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Cherry Framework Update 2.3 [Post Factum Look]

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This would be some sort of a notification article post factum. In mid September we’ve released an update of Cherry Framework 2.3. This was not a huge update, just a few new features were added. If you're using one of our Cherry WordPress themes you'll find this article useful.

If you passed over previous update it's high time to grab all the latest features.

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If you're new to our blog and not familiar with Cherry WordPress Themes and Cherry Framework, you can have a look at previous blog posts.


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Cherry Framework 2.3 Features

  1. Installation: we’ve altered the process of installing the sample data files: previously you had to install .JSON file first, then .XML, now it’s installed visa versa .XML then .JSON. What’s more we’ve added number of warnings and inspections. These new features will ease installation process;
  2. SEO Optimization: we’ve added separate page to the admin panel, with it’s help you can configure indexing of your site, make links "nofollow", generate a Sitemap XML, etc;
  3. Added shortcode Sitemap;
  4. Updated the plugin Contact Form 7;
  5. Added lightbox (on/off) option for Portfolio page templates;
  6. Added social networks for Our Team post types. It is possible to add any number of social networks to each individual user. In these social networks you can specify display icons, text labels and address to the page in social network. Links to social networks can be added to pages of single team, as well as to some shortcodes.
  7. Also fixed some bugs in markup and style:
    1. cropping picture on page Single Team in mobile layout;
    2. removed the link from image to single post;
    3. you can display content on the FAQ page;
    4. fixed bug with iframe of the Like button, previously the popup window (that appears when you press the Like button was truncated;
    5. fixed bug of the selector when addressing the child element ('>') in the Custom CSS option.

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Cherry WordPress Themes can be truly called most favorite products of TemplateMonster clients. We cater interests of our community and we are going to keep on improving this awesome product. Also don’t forget to share your opinion about current update and Cherry themes in general.

If you have any remarks and suggestions, feel free to express them in the comments below.

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