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8 Videos to Give Your Content Marketing a Royal Treatment [Quinn Whissen speaking]

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Here’s a shot: we’ve created these eight three-minute-long videos from Quinn Whissen, where she tells how to make your content royal. Why royal? When it comes to content marketing, Quinn's a queen.

Long story short, Quinn Whissen is the head of marketing at Vertical Measures, and she shared a lot of brilliant tips and tricks during our webinar on Content Marketing: How to Sell Your Story. These are our eight favorite moments.

What is content marketing?

You can google "content marketing" and read that boring Wikipedia article. Or you can watch this two-minute-long video and discover what's the fuss. Quinn's talking about three essential aspects of content marketing with such clarity and vigor, that it sounds almost like poetry.

Should I do content marketing?

It’s clear that content marketing is about playing the long game, so you probably want to know: is it worth it? Here, Quinn Whissen explains the "philosophy" of great content marketing and helps you find the answer.

What are the keys to building a content marketing strategy?

Tell me this. Do you want to have a lot of traffic? Do you want people to visit your website over and over again, comment on your articles and become your loyal customers? Then content marketing is the way to go. We asked Quinn Whissen about the key factors of content creation and here’s what she told us:

How to choose topics for your articles?

According to Quinn, this question is always the most anticipated part of her content marketing workshops. People just love hearing about this. The reason? It's important, and Quinn's always full of practical recommendations. Watch the video below if you want to borrow some new ideas.

How to do content marketing for online stores?

"Sell the experience of owning your product" — here’s one big tip by all business owners. Interested? Then watch the full clip, where Quinn shares way more wisdom on how to put this statement into action.

How to build a reader persona?

How do you imagine your potential reader? Do they have a mustache? Or maybe they like red lipstick? It’s important to know your audience; that is why experts often recommend building a reader persona before rushing into writing articles. In this clip, Quinn explains what it means and how to do it effectively.

What marketing tools do I need to use?

  • Step one: create something.
  • Step two: distribute it.

It’s not that difficult, but you may need a little help with finding useful tools to manage both those parts. Watch Quinn’s talking about her personal workflow and work smarter, not harder.

What are some UX hacks I need to use?

Yes, great content is essential, but for sure you don't want to lose readers because of a lousy background image or irritating pop-ups. You won't forget about such small things again after you watch the short clip below, in which Quinn Whissen explains exactly how important good design is — and how to achieve one.

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