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Choosing Graphics for Your Website: Trends and Tips From Crello

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A well-curated collection of visuals can elevate your business to new heights. Whether it’s photography, video or graphics, you have one change at captivating your customers and giving them a reason to linger just a little longer on your website.

These visual materials can form the centerpiece of your website. We’ll be looking at some trends, tools and simple tips to help you cast a good impression on your clients. Let’s focus on the first thing that visitors to your website will see.

The first and most important rule is that you have to choose your graphics with your users in mind, it has to be an image that engages them. A common mistake is to choose photos and graphics randomly. However, know that what is aesthetically pleasing to you might not appeal to a broader audience.

Here’s how we can help.

Tip #1: Graphics without a purpose is money down the drain

First, don’t be that person. The one who chooses an image that has nothing to do with the brand’s message or mission. Think twice about your choices, really consider how people will interpret your supporting visuals.

As you scroll through images, keep your message in mind. Ask yourself if each photo will help strangers understand who you are and what you do. If images don’t help support your brand, regroup and continue looking.

Here’s Boone’s homepage. In the wine business, it’s typical to use images of wine bottles and glasses, but Boone chose the storage unit which is like the backstory and the foundation of their business. We will discuss the slight asymmetry later.

Choosing Graphics

What makes a good image? How do you know which ones to choose? Learn more about image selection in this article.

Tip #2: When photographs aren’t enough, go for DIY graphics

Every team should have a designer on their team but what if you don’t? You can use simplified graphic design tools like Crello to create your own graphics. Set your custom dimensions, and search for stock photography on the same page.

You can draw inspiration from existing templates and create something unique to your brand. Crello makes graphic design accessible to everyone, and even if you don’t have the background knowledge in graphic design, you can quickly create graphics for your website on the platform.

It’s not as complicated as photoshop, allowing you to start with a blank canvas but add images, fonts, and icons. It’s a great tool if you have a blog as well.

Visit Crello’s blog for more tips and tutorials on design.

Tip #3: Sizes, dimensions, and orientation

As you’re shopping for images, always opt for the highest resolution available. This gives you the freedom to crop the image without compromising in quality, ensure you won’t have a problem with resolution and gives you more room to work with.

Another critical point is that you have to make sure that the photo, when cropped, will keep its high resolution. If you’re going to be using a hero image like in this example, make sure you download the highest resolution possible.

Choosing Graphics

Tip #4: Target audience and demographics

You have to find ways to narrow down your search. One of the ways to do this is to analyze your audience demographics. Who is your target audience? What age are they? This information could help you greatly when choosing photographs.

You must then find images that match the taste of the people that typically visit your website. Remember to avoid stereotypes. You need images that will be welcoming, universally beautiful and inclusive of any member outside of your target audience.

Choosing Graphics

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Tip #5: Keeping up with trends

You need a little knowledge of what’s currently trendy in web design templates. This can give you ideas on how you can use images, where to place them and how to do so with taste.

The main trends for 2017 include:

1. Eye-catching hero images

Hero images are full-screen photographs (or graphics) that have become very popular in website design. They’re trendy because they provide an immersive experience for customers, they’re eye-catching and quickly grab attention.

Eye-catching hero images

2. Color overlays

Color overlays are when images have a semi-transparent color box as an added layer. This technique is a quick way to modify images to keep your brand identity and your color scheme.

This is a very simple to achieve in Crello. Set your custom dimensions, add a simple square object to the image, choose your color overlay and adjust the layer transparency. The results will look like this:

Color overlays

3. Photo paired with dramatic typography

Typography can help enhance your brand’s personality. A great image paired with dramatic typography can add a layer of meaning to your graphics. The style of typography makes people interpret the paired images differently.

Photo paired with dramatic typography

Scroll through Crello’s inspirational collection of ideas on how to pair fonts, dramatically use them and integrate them with eye-catching images.

Photo paired with dramatic typography

4. Asymmetrical layouts

Just as symmetry is pleasing to the eye, asymmetry makes us look twice. Asymmetry helps create a visual flow that matches our glancing patterns. You can direct the eye using this technique.

You can do this by either shifting the visuals (as in the example) or text to either side of the page. You have to keep the composition balanced.

Asymmetrical layouts

5. Video Backgrounds

Video backgrounds are also growing in popularity. They’re a wonderful way to add another layer of meaning to your homepage and is a sure way to catch your visitor’s attention. It’s a great storytelling tool and will be an excellent medium to introduce if you haven’t tried it yet. Find out all the best tips on how to choose videos for your website here.

Cuberto did a beautiful job of integrating different types of video into their website:

Video Backgrounds

If you stick by these five simple tips, choosing the right images and graphics will be a breeze. You have to train your eye to look out for images that will appeal to your clients which is perhaps the hardest part of the job.

Another fantastic source for visuals is Depositphotos, a marketplace where you can purchase images, videos, and vectors at an affordable price. The collection of 65 million files will undoubtedly have images that will help you in your creative pursuits.

Now you also have a handy tool that can help you create graphics on your own. Try experimenting with Crello and give your website an artistic and professional touch.

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