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6 Lessons from the Silver-Tongued: Content Marketing Tricks from Apple

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I think that it would be great if people stood in a line for the new products, the same day they are released.

In fact, its really hard to bring this to life, especially for copywriters, advertisers and marketers. These guys have to jump out of their pants to get attention of their customers and encourage them to make a purchase.

I bet you are looking for an easier, way all the time, and probably you were just looking in a wrong place. Want to find out if there is a way to keep visitors on your website and turn them into customers? Lets listen to the silver-tongued.

Apple is a company which managed to cast a spell on almost 600Mln people worldwide. But how is that possible?

It turned out that Apple’s copywriters together with marketers and designers are using dead-simple tricks that are making you want the new iPad Mini, iPad Air or any other Apple product.

Content Marketing in Apple

Let’s have a look at these tricks, there are only six of them (if you noted any other, you are free to add them in the comments below.)

* * *


Trick #1

Write for Those Who Don’t Read

Use big headers and a larger font size to push out the main idea:

MacBook Pro with display Retina. Laptop with the largest screen in the world.

Tempt your visitors with subheadings, place them before every two/three paragraphs, or even above each paragraph, this trick also works for blog posts.

Content Marketing in Apple

Follow the principle of an inverted pyramid - start any paragraph with the most important idea which is accompanied with less important points. This is made for content scanners, if they read only the first sentence of your paragraph, they will catch the idea. This principle is related to the F-pattern.

* * *


Trick #2

Don’t Forget About Those who Actually Read

Subtitles tempt "scanners" to stop sliding the text and start reading. Texts they read should be as simple as possible:

  • Use short paragraphs. Feel free to use paragraphs with one sentence.
  • Use short sentences. Want to start a sentence with "but", "I" or "why"? No problem! This will reduce the average length of a sentence.
  • Words to use. Use short, easy to understand words.

Content Marketing in Apple

Apple copywriters use complex words only when they want to make an impression concerning the technical info about their products.

Please note! Detailed technical specifications improve reader’s confidence.

* * *


Trick #3

Use Design that Evokes Interest

Web Marketing is not just words its more about visual design. Design and content interact and reinforce one another, they increase readability, influence perceptions and increase desire to buy your products.

Apple uses number of design elements to waken the interest and encourage visitors to continue reading and studying material:

  • Free space provides content and encourages reader to access the next pieces of information without causing irritation.
  • Text with variable proportions “speaks” better. Readers can get tired of one long column of text, you need to break it up into paragraphs, floating images can be placed either to the left or to the right, this makes the content more interesting to read.
  • Don’t forget about calls to actions, Apple typically uses blue and added a small blue arrow.
  • To call attention to a specific features of the product use larger font size. Apple highlights figures to make their statements more believable.

* * *


Trick #4

Apply Landing Page Principles to Almost Any Page of Your Site

Consider the fact that users can enter any page of your site, not just the home page. This is especially true if your resource is well structured and optimized. That's obliges every page title to arouse interest and explain what you offer, and don’t forget about call to actions. Want to get more theory on landing pages? Here are 9 awesome tips about landing page design.

* * *


Trick #5

"I Put a Spell on You..."

- Jay Hawkins

If someone says that metaphors and other figures of speech have no place in web design, probably that one "someone" haven't seen Apple's websites. All these figures of speech make pages more pleasant to read and texts or just some phrases are easily remembered.

Some examples:


Pad іsn't just capable, іt’s portable, too.
The world’s largest – and smartest – collectіon of apps.

Rhyme is a very powerful trick, why do you think some songs remain in memory after you listened them just once.


And because іt’s so easy to use, іt’s easy to love. (іPad Mіnі)

Repetitions give a particular significance and expressiveness, while highlighting main idea (the one author wanted to convey to readers.)

* * *


Trick #6

Talk Once, Show Twice

Apple develops websites that make you want their products. Probably you were thinking that your product is too boring, comparing to those gadgets. Actually it's not that simple, even the most boring product ever created, can be presented in a way that everyone would crave to have it. There are no boring products - there are boring ads, and copy.

* * *

It's pretty easy to create content that will actually sell. All you need is a nicely written guidelines.

Combine sweet words and strong visuals that will dazzle your audience, appeal to their emotions and logic, that will result in a wonderful experience of using your website.

Got anything to say? Drop a line at the bottom;)

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