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What If You Don’t Understand Your Client? [Joky Cheat Sheet For Deciphering Clients’ Words]

Deciphering Clients' Words
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Are you a web designer? Then you definitely know that clients may be divided into two categories: those who are looking for advice and those who have their own opinion about how everything must look.


Since you are a professional, you know what to do. Of course, you take into account your client’s view. Still, sometimes you have to work with clients of the second category. They always believe that the work you’ve done is not perfect and you can do better, of course. At the same time, they never explain what is not perfect and what should be changed.

Yet, sometimes your client can tell you something. But the fact is that their words do not always mean what they say aloud.

You might need some help with deciphering your clients’ words. That’s why we prepared a joky cheat sheet for our readers. Enjoy! 🙂

Deciphering Clients Words

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