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Crowdsourcing and 5 Reasons it Should Awake Your Interest

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Working on the Internet is a lot of fun, highly convenient, and unbelievably beneficial. Because working habits have been changing rapidly, crowdsourcing has turned out to be an excellent alternative to working in your office 8/5, especially for graphic designers who don’t like to be limited in the things with which they deal. If you have never tried doing crowdsourcing or feel a bit biased towards this way of earning money, we’ll be happy to provide you with 5 reasons that will definitely change your mind for good.

First: It brings in money

Actually, a lot of money - it’s a fact. Most design crowdsourcing platforms have the lowest fee rate and you will never get paid less. For example, the design crowdsourcing marketplace DesignContest offers you at least $275 for creating a logo. Your client on this platform can certainly pay you much more but not less. This is the key to your future success. While picking a platform, you can already calculate the lowest profit you can make. Certainly, your future profit will be much higher but you need to be open to every possible option .

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Second: It saves time

You can save lots of your time and spend it on your hobbies, family, and friends. You work as much time as you want and you take only those projects in which you are extremely interested. What’s more, you don’t waste your time on the road (well, we don’t count the time it takes you to get from your bed to your work desk). One task can take you the minimum of time to get it completed, as you don’t get distracted and disturbed by outside influences. Therefore, you become much more productive.

Third: You’ll get lots of new and useful acquaintances

Your LinkedIn, Behance, and Facebook pages will be filled with clients who liked your work so much that they decided to offer you more and more projects. Freelance crowdsourcing is freelance only for the first few times. Then, you receive dedicated clients who don’t want to lose their connection with you and will probably want you to do even more work for them. This way, you can make a lot more money and keep upgrading your skills in the process.

Fourth: You’ll never be without work

The main attraction that crowdsourcing design has is hidden in its scale. There are so many clients who need crowdsources that every single person will get a job, no matter how experienced that person is. You will be evaluated for what you do and what you’re capable of doing.

Fifth: Options, options and more options

This is what crowdsourcing is about: it enables you to make choices and satisfies your choice. No one makes you do things you don’t like to. Crowdsourcing turns your hobby into a highly profitable business and enables you to gain the sort of results you couldn’t even dream of. These options that crowdsourcing provides refer not only to the amount and kind of work you want to do. It also deals with the place. There are so many crowdsourcing platforms on the Internet that the number would make you dizzy. Freelancer, Upwork, designSPRING, DesignContest etc. are only several of the crowdsourcing platform names. In reality, there are many more and every single one of them is of the highest quality: you only need to pick a place where you want to land and start creating what you want and love.

Bottom line

The world of graphic design has been changing so rapidly it’s really hard to keep up with it. However, design crowdsourcing platforms help you to keep up with those changes and to be aware of the latest trends that graphic design provides. So, if you haven’t tried using any design crowdsourcing platform yet, it’s high time you started.

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