Botanical Illustrations in Web Design

Nov 08, 2019
  1. The art of botanical illustration
  2. How to create a botanical illustration
  3. Where to use botanical illustrations
  4. How to use botanical illustrations correctly
  5. Botanical art prints, backgrounds and flower drawings
  6. Botanical design sites that inspire

Today most designers use big photos and videos for website backgrounds. However, it is impossible to say that web designers have completely abandoned the use of different illustrations, particularly, botanical illustrations. Botanical illustrations have become more diverse, unusual, and original.

Botanical Illustrations

Therefore, non-standard botanical illustrations are a new trend in web design. Moreover, the more strange and unusual the illustrations are, the more popular the site will be. This type of design will attract attention and will be remembered by customers.


Web design is a kind of art of innovation and professionalism in graphic editors, and various illustrators. Combining useful information with various vivid illustrations and bringing people a particular message is quite real.

The art of botanical illustration

First of all, let's see what a botanical illustration is. Botanical illustrations are drawings and prints that can be used everywhere, including in web design. Most often these types of illustrations are used as prints. In other words, you can decorate your room design, your workplace, and so on. In web design it is used less often. This is rather a new trend, which is only gaining momentum and is now becoming more popular. The sites using botanical illustrations look very beautiful, natural and unique.


Such sites will definitely stand out among the large number of already existing ones.


Botanical design is influenced by nature. Designers do not stop at simple themes; simple images of flowers, leaves, seeds, animals, plants, etc. They introduce special features, new lines, and unusual elements that make this design memorable and unusual. The dominant colors are softer lighter shades of green, turquoise, warm, soft pink and light yellow.


And as it is not surprising this simplicity attracts people's attention, because the massiveness, the use of a large number of elements in the design, is not fashionable enough. Basically, websites that use botanical illustrations are projects that show all kinds of life, and the interaction of mankind with plant life.

Vector Illustrations for Awesome Printables

How to create a botanical illustration

The creation of botanical illustrations, patterns and prints depends on the final result you imagine. We suggest that you review the instructions for creating a standard illustration, which can be a background for the site. Almost in the same way you can create your own botanical illustrations. So, here's what you need to do:

  1. Choose and download a photo of any plant (e.g. bush, tree) to ensure that the plant elements fill the area evenly.
  2. Open Photoshop and set the desired document size. The size of the photo should be the same as the size of the document. Keep in mind that at 100% of the size, the details of the image should be clearly visible. This helps you to understand the quality of the illustration.
  3. Set the optimal resolution (180 pixels).
  4. Insert the image into Photoshop and create a new blank layer above it.
  5. Select the Stamp + S tool on the toolbar.
  6. Select a brush stiffness level and a transparency level.
  7. Next, use the Eraser + E tool to remove any sharp edges so that you get a smooth image.
  8. If you wish to use this botanical illustration as a background, you need to make it seamless. To do this, in the Menu bar, select Filter, then click Other, and then click Shift. Slide the image horizontally so that the seam is sufficiently visible. Press Stamp + S to remove the seam.
  9. If you wish to change the color of the general illustration, you need to create a new Layer, and fill it with any color. Next you need to give this seam a glow mode. Thus your illustration will be repainted in another color.
  10. Next, you can add various elements to the already finished background.

If you want to create individual elements, you need to spend more time and work with Illustrator. We will show you how to create a botanical illustration using Illustrator. You need to:

  1. Draw a sketch. To do this, use the Brush Tool to draw the forms you need. These can be petals, tree contours, stems, etc. The sketch does not have to be precise.
  2. Next you need to use the Pen Tool. With this tool, you need to circle the sketch, and create a form for each item in the illustration.
  3. Next, you need to fill out these forms with specific colors.
  4. You can also add a shadow to certain elements in the illustration. To do this, you need to select the item and add a gradient to it with the Gradient tool. Then add the Transparency effect.

You can also make different textures, add more shadows, add unusual curves, etc. It all depends on your imagination.

Where to use botanical illustrations

Botanical illustrations are illustrations that require careful use. They are very memorable in themselves. Therefore, often the use of botanical illustrations on the site will be inappropriate. This can focus the customer's attention not on the information that is the main, but on the nice background. Botanical illustrations can be used to create:

  1. icons and buttons;
  2. additional small pictures, individual elements;
  3. logos, logo images;
  4. subtitles of the site parts;
  5. background.

How to use botanical illustrations correctly

We are sure that most projects use photos. Thus, it is easier and better to bring certain information, to diversify the appearance of the site, and to create interesting content. Using illustrations and photos on one site, you can add originality, uniqueness and unconventionality to the project.


But to use illustrations is not as easy as it may seem. It is possible that you can make an inappropriate connection that will spoil the site's appearance.


Here are the rules that you must adhere to in order to design a website that would be cool and memorable:

  1. Stylistic illustrations should correspond to the general view of the site. This means that all the elements, including the text, should be in the same style.
  2. It is best to use any illustrations, including botanical ones, for buttons, icons, and additional pictures. Do not overload the site with excessive use of illustrations.
  3. Illustrations help customers to orientate themselves on the site, and thus better perceive the information.

Botanical art prints, backgrounds and flower drawings

There are a huge number of sites where you can find the appropriate botanical prints, illustrations, and so forth. Botanical art prints, backgrounds and flower drawings need to be downloaded from trustworthy resources. The first thing you will get is a quality product with high resolution. The second is that you do not download the virus with the image or print.


The trusted websites are not so easy to find. But we will help you with that. So you can use the following sources with courage.


TemplateMonster. On the official website of this company you can find a lot of illustrations and prints. This is a universal variant that offers not only individual images or textures. Here you can find botanical art prints, backgrounds, and flower drawings. In addition, most of them you can get the set. Usually the set contains about 30 or more different illustrations, textures, patterns, etc. You can easily select any of the options available. All the elements of the illustration are very clear, bright, and of high quality. The designers have thought out everything to the smallest detail. So you can be sure of the quality. Here is some examples of such botanical illustrations:

Tropics Leaves Monstera - PNG Watercolor Illustration

Tropics Leaves Monstera - PNG Watercolor Illustration

Cool Yellow Poppies Png Watercolor Set Illustrations Bundle

Cool Yellow Poppies Png Watercolor Set Illustrations Bundle

Purple Immortelle PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Purple Immortelle PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Ash Leaves PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Ash Leaves PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Twigs & Flowers Vintage Vector [140 Items]

Twigs & Flowers Vintage Vector [140 Items]


Masterbundles also provides a wide range of different textures, prints, illustrations and patterns. On this site you can also find sets, and easily use them for your purposes.


So, to download botanical art prints, use the following websites:

  • Pinterest. This is a great site and a mobile device app, where you can find a huge number of botanical and other art prints.
  • Etsy. There are also a lot of minimalist art prints here.
  • Botanical backgrounds for website and botanical flower drawings can be found here:
  • Vecteezy. An excellent resource where you can find not only illustrations, but textures, patterns, prints, etc. Here is a very rich selection of various vector images for any purpose.
  • Freepik. This site provides more than 70,000 images that can easily be used as a background for the site.
  • Pinterest. This site is also suitable for searching botanical backgrounds. On it you can also find many links to sites where you can download and find cool illustrations!


Botanical design sites that inspire

  • Audubon. This is a very beautiful site for an environmental organization that is engaged in the protection of nature. The background of the site and the individual elements are appropriate. The info and photos look very harmonious and picturesque. The combination of all elements is fascinating. And the appearance is quite natural and very minimalistic.
  • Worldwildlife. This is also the site of the organization for the protection of animals. Basically, almost all such sites use botanical illustrations as a background for their site.
  • The Nature Conservancy is also an example of a similar site with no less fascinating and beautiful design.

That's all! We hope that the information was useful enough for you. Create the perfect sites using botanical illustrations.


Good luck!

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