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TOP 35 Creative Digital Agency WordPress Themes 2018

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Data, numbers, dealing with your customers; art, passion, being proud of the result - for different people marketing has different facets. For some it’s a calling and real passion, for others  it’s an unfortunate buffer zone in life between one thing and something else. You are trying to attain the WOW effect and your espresso cup is constantly filled. It persists until the moment when the sun’s rays, shining through your window, let you know you haven’t slept in 36 hours. And that is just one tenth of the whole iceberg. The other 9 tenths are dedicated to finding customers and, ironically, marketing the marketing agency.

How should you do that? First of all, you need to have a website. Not the “I do marketing but I don’t have time to market myself” type,  but a neat, attractive, delicious-looking and full of great features website.

Don’t worry, this time you don’t have to come up with the ideas and get into the creative saddle again. This time you can actually take a little rest.

At least somewhere someone has done the work for you. I’m speaking of ready-made best WordPress themes for advertising for creative agencies.

If you belong to those people who are used to controlling everything themselves - don’t worry, the designs have everything that you would design yourself. They are responsive, they look modern, the projects can be easily connected to all your social media channels, they are well thought through with the layout, CTA-buttons and other design features. Some of them have Parallax effect, so that may be an extra bonus for your advertisement project.

Creative Digital Agency WordPress Themes

Template NameTheme ProviderTemplate CategoryPrice
Advertising Agency Responsive WordPress ThemeWTAdvertising Agency Templates$75
ExhibitA - Art Gallery Responsive WordPress ThemeZEMEZArt Gallery Templates$75
Interra - Interior Designer Portfolio WordPress ThemeZEMEZInterior Design Templates$75
Bitunit - Bitcoin Cryptocurrency WordPress ThemeZEMEZConsulting Templates$75
Leon - advertising, marketing and SEO agency WordPress ThemeZEMEZAdvertising Agency Templates$75
Adv WordPress ThemeZEMEZAdvertising Agency Templates$75
Upbuild - Architecture Firm WordPress ThemeZEMEZArchitecture$75
Horton - Architect Personal Portfolio WordPress ThemeZEMEZArchitecture$41
Sketchfield WordPress ThemeZEMEZWeb Design Templates$45
Bailey - Furniture & Interior Design WordPress ThemeZEMEZInterior Design Templates$75
Laredo - Exterior Design Company WordPress ThemeZEMEZExterior Design Templates$75
Remi - Photographer Portfolio WordPress ThemeZEMEZArtist Portfolio Templates$75
Prospectus - Advertising Portfolio WordPress ThemeZEMEZConsulting Templates$75
Grandviz - Financial Company Premium WordPress ThemeZEMEZConsulting Templates$75
Diginamic - Digital Company WordPress ThemeZEMEZConsulting Templates$75
ExtraOrdinarz - Advertising Agency WordPress ThemeZEMEZMarketing Agency Templates$75
BoostUp Business Consulting WordPress ThemeZEMEZConsulting Templates$75
StreamUp - Digital Agency WordPress ThemeZEMEZMarketing Agency Templates$75
Interious - Business Services WordPress ThemeZEMEZMarketing Agency Templates$75
Synergeer - Corporate WordPress ThemeZEMEZConsulting Templates$75
Riseon - Multipurpose WordPress ThemeZEMEZConsulting Templates$75
Advert - Advertising Agency WordPress ThemeZEMEZConsulting Templates$75
Grand Vector - Business Consulting WordPress ThemeZEMEZConsulting Templates$75
FinVisor Business Consultant WordPress ThemeZEMEZConsulting Templates$75
Imperion - Multipurpose Corporate WordPress ThemeZEMEZConsulting Templates$75
Conceptum - Corporate Responsive WordPress ThemeZEMEZConsulting Templates$75
Trader - Responsive Creative WordPress ThemeZEMEZConsulting Templates$75
Startup Company One Page WordPress ThemeZEMEZConsulting Templates$45
TopConsult - Business Consulting WordPress ThemeZEMEZConsulting Templates$75
DreamRunner - Business Bureau Responsive WordPress TemplateZEMEZConsulting Templates$75
Neonix - Digital Agency WordPress ThemeZEMEZConsulting Templates$75
Swanxy WordPress ThemeZEMEZAdvertising Agency Templates$75
AdBreak - Advertising Company WordPress ThemeZEMEZAdvertising Agency Templates$75
Wapuula - Multipurpose Corporate WordPress ThemeZEMEZConsulting Templates$75
Adverting - Advertising Agency Responsive WordPress ThemeZEMEZMarketing Agency Templates$75


1. Wisco


Demo More Info Hosting

One of the great WordPress web design company themes is a WISCO theme, where the Parallax effect improves the overall impression of the design. It is often used to hook the viewer and to make him or her stay longer on the website.

2. ExhibitA


Demo More Info Hosting

Modern art galleries deserve modern websites, and this theme would just perfectly convey the spirit of freedom, untaken paths and borderless creativity. marketing agency WordPress theme like this one could give a boost to your business.

3. Interra


Demo More Info Hosting

The black-and-white classic is always trendy, and the overlapping design elements make it look unusual. Video integration will help you take the message to the visitor, while a transparent back-to-top button won’t leave your inner aesthetics lover indifferent. It also has a hover effect which makes you play with this design feature even if you don’t have to go back to the top of the website.

4. Bitunit


Demo More Info Hosting

5. Leon


Demo More Info Hosting

Looking for something flat-designed? This web design agency WordPress theme may work out well for you. It is responsive and encourages a visitor’s eye to read slowly everything that is presented on the website.

6. ADV


Demo More Info Hosting

If you are a fan of some sunny colors or believe that your potential customers may be fans of sunny colors, consider using the color yellow in the design. Pay attention to huge circled widgets and circled testimonials. This small, at first sight, but significant feature, attracts the attention of the viewer immediately.

7. Upbuild


Demo More Info Hosting

If you’ve been searching for the best WordPress themes for graphic designers, you may have found just the right one. A Pinterest-like image placement may become your special website feature. This is a great opportunity to attract your viewer’s attention at the same time conveying to them the description of services which are available.

8. Horton


Demo More Info Hosting

If you are searching for the best WordPress templates design which would have a really  outstanding design, this might be your choice. A responsive WordPress theme which seems to embody the essence of architecture as a concept, representing stout structures and, at the same time, being informative about your business.

9. Sketchfield


Demo More Info Hosting

This would be a great option for those who are primarily fond of big images in web design. The airy look which is designed to focus a viewer’s attention solely on several big images may become the crucial factor which will impact the conversion rate over the long term.

10. Bailey


Demo More Info Hosting

Speaking of classic embodiment of creativity in best WordPress themes for advertising, this WordPress template would probably beat all the rest on this list. It’s classic, chic looking and places images in an amazing order, so that your eyes glide from one banner to another.

11. Laredo


Demo More Info Hosting

This responsive exterior design company can become a great web design solution for those who believe that powerful imagery is really important. Indeed, it is important, and the images arranged this way, where there is no space between the banners, are very likely to be clicked more than those in a traditional image placement.

12. Remi


Demo More Info Hosting

13. Prospectus


Demo More Info Hosting

14. Grandviz


Demo More Info Hosting

15. Diginamic


Demo More Info Hosting

16. ExtraOrdinarz


Demo More Info Hosting

17. BoostUp


Demo More Info Hosting

18. StreamUp


Demo More Info Hosting

19. Interious


Demo More Info Hosting

20. Synergeer


Demo More Info Hosting

21. Riseon


Demo More Info Hosting

22. Advert


Demo More Info Hosting

23. Grand Vector

Grand Vector

Demo More Info Hosting

24. FinVisor


Demo More Info Hosting

25. Imperion


Demo More Info Hosting

26. Conceptum


Demo More Info Hosting

27. Trader


Demo More Info Hosting

28. Startup Company

Startup Company

Demo More Info Hosting

29. TopConsult


Demo More Info Hosting

30. DreamRunner


Demo More Info Hosting

31. Neonix


Demo More Info Hosting

32. Swanxy


Demo More Info Hosting

33. AdBreak


Demo More Info Hosting

34. Wapuula


Demo More Info Hosting

35. Adverting


Demo More Info Hosting

The last but not the least web design company WordPress theme is for those who would like their website to look bold and young people oriented. Use the colors and the design of this responsive theme to fulfill your plan!

To sum it up, we’ve listed 12 WordPress themes which may offer great options for an advertising/marketing/creative agency. Let’s review the features which they have. Firstly, they are responsive. That means, the website will look perfect on ANY screen size. Secondly, they come with  lifetime 24/7 support and lifetime update, which means that you will be able to solve your issues, if any occur, at any time of the day, or week, or year, even in 3 years after you set the website up and running. Thirdly, all of these themes were released recently - which means that their look will be silently approved even by professional web designers who come across your agency website.

Hopefully, you have found something that will fit your business purposes. If not - there are plenty of other design and art WordPress themes which could meet your requirements. To be more precise, hundreds of templates. Take your time and a cup of coffee, sit back in your chair and be prepared for a template search.

Be different, create differently, be ahead of the pack with a highly visited website and a highly profitable business!

Template Installation

If you don't want to spend your time installing the template, don't hesitate to order expert assistance.
The installation will be completed within 3 hours by our Service Center once the access details to your hosting server has been received.

Note: Project starts once client provides complete details acceptable by production to avoid delays, not time of actual purchase.

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