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The So Anticipated Cherry Framework Update Has Arrived!

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In the first ever presentation of Cherry WordPress Themes, and in each subsequent blog post we’ve been talking about the update of the Cherry framework. Finally this moment has come, today we’d like to announce the date of this event - Monday, the 8th of April.

On this day you’ll get a notification in your admin panel that the update is ready to be installed. So don't miss your chance to get all the latest features of your favorite framework.

List of improvements:

  • Localization. Cherry Framework Admin Panel was translated into three languages: Russian, German, and Spanish. The language is determined automatically depending on the language of WordPress engine.
  • Generally there are more than 150 bug fixes and updates. Here is the list of major ones:
    • fixed bug in Product categories page of custom post types;
    • Pin it button in IE8 bug fixed;
    • into Cherry Options added Font-style settings to tune typography;
    • fixed bug with connecting of more than one google font;
    • added Footer Setup Options into Menu Cherry Options;
    • fixed bug with displaying shadows on devices with various resolutions;
    • fixed bug in Main Menu in Nexus 7;
    • added Google+ into social network widget;
    • fixed bug where the right sidebar in the blog content overlaps in some resolutions;
    • from now on website owners can add Breadcrumbs to any page.
  • Updated Bootstrap to version 2.3.0 and some other scripts, i.e.,
    • camera 1.3.3 => 1.3.4
    • izotope 1.5.19 => 1.5.25
    • prettyPhoto 3.1.4 => 3.1.5
    • modernizr 2.0.6 => 2.6.2
    • superfish 1.4.8 => 1.5.3
  • Framework font base was supplemented with following fonts: Courgette, Julius Sans One, Roboto Condensed, Archivo Narrow.
  • Some widgets and shortcodes were upgraded:
    • added option that allows setting custom class for all shortcodes;
    • added options into shortcode Post Cycle;
    • fixed minor bugs in shortcodes and widgets;

Furthermore we are planning to add:

  • TemplateMonster Shop into the admin panel that will feature latest news from TemplateMonster, WordPress and our latest themes;
  • Shop Beginners Kit, that's a paid offer that will include support of most popular plugins WooCommerce and Jigoshop, using .xml file you’ll be able to upload packed products (that include name, image, price and all the other parameters) and content of the store, if you install the plugin onto the theme, you’ll have to do it manually;
  • Also we’re planning to extend further the functionalities of Cherry Themes.

Those of you who haven't yet seen Cherry WordPress Themes check out the gallery, or go get a free Cherry Template to try this awesome product.

SPEAK UP! Share your opion about the update? Or name some features you'd like to see in the framework functionalities.

14 Responses

    1. Hey @facebook-100001735132655:disqus! At this very moment this feature is under development. As soon as it’s ready we’ll notify everyone about it. So, please be patient 😉

      1. can you tell me where to define the different classes for the shortcodes? i’m no expert

        1. Hey @f4db85a0599ec23bd6ff2858406b1b97:disqus! There is a feature called Custom Class, press the icon insert shortcode (looks like a piece of puzzle), pick a shortcode you need, for ex. Post grid, the modal window will appear. At the bottom of this window you will see custom class option.

          1. ok thanks. i learned something new. now i only have to be able the style the newly created class. but where is this css file?

          2. Hi again @f4db85a0599ec23bd6ff2858406b1b97:disqus! Your css file can be found at wp-contentthemesthemeХХХХstyle.css

          3. ok thanks. one more question and i will let you go back to your writing.
            post_grid lets me use a custom_class
            recent_post lets me use a custom_category

            How can i get post_grid to use a custom_category? I’m afraid i don’t know how to set up the css custom class to filter by a specific portfolio category. thanks again.

          4. Unfortunately you can’t set categories for “post_grid”, but this feature will be available in out next framework update 2.0. Instead of this you can use “recent posts”.

  1. Hey @alexbulat

    I just purchased a Cherry Framework theme from TemplateMonster. I am very impressed with the layout + how the Cherry Framework all works!

    Two questions regarding the blog post here:

    1. Shortcodes — I am having troubles with the “list” shortcodes in my theme.

    Is this a framework problem, or a theme problem?

    My problem is when I use one of the shortcodes via the shortcode drop down menu > lists > choose one of the list options such as:








    [plus_list] [/plus_list]

    It only gives me 1 icon no matter what shortcode I choose! (Not the check icon, or the plus sign icon!).

    Is this a theme issue or framework?

    2. Woocommerce does not work at all with my theme + the framework.

    I see that Shop Beginners Kit.

    Will this allow woocommerce to integrate seamlessly? (I feel woocommerce is a very big buy-in feature for other possible customers of the Cherry Framework!).

    — Are my problems because of my theme, or the framework?

    Again, awesome Framework (I haven’t tested many, but pretty happy so far!).



    1. Hey @GratuiTous:disqus!

      1. This is just a wrapper, the text inside needs to be formatted as a list with the help of WP native functionalities, use the icon “unordered list (alt + shift + U)”.

      2. Shop Beginners Kit will be available in the next update (version 2.0), version 1.1 is not WooCommerce ready.

      Got any other questions, feel free to ask them.

      1. Thanks for the reply @alexbulat:disqus,

        1. In the reply I wasn’t able to show the unordered list.

        But yes, I do the unordered list, then wrap it around with the short code
        as described above, such as [check_list] [/check_list]. Out of all the
        options, it only gives me an orange dot.. (no check marks, arrows etc.)

        2. For the Woocommerce “Shop Beginners Kit”, is there a “beta” at the moment I am able to try out!

        Thanks again!

  2. I have purchased two of the cherry wordpress templates in the past three weeks – and the sample data will not load correctly. Each template has been tried on two different webhosts – and not all of the sample data loads.

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