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Best WordPress Popup Plugins For Email Form

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When someone launches a new WordPress website, the first question appears ‘How to get more subscribers?’ i.e., to increase the conversion rate of the site.

Experienced online marketers have no doubts that the most efficient and powerful method to gain as many subscribers as possible is to add popup or opt-in email subscription plugin to the webpage. Email is proved to be the best communication source on the Internet which may increase the quality of return visitors and your site conversions to hundred percents.

You may ask why email marketing is so useful. In a word, it is an intensely personal way of building a good relationship with your audience. It enables to stay connected with your potential clients and advertise your business. The more customers trust you, the more probably they are ready to purchase your product. To have a stunning open subscription form we recommend that you come along with popups.

A popup leaps out at visitors, so there is no chance the form is missed. It attracts the audience attention and encourages to the further actions, e.g., to subscribe to your website.

Remember that popup appearing should be moderately and not overdosed. At its worst, the form becomes obsessive by spamming visitors on every website page and may put an end to your business. In case you use opt-in together with a great content and add attractive text to the form, the audience will seek for it to subscribe and stay informed about updates and future promotions. If you still hesitate about subscription form usage, test many of them to find out if you need it on your website.

Many opt-in WordPress plugins are free.

Below is a list of the most popular options available for WordPress.


One of the largest online marketing platforms which helps to find the audience, engage the clients and build up a business. MailChimp is usually used for website email lists and offers two settings: subscription popup form and regular signup form. This is also a powerful instrument for those who run online store: MailChimp e-commerce integration allows to create targeted emails, useful product follow-ups, and back-in-stock messages; marketing automation ensures that the emails are sent to the right people at the required time, etc.

Popup Plugins Email Form

Popup Builder

An opt-in plugin for WordPress which allows one to develop custom-made popup windows. This is a straightforward yet convincing plugin which grips your visitors’ attention: it features subscription popup with integrated newsletter module, contact form popup enabling to write you messages from the form, and opt-in analytics extension gathering data about your popup efficiency.


The plugins has been developed for mailing list building (integrating with the most popular email services, e.g., MailChimp), lead creation, targeted marketing, social sharing and following to enhance website conversion rate and improve branding. Hustle plugin has an option which is respected by professional marketers. This is an exit-intent, it identifies when the user is going to leave the page and grabs his attention with jumped popup or slide-in.


The most progressive plugin for WordPress blog. It stands out for its multiple free options featuring subscription forms, email automation, follow-up notifications and email list building. If you need more efficient features, go ahead with premium extensions.

For detailed information on the other plugins, feel free to see more top opt-in options for WordPress.

Popup Plugins Email Form

If you are serious about improving your website and achieving high conversions, it is a high time to start with popup plugin. Attracting subscribers and promoting business is not that easy, and the best plugins which can bring success to your brand cannot cost cheap. Though, you will soon find them a good investment when your increased email list brings the extra income.

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