Content Marketer’s Guide to Writing Great Long-Form Content

Most content marketers might think that not every niche gets success with long-form content, but this is not true. Whether you have niche related to technology, health, lifestyle, or product reviews; if your content serves well to the knowledge patrons, you will definitely have more traffic. What I mean to say here is that a knowledge-rich and well-organized content strategy is liked by everyone irrespective of the length and subject it has.

Analyzing the Importance Through Change of Perspective

Don’t always think from the point of view of a marketer. Consider yourself to be a content consumer who is in search of significant and inspiring knowledge so as to start something big. A committed user spends most of his time reading and doing in-depth R&D on the internet to find suitable stuff. So, you have to design your content keeping in mind those kinds of people too.

In my opinion, when you create quality content, even those who don’t like big narratives also get deeply engaged in your content. For some, your guide might prove to be a great business builder. But also, remember that only creating long-form content will not suffice your sole motive of getting high ranking or more bibliophiles. There are many other important factors like designing a structure, SEO, etc. to consider along with writing a long dissertation.

Questions to be Answered

My Content Marketer’s Guide to Writing Great Long-Form Content will answer all the important questions related to the subject.

  • How to start with such long content?
  • Where to search the content?
  • How to design/structure impactful content?
  • What approaches should be used for content that convinces?
  • How to create positive results with such long-form content?

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Content Marketer’s Guide to Writing Long-Form Content

Below you will get all the answers to your questions. So, let’s start with the first question:

Starting Up With Such Long Content

This is probably the first thought in a content marketer’s mind which will start the whole struggle. It is obvious that whenever you decide to write a descriptive stuff on any topic either it must be your favorite or the one on which you have a profound knowledge. So, if your blog post is related to the fancied niche, then the task becomes easier from the beginning and taken forward with full passion.

Searching the ontent

When you decide the topic, it’s time for you to find the related subject material. The long-form content can be found on relevant websites, your personal experience, books, or maybe other significant sources like videos, podcasts, etc. You need to conduct a detailed research on the topic before starting it with full-fledged spirit. Also, you can go the easy way and hire students to research data - see Bid4Papers. The task always becomes easy if you have right source of obtaining the information.

Design/Structure an Impactful Content

Always remember that the long form content cannot become impactful until it is divided in a perfect style. Visualization plays a very important role in creating compelling content. The problem with long-form content is that you need to structure it with many features like including images, videos, flowcharts, citations, etc., so that the content becomes engaging as well as attractive. The more engrossing the content, the more readability it develops among the readers.

Approaches to Be Used for the Content that Convinces

The right methodology matters a lot when it comes to writing long-form content for promotion. For example, if you are writing for “Walkie-Talkies for Kids- Buyers Guide”, then you need to approach your content in the following pattern so that it covers all the aspects related to the keyword:

  • History of walkie-talkies
  • Conception of walkie-talkies
  • About the product
  • Uses of the product
  • Parts of the walkie-talkie
  • Accessories available with the kid’s walkie-talkie sets
  • Advantages and disadvantages of kid’s walkie-talkie sets
  • Features like frequency, services, power, life, channels, etc.
  • Types of kid’s walkie-talkie
  • Finally, the best brands which supply best kid’s walkie-talkies

When you divide the topics abruptly, then it becomes easy to write long-form content. The properly segmented and highlighted content catches the attention of the viewer and builds interest while reading. This methodology is always helpful in writing lengthy and well-informed content for marketing.

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Create Positive Results with Such Long-form Content

If your content has every quality of being an involving and feature-rich long-form writing, then now it’s time to market it to the right audience for best results. For this, you need to adapt the On-page and Off-page SEO strategies for high and accepted ranking on search engines. You can give backlinks of many other famous websites to increase your visibility. Adding related topics will also increase the viewers and take readers on interrelated pages.

Now when we talk about sharing the long-form content on social media, then you need to choose a different way of promotion as your content is not a small ad or a banner. With the help of eloquent content, you will be creating your brand image in front of many new eyes. When you spend so much on promoting such long stuff, keep in mind that it must be sharable, offer value to the user, include many sub-topics inside it, and created with custom graphics to harmonize the whole work.

Final Thoughts

To create comprehensive long-form content, you have to follow the above points closely. If the subject matter is well-written and conversant, then the readers will spend more time on your website, hence resulting in less bounce rate and more loyal users. Well-structured content will always help you in increasing the website traffic.

Before starting off with your content, always keep in mind your targeted audiences and the product you want to promote. These two points assist you in developing an appropriate language, as well as the structure of the content. The budget and the marketing strategy also plays a vital role in generating a long-form content.

By keeping all the above points in mind, I assure you that you will be able to generate great, engaging content for your readers. Even if you hire someone else to do your work, setting these guidelines will make the task simple, followable, and graspable. So, get going with your work and see the results.

I hope my Content Marketer's Guide to Writing Great Long-Form Content will help you in your upcoming content devising.

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2 responses to “Content Marketer’s Guide to Writing Great Long-Form Content”

  1. Ali says:

    Thanks, Jitendra to such great guide.

    For some topics, it is always hard to write extended read contents, and I have been struggling for it since a year,
    But I have now overcome the issue and have been writing 2000+ words materials easily.
    Now first I invest my hours in researching the topic a lot and reading dozens of the article, and then I can make high content.

    BTW, Thanks for sharing these tips.

  2. Ankur Sharma says:

    The page ranking on the first position has more than 2000 words. I think it is not an effect of a number of words but time on site.

    It is very simple, If a user spends more time on your site, it is a great user experience signal to search engines. So, It is ranking higher.

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