Clarifications for Bloggers on TM Affiliate Program

Aug 01, 2019
  1. How to start?
  2. Articles
    1. Educational articles
    2. Review of templates
    3. Selection of templates of different types and categories
    4. Promotional articles, news about new projects, flagships
    5. Articles about web design
    6. Battle of brands
    7. Update of already posted articles with links to TM
    8. Infographics
    9. Interview
  3. Banners
  4. Widgets
  5. A separate section for the sale of templates
  6. Links on templates by TemplateMonster in the header
  7. Pop-ups

Being a blogger means sharing different kinds of information with readers, engaging them with interesting posts. People enjoy reading blogs because it is, in fact, similar to face-to-face communication where it is possible to exchange emotions, promote ideas, provide or learn from first-hand experience, as well as encourage and motivate others. The constantly increasing number of blogs definitely proves that nowadays it is one of the most effective ways of communication.


There are blogs that cover a certain topic or subject, sometimes a very specific one, like a tennis blog, and more general blogs that deal with a variety of subjects. They differ in style and ways of presenting information. People can choose which blogs they find appealing and persuasive, and read them. What also makes blogs popular with followers is the diversity of content that can be posted. There is an opportunity to showcase photos, demonstrate videos, upload audios, illustrate ideas with presentations, etc.

How to start?

If you are a blogger, you can also earn money with the help of your blog. An affiliate program is an easy way to get a revenue without putting in much effort. The concept of affiliate marketing implies promoting other people’s products and services on your blog, earning a commission when people follow links and buy the advertised goods or services.

Clarifications for Bloggers on TM Affiliate Program

TemplateMonster is one of the companies that offers bloggers an impressive partnership. Its affiliate program gives you a safe way of earning money. Actually, there are numerous opportunities for bloggers to promote affiliate goods and services. In this guide, we’ll have a look at the details of TM affiliate program for bloggers. You will find out more about the types of content that can be posted on your blog, in order to decide whether this program is suitable for you. So, continue reading to find out about different possibilities.


Affiliate program is based on adding links that lead to the TemplateMonster’s website on your blog. The variety of content that can be posted is so vast that you will definitely find something that is related to your blog topics.


First of all, the most common way of posting content on a blog is writing an article. An article provides sufficient information on a certain topic.

posting content on a blog

1. Educational articles

If your blog is connected with education, teaching, instructing, etc., you can post articles that will teach people something new. These can be practical guides that give step-by-step instructions how to launch a template. Also, these articles may give advice on creating websites. They can also give clarifications of choosing a web platform, and so on.

2. Review of templates

In case your blog concerns various topics or is aimed at an audience with different interests, you can post reviews of templates. These can be the most popular templates devoted to some specific business niches or people, or multifunctional templates that will be attractive for different customers.

3. Selection of templates of different types and categories

Another marvelous opportunity to inform various readers about templates is to post information about collections of templates. These collections may or may not include detailed descriptions, according to your preferences. The aim of such collections is to show customers that there is an easy way to create a website and an astonishing variety of templates to satisfy different needs. Some examples may include design and photography, fashion and beauty, food and restaurant, animals and pets templates, and so on. Clearly, these collections can fit different blogs.

multifunctional templates

4. Promotional articles, news about new projects, flagships

Keeping up-to-date is extremely important for any company, and TemplateMonster is not an exception here. If you like writing news about latest advancements, you will be able to post content about TemplateMonster’s projects and proposals. People will find out about leading products, novelties, and new achievements. Furthermore, it’s important to tell people about the company’s special offers and sales.

5. Articles about web design

If you are passionate about design, there are a lot of articles for you to be posted on your blog. You can present information about design trends and popular elements. Moreover, it’s possible to evaluate design mistakes and inform people about them. Definitely, you can choose examples of quality design and include information about well-planned templates that you find most appealing.

6. Battle of brands

Being a blogger who is a part of an affiliate program doesn’t imply that you only have to sing praises to one company or product. Undoubtedly, you can be fair and express your point of view. For such cases, there are articles that include competition of brands. So, you will be able to post the comparison of TemplateMonster’s own products, as well as the correlation, differences and resemblance of TemplateMonster’s products with other brands’ ones.

7. Update of already posted articles with links to TM

If some articles had already been posted, but they were updated later, your blog can post these updates with the links to the TemplateMonster’s website. Thus, you’ll be able to provide current news all the time.

8. Infographics

Visualizing information is another way of becoming an affiliate blogger. If you prefer images to articles, there is an impressive way to provide useful information in images – infographics. Such images contain precise facts that are perceived better by those who don’t enjoy reading long articles. Also, infographics work well with those who are aware of the topic and don’t need full sentences explaining various features, for instance.

9. Interview

If you want your blog to have some personal touch from TemplateMonster, you can opt for interviews.

becoming an affiliate blogger

They may include different discussions and customers’ opinions on TemplateMonster’s products and services. Your blog will be able to share stories of success inspiring your followers.


Secondly, apart from articles, you can post TemplateMonster’s banners on your blogs. They will help you create an ongoing flow of customers, thus increasing your revenue.


Thirdly, you can use widgets by TemplateMonster and include a link to them. People will be able to see how these widgets work in real life, and follow the link to the website, if they’re interested.

A separate section for the sale of templates

Furthermore, you can have a separate part of your blogging website devoted to TemplateMonster. This can be a special tab with a link to TemplateMonster where you can provide information connected with selling templates.

Links on templates by TemplateMonster in the header

Likewise, you can insert affiliate links to templates by TemplateMonster in the headers of your blog. An enormous variety of templates and your creativity are sure to guarantee mutual success.


If you don’t mind pop-up windows, TemplateMonster can be advertised through this popular tool. This way will be particularly attractive to those bloggers who provide information about IT-technologies, web development and design, website maintenance, and so on, because this content is directly related to the products and services by TemplateMonster.


Certainly, blogging is about communication, and modern communication engages people in social networks, particularly, Pinterest. The latter will surely become another efficient instrument in affiliate program. Any well-structured and skillfully-written post attracts readers, giving you a chance to earn more.

efficient instrument in affiliate program

To sum up

To conclude, if you run a blog, there is a multitude of options for you to earn money in a passive way. When you become an affiliate partner of TemplateMonster, you promote different products and services in a variety of ways. Depending on what kind of blog you have, you can choose various types of content that will also be beneficial for your blog. You can post articles that inform people of templates, include guides, infographics, latest news, sales, and promotions. Also, you can add banners and pop-up windows to grab people’s attention quickly.


Moreover, there is a possibility to promote products via social networks. As you can see, there are a lot of tools to choose from, so affiliate program will become a fast and painless way of earning additional income with the help of your blog.


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