2 | #FFFF96
  • GOLDEN BROWN | #7F4311
  • Brome Grass | #5E4318
  • Rubber Dog Poo | #361F00

Aging Copper Roof

  • Copper Roof Yr A | #CC8F60
  • Copper Roof Yr B | #B7A075
  • Copper Roof Yr C | #9EB48E
  • Copper Roof Yr D | #8CC2A0
  • Copper Roof Yr E | #77D4B6

Wish u cool solstice

  • solstice lightness | #D9E1DF
  • solistice joy | #F2E5F9
  • solstice loving | #FF8A84
  • wish u cool solstice | #FE6763
  • 4 ur happy solstice | #E2D9DB


  • Iris Gray | #B3B6AF
  • grandma's lace | #FAF1E8
  • never let you go | #494E4A
  • Empty Girl | #202528
  • eye of the storm | #151714

One more time

  • one more time | #F2EEFE
  • how many times | #E2F0ED
  • in my time | #EDDFFF
  • take a long time | #E3CCFE
  • timing | #C4C3D0

Ecailles de Lune

  • like it? | #FBFBF3
  • cornflower sky | #758698
  • Alcest blue | #396884
  • navigator | #1D2D47
  • civil shadow | #0D0E23


Steamy Slippery | #9B9693

136~Deepness | #FFFFFD

What You've Given Me | #7B8175

walking seed | #2F3126

midnight black | #0C110D

Muted Metals

Broken Record | #111C22

Muted Green | #243D42

Muted Gold | #CDC57F

contemporary1 | #EDDCCC

Filing Cabinet 2 | #B8B3AD

Japanese Language

  • Gaelach | #B6C9C6
  • Frozen Lifeguard | #F4F7F6
  • Japanese Lily | #FAF1D0
  • Always As Humble | #E0B783
  • A New Reign | #E7A746

T o x i c

  • mario | #AEFF00
  • Herbe | #A5DB30
  • Grape Peel | #89AB3F
  • bile | #627044
  • Eswar 48 | #3A3D33

Fresh me

  • fresh me | #7FBFFF
  • cool grey | #8C92AC
  • dolphin | #6E7285
  • myth | # 423F43
  • storm | #373034

Distressed Copper

  • so bright | #F34427
  • brick | #8A3621
  • Shadowed Rust | #521E09
  • range of motion | #32332E
  • diva | #D3CBAA

Salmon how now

  • salmon pink | #FF90A4
  • cyan metallic | #8ECED0
  • wave | #00E4FC
  • pastel tea green | #E7F3EB
  • how now | #FDE9C9

Metallic Mushrooms

  • Mobster | #7E748C
  • East Bay | #405877
  • Bouquet | #BB8FA1
  • Melrose | #B194FC
  • East Side | #B692CF

La Capricciosa [1LP]

  • porcelain | #EADCD1
  • winter sky | #A6C8C5
  • grey blue | #93A4A5
  • dust teal | #4D6467
  • bell pepper | #D23D15

Wake up

  • F8FAC8 | #F8FAC8
  • L0026 | #E9EABD
  • L0002 | #2BDDB9
  • Al | #81827C
  • hot pink | #FF0066

R2-D2 and C-3PO

  • We're Doomed! | #FDE273
  • Goldenrod | #F5C255
  • Obtuse Little Friend | #54608A
  • Glob of Grease | #050707
  • Bucket of Bolts | #D8D8C3

Wearing A Future Hat

  • Machine Love | #526569
  • brush with greatness | #ADF512
  • teeth white | #F8F7EE
  • San Fran Disco | #30212C
  • Color Me Kind | #8EBEBD


white | #FFFFFF

Feeling a dream | #F2F1ED

Catalina Garcia | #E3E1DC

Obvious | #D9D6CE

yellow gray | #C4BFAB

Speak up!

How did you like metallic color palettes I’ve gathered for you? Do you often use metallic colors in your designs? Are you going to try out these combinations? Please leave any feedback you have for me in the comments section.

All of your ratings, likes, and shares will be much appreciated either. Thanks for reading this blog post and have a nice efficient day.

If you're not sure how to change the color scheme of your website our Service Center team will help you do it, just spit out your preferences and everything will be done within 24 hours.

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