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Best WordPress Themes for Podcasters. 9 Easy Ways to Hold your Casts in 1 Place

You may find dozens of great WordPress art templates which you could customize for your project, and to help you with that, we offer you a selection of WordPress themes which you could use in order to set up your own podcast. All of these themes fit this purpose, and even with little coding skills you may create a great podcast website.

Imagine 3 situations.

  1. Your car, a long windy road, several-hour drive. Your favorite radio station is on.
  2. Your home, the end of a long day, your favorite drink in your hand. Your favorite radio station is on.
  3. Imagine an early morning, a coffee cup steaming on your table and… yes, your favorite radio station which is on.

Almost half of your memories will be connected to the sound in the background. It’s not necessarily a radio station, it may be your favorite podcast, your favorite playlist or a coffee shop sound. We don’t even realize how much of our life is filled with them, but without the sounds life would seem unnaturally silent and uncomfortable.

With this in mind, we, the owners and the creators of sound-related businesses, may feel a sense of relief - at least we have all the opportunities to create a successful project from the very start. Any sound-related business (radio station, culinary tips or political podcasting project - anything) can leach into our cars, homes and lives and become our listening habit. What is required from us is catching the wave, creating a website which the listeners would like to return to and upload the content which would make them stay on the website.


33 Channel WordPress Theme

33 Channel WordPress Theme

Demo See the Template

Being a retina-ready responsive WordPress template for media projects, this theme has all the features which a converting website needs. A contact form encourages your visitors to get in touch with you, and the content hierarchy lets you put all the shows, podcasts or videos in the order which seems to be the most effective for you.


Pokemania WordPress theme

Demo See the Template


The modern design of this media WordPress template makes creating a podcast website easy. You may combine a podcast with a blog, meanwhile revealing the latest comments on your project. As people tend to like what others like, don’t overlook an opportunity to be talked about.


Harvest WordPress theme

Demo See the Template

Although this WordPress template doesn’t directly belong to the media themes, it may serve as a great basis for a media website. Its layout lets you make a user-friendly website with a Parallax effect, powerful imagery and unusual image slider.

Game Portal

Game Portal WordPress theme

Demo See the Template

Is your future project rich with content? Are wondering how you could place all of it so that it will be perceived not just as a mass of information, but as clear and readable pieces of data? Then you may consider using this theme which allows you to sort all of the content into different segments.


News Portal WordPress theme

Demo See the Template

This stylish media WordPress theme is a great option for those who want their project clear and clean. Nothing superfluous, just visualized information which is easy to perceive. The banners have different sizes, and by being like this, they prioritize the content.


TripTrastic WordPress theme

Demo See the Template

If you want your customer to see a full-screen image first when opening a website, you may consider using this template. Combine text, images and call-to-action buttons in order to create a dynamic and exciting website. Magnetic effect of semi-transparent social media buttons encourage your visitors to like and share your content. Don’t forget that social media presence may enhance your website conversions immensely.

Video Records

Video records WordPress theme

Demo See the Template

Speaking of the templates which are great for large amounts of content, this template’s design is also an amazing example of how these websites may look. Don’t worry about navigation – a website with an intuitive layout like this one, will be as simple to use as possible.

Cartoon Blog Website

Cartoon blog WordPress theme

Demo See the Template

In case you are looking for a memorable design, you may like this cartoons blog WordPress theme. Overlapping banners and an unusual placement of social media buttons are those details which do not necessarily seem significant, but impact the conversion rate a lot.


Salvatoro WordPress theme

Demo See the Template

Having a Pinterest-like grid layout, this art gallery template may become a great website for you if you want your project to have a look of high art. You may use it to showcase your podcasts, files, blog posts or gallery. Regardless of the project, it will have an amazing design which will help retain your visitors on the website for longer.

If you're searching for more professional solutions to build a website, have a look at the Best WordPress Themes 2017.


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