Making Content Adjustable for Any Mobile Device - Reach Your Customers Wherever They Are

Jul 16, 2014

When does your audience view your content? On their way to work, having a snack at the café, standing in the traffic jam, on the backseat of the taxi cab?

In fact, people buy mobile devices specifically for the purpose of being able to access the internet and get the information they need right now from any place they are at the moment.

If you can’t meet users’ expectations, they just go to another site that is ready to cater to their needs better. The truth is that smartphones, eBook readers, and tablet computers have forever changed the way people access and interact with content. There is no way back to the past when internet access was possible only from one place – you desktop computer.

We won’t reason how much comfort these changes brought to the users and how much fuss they did in the world of web development. The conclusion is obvious: if you want your content to be read, make it adaptive. Make it respond to the device, their location, their situation, and their personalized needs.

This book, written by Ann Rockley and Charles Cooper provides insights and guidelines that will help you develop a unified content strategy – a repeatable, systematic plan telling how to reach your customers, anytime, anywhere, on any device.

What will you learn?

  • Determine business requirements.
  • Build your vision.
  • Design content that adapts to any device.
  • Develop content models, metadata, and workflow.
  • Put content governance in place.
  • Adapt to new and changed roles.
  • Identify tools requirements.

Read this book, create adaptable content and free yourself from the tyranny of an ever increasing array of devices.

Source: Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy (2nd Edition) (Voices That Matter)

Helga Moreno
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