3 Things To Know When Choosing PowerPoint Plugins + Free PPT Resources

Sep 04, 2019
  1. PowerPoint Plugins: Why Do You Need Them?
  2. Check View Mode When Choosing PowerPoint Plugins
  3. Look For Ready-To-Use Templates With PowerPoint Plugins
  4. PowerPoint Timeline Plugin Is Your Must-Have
  5. 5 Free Must-Have PowerPoint Plugins
  6. Free PPT Elements Resources
    1. Where To Get PPT Animations Free?
    2. Where To Get Free PowerPoint Icons?
    3. Where To Get PowerPoint Graphics Free?
    4. Where To Get PowerPoint Shapes Free?

Choosing PowerPoint Plugins

Although we live in the time of smart technologies, when everything is digital, real-life presentations can still be useful. Digital progress has created a variety of business niches. It is easy to run an outstanding website in 2019 because the resources required to run a website are becoming more and more creator-friendly. Needless to say, PowerPoint project is not an exception. Users of any skill level can craft PowerPoint presentations effortlessly and customize every detail according to their taste.


Are you looking for worthy PowerPoint plugins to impress the audience? The modern marketplace is full of different supporting tools like PowerPoint add ons, which are easy to use. When chosen smartly, digital items let the user create attention-grabbing promos at the drop of a hat. With their help, you are able to build as many interactive PPT presentations as you want. There is nothing complicated when it comes to PPT plugins and their features. However, you should choose wisely, and that’s what I’m going to help you with in this post.


Still looking for PowerPoint help to grab people’s attention? Well, you will get help here. Today, I’m going to share with you my personal tips on how to choose PowerPoint plugins to design a winning business promo. What is more, I also selected cool online resources where you can get PowerPoint addons and other important elements for free. So, let’s get started!

PowerPoint Plugins: Why Do You Need Them?

Using a PPT plugin is as easy as pie. There are many advantages of creating real-life presentations. In accordance with the presentations survey, we can see the following results:

Every - Minimal PowerPoint Template

Every - Minimal PowerPoint Template
  • 91% of users believe that cool PowerPoints make them feel more confident when giving a presentation.
  • 91% also say they would feel more confident if they knew their presentation was elegantly designed.
  • 92% of users claim presentation skills are critical to success at work.
  • 89% use PowerPoint.
  • 79% claim most presentations are boring.
  • 79% spend at least one hour practicing their presentation.
  • 68% said that they felt they were “good” or “outstanding” at public speaking so the data could be pointing in that direction.

As you can see, business people put in a lot of effort to get interactive Power Point presentations that catch people’s attention. Would you like to create a marvelous performance? Follow my tips below.

Check View Mode When Choosing PowerPoint Plugins

Once you’ve decided to craft a presentation, PowerPoint tools will be the first thing to look for. However, before everything else, I want you to think of your viewers. Audience feedback is a critical aspect when it comes to any business niche. In fact, the success of your startup or company depends on the first customer’s impression. Seeing that, let’s work a bit on the view mode.

Alfath - PowerPoint Template

Alfath - PowerPoint Template

When searching for a PowerPoint plugin, keep an eye on the view modes it comes with. To make a long story short, by default PowerPoint opens the presentation in “normal view”. Another thing to remember is that PPT always shows files in the view you’ve saved them. Without a doubt, it’s a comfy option if you are going to continue working with the PowerPoint project in the future.


The default view mode can slow down your work, and you don’t want viewers to wait, do you? I recommend you to change the view mode to avoid such unpleasant situations. To do this, just open the “view” tab and choose the variant needed for your PowerPoint presentation. You can select it for all work or just a single task. Here is how you can boost your efficiency.

Powerpoint templates

Look For Ready-To-Use Templates With PowerPoint Plugins

Forest- PowerPoint Template

Forest- PowerPoint Template


I already mentioned that nowadays we have everything and anything ready-made. Well, it means that you can not only save time but money as well. There are lots of interactive Power Point templates that are super easy-to-use. Their packs already contain different must-have features and PowerPoint add ins one needs to design an eye-catching promo. Also, ready-made PPT templates usually come with pocket-friendly prices. And that’s how you can save the budget—by getting all the necessary elements in one pack. To say more, when chosen properly, PPT templates are creator-free and have regular updates.


So, interactive PPT templates contain various plugins and must-have functions. For example, they have a responsive design. This means that the content elements you get are versatile. They can fit any device no matter which screen size you use. There are situations when prospects want a digital copy of the presentation for final decision-making. In this case, responsive designs are even more important. You can set the free PowerPoint graphics and other elements up to the screen you use. However, you have no idea which device a prospect will view them on.

MAON - Powerpoint Template

MAON - Powerpoint Template

PowerPoint Timeline Plugin Is Your Must-Have

Time management matters a lot for any person who is serious about their business. For these simple reasons, you will need a proven PowerPoint timeline add in to work with. Originally, PPT allows you to create basic timelines for promos. It is possible to restyle and adjust them to fit your needs. However, the result will be boring. Would you like to get an unusual and stylish presentation? You should find a trendy office timeline PowerPoint plugin to do it.


As all the modern products, an office timeline PowerPoint add in does not require extra skills. There is no need to have special knowledge to work with the tool. Furthermore, you won’t even need any timeline PPT creation experience! Just make sure you’ve checked the details of the plugin.


What if an office timeline addon wants a user to have some skills? Well, I suppose this thing is not worthy of your attention because there are tons of creator-friendly items in 2019. By the way, you can search for not only premium but free PowerPoint timeline templates too. The variety is superb.


To sum everything up, this PowerPoint plug in is useful for both non-techies and experienced users. It would be an all-in-one solution for those who need to design and update timeline PPT slides on a regular basis. You can quickly automate the working process, thanks to the plugin.

5 Free Must-Have PowerPoint Plugins

The good thing is that most of today’s PPT plugins are free. Below I listed the ones you may want to use.

  1. iSpring Free is a free PPT add in, which will help you to turn the PowerPoint project into an entertaining eLearning course.
  2. LiveWeb is a free PPT plugin. It allows you to display the web pages directly in the presentation.
  3. Project Timeline is a free timeline PPT add in.
  4. Pro Word Cloud is a free PowerPoint app that will help you to generate word cloud images in the presentation.
  5. Web Video Player is a handy PowerPoint plugin that lets users insert and play YouTube videos in their presentations.

These were the main PowerPoint add in tips I wanted to give you, but I still have some useful info to share.

Free PPT Elements Resources


At the beginning of the post, I promised you to list top free PPT elements resources. Here is where you can get PowerPoint animations free and save the budget. Plus, there are many other visually-pleasing content elements, so don’t stop reading.

Modern Design PowerPoint Template

Modern Design PowerPoint Template

Where To Get PPT Animations Free?

Today’s internet is full of different resources related to PowerPoint plugins and presentations. Fortunately, there are many marketplaces offering free PowerPoint animations to modern users. I know minimalism is in trend again, but animated content is still quite popular. Using it is as easy as ABC. Any non-techie can improve their PPT presentation with animations. Just make sure you do not overuse them.


Are you looking for a high-quality PPT animation free to enrich your promo? In this case, I recommend you to start with the next resources.

  1. GoAnimate For Schools is a free and up-to-date UK online resource made for school animations. It also has many courses to improve your skills.
  2. Vyond is a simple online animations creator. It will help you to transform images into quality media. With the help of this free PowerPoint animations resource, you can increase engagement, enrich promo style, and move the audience to action.
  3. Developer is an extra easy online movie maker, which is also free to use.
  4. PowToon is a business presentation tool you can use for free. The resource will help you to create animated PPT presentations with graphics. There are dedicated educators to ask for help.
  5. In case you like to draw, visit the Make It Share It online resource. It allows users creating inimitable animated drawings and even craft cartoons.

Where To Get Free PowerPoint Icons?

Without a doubt, you should pay attention to any detail while designing a PPT promo. Need some free PowerPoint icons to choose from? Below I listed three popular online resources you should visit.


FlatIcon might be the most popular free icon online resource. Here you can work with almost 3,000 high-resolution icons. There are color filters and numerous topics to further the searching process.

IconFinder is the next huge and useful resource of free PPT icons. There are more than 3,500 items to choose from.

Dribble is a visitor-friendly free icon online resource. It also contains free animations, illustrations, and much more.

Where To Get PowerPoint Graphics Free?

Leafto | PowerPoint Template

Leafto | PowerPoint Template

To find free PowerPoint graphics, check out the following online resources:

Where To Get PowerPoint Shapes Free?

Finally, these are proven online resources providing free PPT shapes:

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