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Best WordPress Widgets for Your Personal Blog

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  1. Advantages of adding widgets to your WP site
  2. Best WP widgets that can boost your popularity online
  3. Your turn to decide

Advantages of adding widgets to your WordPress site

Adding WordPress widgets to the website could be compared to tuning a car. Yes, in both cases you receive more potential and functionality. The same thing applies to the useful WordPress widgets. You gain some valuable functions when you add some of them to a new WordPress website.

It’s not a secret that WP comes with the default pack of standard settings. Users can upgrade those kits with the best WordPress plugins at the official WP website. This service contains hundreds of WordPress plugins for all your needs. And we have chosen 15 helpful web tools for your WP website.

You are welcome to read the article if you want to take a closer look at this tricky problem.

Best WordPress widget that can boost your popularity online

  1. Recent posts widget. By default settings, each WP website comes with this tool. Its default settings have a list of newly created posts. Admins can make their posts more colorful while using it. You may download this WordPress plugin from the official website.
  2. WP popular posts. This widget can show the most popular site posts. All information is reflected in the form of a lovely sidebar plugin. All the website posts may be displayed by the number of views or comments.
  3. Social icons widget. Simplicity is a beauty. It may be the slogan of this WP plugin. It aims to show the users delightful social icons. Those icons are linked with your most popular social network accounts.
  4. Google maps widget. You may check this plugin if you are tired of slow and buggy ones. It’s able to show the ideal map with a thumbnail. All you need is to place the widget into the required area. Join the diverse number of map widget plugin users today!
  5. Related posts widget. It’s a powerful plugin that allows you to display the relevant posts in the sidebar on your website. Using posts plugin is very simple. You have to locate it into a particular website area. That’s all. You can start enjoying your tuned up website.
  6. Simple contact info. This WordPress plugin allows web admins to create contact forms. They are used for collecting contact info from the website users. This widget plugin is highly useful for e-Commerce websites.
  7. Instagram slider widget. It can display the 12 last posts from the public Instagram account. In addition, it may reflect 18 pictures from the hashtag. Instagram posts can be sorted by the date, popularity or randomly.
  8. YouTube channel. It’s a highly useful plugin for WP users who like watching YouTube videos. You need to insert the shortcode into the sidebar and that's all. You can enjoy your favorite YouTube videos.
  9. Compact archives. WP website has a tool that’s useful for all blogs. This specific widget can display blog posts in a more convenient form. All you need to do is adjust a few WordPress settings, and that's it.
  10. Feature a page. This showcases a page in any widget area of the website. This plugin allows you to pick up to three layouts. It can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin directory.
  11. Polldaddy. Web admins may create polls and ratings with the help of the Polldaddy plugin. The level of their complexity might be wide-ranging. Everything depends on your needs. WP automatically displays the results in the sidebar area.
  12. Testimonials. This allows a user to make WP more colorful with various quotes, reviews, texts, and portfolios. This WordPress widget is highly useful for all kinds of online resources.
  13. Random Post. This sidebar widget can display random posts from any category you want. Admins can pick up the quantity of the posts. Moreover, they can determine some additional visual effects for their posts.
  14. OptinMonster. This plugin will be helpful for all e-Commerce websites. Its mission is to boost website conversions. The OptinMonster widget allows you to show useful info with sidebar and after post. Pick up this free WordPress tool to boost your popularity online.
  15. Weather Widget. It’s a simple plugin that allows the addition of a beautiful weather forecast to the website. All info is given by According to their plugins policy, you need to enter their API Key into the WordPress dashboard settings. As soon as you have done this, you can enjoy impressive weather forecasts on your website.

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Your turn to decide

Believe it or not, but picking up any of the above software might be very important for boosting the popularity of every WordPress theme. Each newbie has faced this. They have looked for some help from their more experienced friends, but you are lucky because we are here to help you to pick out your own favorite widget.

Our specialists undertook a considerable amount of research. All you need now is to make your own choice. It’s much easier when you have read something about the problem you’re solving. Our team believes that this article will help you to pick up the best WP sidebar plugin for your website.

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