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Cherry Framework Update 2.0 Overview

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Hello everyone! Today we’d like to share with you a piece of interesting info. Today on June 6 we are going to release an update - Cherry Framework 2.0. Keep your eye on the notifications within your admin panels. And don't miss a chance to get all the latest and the tastiest features.

We’ve been developing this update since the early April and we hoping you’ll enjoy things we’ve prepared for you.

So what features we’ve included into the updated version?

TemplateMonster Shop – is a new page in the admin panel called ‘Cherry Store’, there you’ll be able to check out newly produced Cherry templates, news and links to the readme files, tutorials and docs.

Shop Beginners Kit is a set we’ve advertised earlier, that would be a paid offer allowing to create online stores based on the Cherry framework.

  • Shop Beginners Kit. That is a set we’ve announced previously. That’s gonna be a paid offer (meaning you will have a fully functional online store integrated into WordPress theme, eCommerce software is based on the functionality of WooCommerce and Jigoshop plugins and you can pick one depending on your choice). Also you’ll find a set of basic content for them including test products and styles that will be taken from the child theme. Suchwise making sure that the shop will be compatible with any Cherry Theme.
  • New options in the slider. From now on Cherry Themes will have the option of turning off the slider, or to pick either Camera or Accordion(kwicks) slider. Each slider will have its own options.

  • Fixed the output of categories in custom post types. Lately these categories were not displayed there;
  • Added option to manage meta data for the portfolio posts;
  • Added option to manage post tags;
  • Brought back an option category-include (category portfolio output with a nice layout);
  • Change of operating options in Child themes aimed to increase functionality. Earlier Child theme options overlapped options of the framework. Now, these options will be merged into one, and if Child theme will not have some options, they will be borrowed from the framework.
  • Minor bug were noted by QA and Coders, thus improving cross browser compatibility.
  • Added Italian localization.
  • Localization support, additionally translated some new texts in the themes and framework.
  • Added stylization for Sticky post.

Now we’re developing the option to make a backup of the whole framework. This feature will find its place in the further update.

Here are some spoilers of features you will find in further upgrades:

  • WP 3.6 Ready, working betas we found out that we need to rework post formats. Adding this option will depend on the release date.
  • Bootstrap 3.0 Ready. Waiting for the release, though the date is yet unknown.
  • Iconic fonts. Our designers are already using these fonts we’re planning to create shortcode for them, to make sure you’ll be able to use them easily.
  • Forum Ready. Actually it will be bbpress ready, but we are looking for other options.
  • Security plugin will save customer’s website from attacks.
  • BuddyPress Ready.
  • Planning to change the principle of formation of slides, to make it more convenient.
  • Planning to add new sliders, widgets and options.
  • Planning to make themes SEO-ready.
  • Google Calendar Ready.

SPEAK UP! We can proudly say that for the last couple months Cherry WordPress Themes became most favorite ones of the TemplateMonster's team. Would be so kind to share your opinion about the framework and themes in general. We'd like to know if there is anything that seems to be frustrating or misleading. Share your thoughts in the comments.

25 Responses

  1. Thanks for the update, I’ve been waiting for this a very long time. I am wondering if you could tell me if the new Cherry WP themes are compatible with MotoPress as well?

    1. Hello! Yes Cherry WP themes are compatible with MotoPress, you are free to use it.

      1. That is amazing!! Together with MotoPress, the new Cherry themes will rock the template market 🙂

        1. Thanks for your kind words, it’s good to know people already love us even though we’ve just launched a couple of weeks ago. And we will surely try to rock the template market.

          1. Home page doesn’t update, what need to done?

            Have clear all cache on IE, Chrome and Firefox but not working.

            I am trying on Primepress theme.

  2. why the style.css is now empty ? and now if i’m trying to edit something on my site i have to edit main-style.css….and that’s not a problem but if i change anything in cherry option main-style.css return to default setting …anyone ? this is a disater

    1. Hello Ionut! To give you proper answer we need to see your website, can you please contact our support team, they will give answer to all of your questions.

      1. I have the same problem. It seems in every save options to recreate the main-style.css or copy it form the parent theme.
        I thing that you have to explain how it works in the documentation of the theme.

  3. The update broke my website. Can I go back to the old version?

  4. I cant nee any upgrade notice in my dashboard yet. Is it coming at different times for different people?

  5. Hi,

    Just did the update! The start page
    dos not look the same, the menu and images is gone!!!

    Good update….

    I have tried to reach the chat but no response…

  6. It appears the update has removed all the icons on my site. Any idea how this happened?

  7. Hey guys, @3f9ad45fb18277743c4dfe058cb3bcc8:disqus @57ef48f2179df08f5d3b0720645c0b20:disqus @disqus_3oNIP0zILt:disqus this update was pretty bulky and it’s possible that incompatibility issues with some plugins happen.

  8. I am not understanding how the ecommerce works. How do i set it up?

    1. Hey Carlos! When you add to cart any Cherry Template in the “Available offers section”, namely in the cart, you’ll find the “Integrated Shopping Cart” offer. This is that exact functionality that turns any Cherry WordPress template into a store, from your part there is only one thing needed… When you buy the template together with this offer you get a fully functional online store with eCommerce functionalities provided by WooCommerce and Jigoshop plugins. All that remains is to activate one of those plugins (since they are incompatible with each other). That’s it.

      Got any more question, feel free to ask.

  9. How do i disable the update notification for this in WordPress? I have customized a client’s site waaay too much to upgrade to 2.0 and i do not want the client to update by mistake… and yes i know i should always backup the site! Thanks

    1. Hey Carlos! There are several things you can do to turn off the Update
      button: on the page ‘Themes’, you need to open the folder Includes,
      find the file update.php. Comment or delete following lines:


      add_filter(‘themes_api’, ‘my_theme_api_call’, 10, 3);


      In case you’re already notified of the update ready to be
      installed the notification will not disappear. Then you need to add

      set_site_transient(‘update_themes’, null);

      Reload the page Themes, the button will disappear, then you
      need to comment this line once again.

  10. I’m trying to edit something on my site by editing
    main-style.css….but if i change something in
    cherry options then main-style.css returns to its default settings. I lose everything I’ve changed, how do I stop this from happening? Also, my twitter widget disappeared when I updated to 2.0, how do I get that back?

      1. Thanks Alex, I’ve also noticed that some of my pages are generating two headers and two footers on them since updating. Do you know how to fix this?

  11. Where can I download a Cherry Framework 2.0? (I have no ftp on my server and I can not updated directly)

  12. Is the woocommerce integration being worked on? (Shop Beginners Kit) If so any eta on this feature?

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