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Free Guide To Best WordPress Membership Plugins

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  1. What are WordPress Membership Plugins?
  2. Best WordPress Membership Plugins
    1. S2Member
    2. Amember
    3. WP EMember
    4. MemberPress
    5. Magic Members
    6. Frontend User Pro
    7. Wishlist Member
    8. Restrict Content Pro
  3. In conclusion

What are WordPress Membership Plugins?

Assembling a membership site is the most practical solution for achieving significant monetization and increasing your profit.

By creating a membership system, you will be given an opportunity to create a product once and then earn from it on a regular basis.

On a membership site, your customers subscribe for a relatively small payment to access the site’s content. As the admin, you have full control over what is available to your customers. For example, you have set up a website with various online courses. You also have the power to give a specific price to each of your services.

There are different kinds of membership sites. Some require a one-time payment, while others may charge a daily, monthly or yearly fee for the products.

WordPress Membership Plugins

Best WordPress Membership Plugins

You will find a diverse collection of plugins available, which can earn more money via paid membership programs. These plugins help you build a reasonable member based website, with an endless supply of options for your online visitors. Keep in mind that those sites require large amounts of money. This makes it extremely important for you to choose just the right provider that enhances performance and reliability. There are tons of affordable WordPress hosting providers that will make your life much more comfortable.

The WordPress plugins market is filled with numerous Membership Plugins, and yet only a few are relevant and efficient enough to your website.

We have compiled a list of the best WordPress membership plugins that are definitely worth your time. Every plugin here is equipped with satisfying features and is quite popular with users. The most important thing is that besides being quite modern and stylish, all the products listed here come with a very reasonable price.

S2 Member

S2 Member WordPress Membership Plugins

S2 Member is one of the most classic and widely used member plugins around; the plugin now has over several million downloads since its inception. If you need a plugin which has lots of helpful features this is the one – For one, it is incredibly well-integrated with a great variety of different payment processors. It’s available for purchase in several different versions:

  • a free framework which consists of the basics you need for assembling a simple site that is integrated with PayPal;
  • a pro version which costs $89, has a lot more features but goes with a single-site license
  • pro unlimited version which costs $189 and gives you an opportunity to use it on as many websites as you require.


Amember WordPress Membership Plugins

Amember Pro is a member system which also has been in use for quite a long time and continuously progressed for some years.You can install it as a standalone system or integrate it with other platforms. It’s quite pleasant and easy to use.

Amember is quite famous among WordPress vendors, a lot of the most significant WordPress theme and plugin shops use it for their websites.

WP eMember

WP eMember WordPress Membership Plugins

WP eMember is a well-respected plugin with a rich history, it costs just $59 and is one of the easiest ways to create and manage a membership site with WordPress – either with a newly built website or by adding a new section to your already existing site. It’s filled with handy features that you will require to build your members area efficiently.

Also, it is useful for protecting posts or pages and marking them as members only, displaying partial content as a teaser, assembling unlimited membership levels and much more!


MemberPress WordPress Membership Plugins

MemberPress is a membership plugin with a professional design. It comes with the most contemporary and trending web features. With this plugin, you can fully control access to your website, opening it up only to your trusted team members.

Using this prosperous plugin also makes sure that your digital products are purchased with a high level of security, so you have a plugin that is both powerful and versatile.

People who use this plugin have high admiration for its various functions and straightforward user interface. Another great thing worth mentioning is the support team. You can contact them 24/7, and they will help you solve any possible issue that you might have within minutes.

This plugin is made for creating, managing and tracking membership subscriptions with confidence and efficiency. This is a spectacular plugin that easily integrates with your already up-and-running WordPress website.

The prices differ for each version of this plugin, so you can choose the one that seems like the most pleasant to your taste and requirements. If you are aiming for a brand new membership site, then it is better for you to select the Business Edition. It’s available at just $119 per year. If you are aiming for an advanced membership site builder than the Developer Edition, which is available at only $239 per year, should be your purchase.

Magic Members

Magic Members WordPress Membership Plugins

This plugin was created and is especially useful for educational membership websites. The Magic Member plugin is well-known for its state-of-the-art content dripping abilities. Also, it includes incredible integration with email newsletters such as Aweber and MailChimp, multiple payment gateways and much more!

The plugin features a handy download manager that was included to manage and monitor all the digital downloads on the site. The pay per view feature is also significant because it gives customers access to specific video content. If you are interested in selling a course, the feature of the sequential course delivery is meant just for you. The single licenses version of this beautiful product is available and ready-to-go at only $97. This includes a quick 24/7 support guide, free updates for a year and, of course, instant access to the plugin.

Frontend User Pro

If you require a more advanced user control and efficient drag-and-drop admin, Frontend User Pro is a WordPress membership plugin you should consider purchasing.

From membership content to conditional logic powered registration forms, this can surely provide exceptional service.

Frontend User Pro WordPress Membership Plugins

With JS support, easy to use API hooks and custom CSS you will be fully ready to enjoy many powerful features:

  • user roles and capability manager
  • front-end profile editor
  • conditional menu
  • email verification and more!

Frontend User Pro provides a thriving membership system, custom form builder, full of useful features and helpful profile manager.

Wishlist Member

Wishlist Member WordPress Membership Plugins

If you want to have your membership site within sheer minutes, without any programming or hard coding, then WishList is the plugin you need to acquire. This is a premium membership plugin that is respected by many users all over the world for giving full control over your content and methods of delivery and providing excellent service for both users and management. Some standard membership plugin functions are included in the plugin that effortlessly delivers unlimited membership levels and control.

There is also a fantastic feature of sequential content delivery which gives you an opportunity to release your content according to order or time. Membership levels are also auto upgraded according to your needs and specifications. Being the admin, you have power to monitor your members, membership level, their registration status and more.

Also, this plugin can be directly merged with your WordPress site that you have already been using. This makes it much easier for you to manage and control it as you are not forced to enter into a new “environment” that needs a new understanding. This plugin gives you an opportunity to create a free, trial or paid membership level or combine all the three for your online visitors.

The Custom Error option will automatically navigate your online customers to the error page if they try to reach the specific content or products that they have no access over. With the Partial Content Display option, you can demonstrate a part of your content to non-members who are interested in becoming your customers. If they want to purchase full access to the entire content, they will have to become a full member of your site. Displaying some gripping material is a great way to attract lots of new visitors to the website.

The plugin also effortlessly integrates with PayPal and ClickBank. You can also allow secure RSS feeds to be shown on the website. Another feature is the free preview with protection to entice more and subscribers to become full members.

Also, you will get great 24/7 technical support as well as an excellent variety of detailed documentation on how to use the plugin and get the best result out of it.

This plugin is available for purchase at $197 for just a single site and $297 for multiple sites.

Restrict Content Pro

Restrict Content Pro WordPress Membership Plugins

Restrict Content Pro is the most practical membership solution for WordPress users. The plugin is very cerebrally designed, and it perfectly integrates itself with the backend of your site. There are countless possibilities that this plugin can offer. It gives you complete control over just how your content can be reached.

You can create many new subscription package levels and provide level specific access to your content. It also gives you the opportunity to sell digital products and accept payments through some of the major online payment systems like Stripe, PayPal Standard, and Express, etc.

With Restrict Content Pro you can easily generate a CSV to all your active online customers. The settings can be changed to members of a specific subscription as well. You can even create a significant amount of discount codes and offer percentages for your visitors. The Reports feature will show you how well your website is currently doing regarding revenue. And this does not require any extra work. The developers have entirely taken care of it.

The Email Members help you send an automated email to a new member welcoming them to your website. It will also remind them of the upcoming date of expiry and send them a payment receipt for your services. This feature will bring more professionalism to your work.

Also, this plugin offers regular updates and a premium support to all the customers. Moreover, they have some financially beneficial deals for almost any budget with some affordable prices: Personal, Plus, Professional and Ultimate. The plugin also comes extensively documented so even if you have a problem setting it up, you surely can go through the walk-through that is available on the web.

This plugin is also available under various pricing plans that range from $99 to $499. So depending on the requirement of your site you can pick the one that will satisfy your needs

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In conclusion

To help you out, we have very carefully assembled the best membership plugins out there. It should, however, be noted that your requirements could be different from others. And as such you are advised to look into the products and use their demo versions to see whether or not they are what you were looking for.

The products that are listed here are quite successful in the digital world. They are very diverse and are commonly used even by the giants of the industry.

I hope that you enjoyed our collection.

To learn more about the exciting world of information technology, you can visit our blog.

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