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Where to Get the Best WordPress Customer Support?

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You don’t have to be a technical genius to create a site with a WordPress theme. But once the work is done, it’s too early to relax. All WordPress sites break at some point. There are many hazards that can affect their performance: malware, hackers, DDoS attacks, and outdated software.

Have you ever thought who’ll care of your WordPress website once it goes live? It takes longer to keep it updated, backed up, and protected. Unless you are tech savvy, you’ll also have to seek advice on WordPress help forums and study many tutorials. Add your main business tasks to that, and sleepless nights are guaranteed.

You can get third-party WordPress support in two ways. The first one is to hire a specialist, but his work can cost you a four-digit paycheck a month.

A much cheaper alternative is to order a WordPress maintenance service with pricing plans starting at less than $100.

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What Kind of WordPress Help You Can Get

There are many technical issues to handle on your site. Here’s a full checklist of what you’ll get with WordPress support services.

  • WordPress Backups. You’ll have all the data saved in the cloud storage. If your site crashes, you won’t lose anything.
  • WordPress Updates. Whenever there’s a new version of your plugin, theme or WordPress core, you’ll get it installed.
  • Uptime Monitoring. Your WordPress site will always be under supervision. If it suddenly goes down, you can bring it back online ASAP.
  • WordPress Security Monitoring. Malware and other threats will be detected before they harm your site.
  • Incident Management. Even with bullet-proof WordPress security, websites sometimes get hacked. Professionals will clean up the hack and restore your data from the latest backup.
  • Custom Development. You can order experts to complete small jobs such as WordPress theme customization and plugin setup.
  • Page Speed Optimization. That’s what will make your site load faster for lower bounce rates and higher SEO rankings.
  • WordPress Migration Website. You can have your site migrated to another hosting if your current one is slow or buggy.
  • Hosting. Some of these companies can host your website on their private servers.
  • Staging Site. Sometimes installation of new WordPress features causes issues. You can have them tested on a staging site first.
  • SEO WordPress Support. Experts can add alt tags to images, metadata, links, and sitemap to grow your ranking.
  • Reports. You’ll receive the info about your site performance, security, backups, WordPress updates, etc.

Detailed Comparison of 10 Premium WordPress Services

Learn how the best WordPress support services differ from each other in this table. It will let you choose the most profitable solution for your needs.

WP Site Care Maintainn The WP Butler Proactive WP WP Buffs API Studios Total WP Support SkyrocketWP Cinch Web Services GoWP
Cloud Backupsdaily / hourlydailyweekly / dailyweeklydaily / hourlydailyweekly / daily / real-timedailydaily / real-timedaily
Software Updatesweekly or whenever availableweeklyonce / twice / thrice a weekwithin a few days of the releasedailyweekly or whenever availableon the 1st day of each monthweeklydailydaily, weekly
Uptime Monitoring24/7every 5-15 min24/724/724/724/724/724/724/724/7
Security Monitoring24/724/7once / twice a weekdailydaily24/724/724/724/724/7
Incident Management++++++++++
Custom Developmentstarting from 2 hours per monthfor extra fees (5 hours cost $750)unlimited 15-minute tasksstarting from 1 hour per monthunlimited editsstarting from 2 hours per monthstarting from 1 small job per monthstarting from 1 hour per monthfor extra $50 per hourunlimited 30-minute tasks
eCommerce Support++++++for extra $60 per month+++
Page Speed Optimization+for extra feesfor extra $140 per hour+++++++
Website Migrationfor extra $200-$300+++for extra fees+for extra $150, free - to their own hosting++for extra $99
Hostingnonononofor extra fees++++no
Staging Site++for extra feesnofor extra fees+++++
SEO Services+nonono++++nono
Monthly Price$79 - $999$49 - $149$41 - $205$79 - $399$40 - $120$119 - $599$49 - $249$99 - $449$49 - $99$29 - $149
Support Hours7am - 7pm MDT / MST (urgent - 24/7)9am - 8pm ET7am - 4pm PST9am - 5pm CT24/79am - 8pm EET / EST9am - 5pm PST7am - 6pm CST (urgent - 24/7)9am - 6pm CT7am - 5pm ET


With these professional WordPress services, your site will always be up to date, secure, and fast. GoWP is the cheapest solution, while SkyrocketWP provides all the features without charging any extra fees. It’s up to you which one of them to use to maintain your site. You can also delegate your WordPress tasks to the support team of

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