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The Best WP Anti-Spam Solutions

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2017 WordPress Plugins For Spam Protection

  1. How to choose the best WP extensions for spam protection
  2. Setting up discussions
  3. Top five WP plugins For Spam Protection
  4. So, which plugin is the best?

Spam comments are a big problem for website owners. Some sites receive thousands of spam messages every week. Spam can severely affect the reputation of the resource among visitors. Unfortunately, there’s no guaranteed method for completely blocking spam comments. But thanks to the WordPress community, various solutions can help solve this problem. If you correctly configure your website and install an excellent anti-spam plugin, then you’ll significantly reduce the spam flow. Below there’s a series of plugins that will help protect the WordPress website from spam.

WordPress Anti-Spam Solutions

How to choose the best WP extensions for spam protection

Choosing a plugin to protect against spam, you need to consider some characteristics. Pay your attention to those first:

  • Ability to limit unnecessary user actions. Any action of the visitors, other than writing comments, is better to be minimized at once.
  • The ability to minimize access to the WordPress database. An excellent anti-spam plugin doesn’t allow spam comments to get into the WordPress data storage.
  • Block unwanted registration of new users. Spambots easily automate registration.
  • Provide statistics. It’s desirable that plugins report on spam activity monthly or weekly.

Setting up discussions

WordPress Anti-Spam Solutions

The only 100% reliable method of protecting against spam comments is to check each entry manually. It takes a long time and slows the process of discussion on the site. A smarter solution is to approve only the first comment from the reader manually. You immediately look at the user’s profile, and all subsequent comments from him will be added automatically. Spammers rarely write good comments, so their attempts to spread their malicious links are easy to stop.

Comments that have more than two links are better to be sent for moderation immediately. Also, you can register a list of “forbidden” words, according to which the comments will automatically fall into the blacklist. The next thing is to disable the trackback and pingback notifications. To do this, uncheck the “Enable receiving notification from other blogs” option. That way you’ll significantly reduce the number of spam comments. You won’t receive fake messages that someone referred to your site.

These comments from spammers usually have links that redirect traffic to their sites. The last thing is to set up a mandatory requirement for those who want to leave a comment, which requires them to specify the name and email address.

Also, click the checkbox that forbids commenting on posts that are more than ninety days old.

Top five WP plugins For Spam Protection

WordPress Plugins
  1. Akismet is a popular plugin for WordPress, which guarantees 99% spam protection. It’s installed automatically on every WordPress blog. It checks all entries and blocks spam through the server. It also tracks comments to posts and trackback and pingback notifications. The plugin places all the suspicious messages in the spam folder automatically. In doing so, it keeps the history of all entries marked as spam. The website moderator can see the comments from each website user. For personal blogs, the plugin is completely free. There’s also a paid version for larger sites.
  2. WordPress Zero-Spam is a new solution for anti-spam protection. This plugin is easy to install and activate. No need for added settings or API keys. It blocks all kinds of spam comments. Users don’t need to enter anti-spam tests or the CAPTCHA to prove that they aren’t robots. It automatically bans the spam IP addresses. You can install this anti-spam plugin for free on any site.
  3. Antispam Bee is considered an efficient and reliable plugin for protecting your site from spam. It’s configured individually with multiple parameters for any site. It compares the IP addresses of users for all incoming entries. If they don’t match, then the message is marked as suspicious. It sends notifications to users about spam comments. The spam folder is automatically cleared. Additional registration and authorization aren’t required. It can be used for free. A statistical report on the number of processed spam entries is provided monthly.
  4. The Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin protects you from spammers who like to leave automatic comments on the site. Those who want to leave the comment must confirm that they aren’t robots. For spambots this button is invisible. The developers claim that their solution will stop 99% of the bots. You can configure the maximum number of comments from one user in the queue to be scanned. You can also limit the number of links to sites and the number of characters in the name field.
  5. WP-SpamShield is a powerful and free anti-spam plugin. It protects against spam without entering CAPTCHA or other tests. It has a two-level system to check comments from bots and people. Allows you to develop forms for filtering suspicious messages and registrations. You don’t have to understand the comments for checking because the plugin blocks the bots before they enter the database. This anti-spam solution is suitable for online stores on the WooCommerce platform.

wordpress plugins

So, which plugin is the best?

Daily bloggers have to deal with spammers’ attacks to maintain the quality of comments on the site. For the administrator of the blog and the authors of comments, of course, it’s important that the entries are published quickly. Therefore, in the first place, you need to configure the moderation of comments in the WordPress control panel. If you are just starting to understand the website, then it’s better to install the Akismet plugin. It’s the most convenient and efficient. I use it myself. However, it sends regular comments to spam. But it happens very rarely, and you can always fix it manually. Try different solutions. If the installed plugin doesn’t cope, activate another plugin from the review. To protect against spam more reliably, you can install several plugins. On the other hand, this increases the risk that a good comment getting into the spam folder and extra load of the server.

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