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CSS Infographic – Interesting Facts and History

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Do you know much about CSS? Well ok, we admit you may know a lot about how to work with it and how to make your website look really stunning with various useful CSS features. But what we’re sure you don’t know about CSS is its major historical milestones as well as some facts related to CSS functionality.

This infographic will also be interesting and useful for CSS beginners and will help them learn the very basics of this technology. And now please go ahead and see the CSS infographic itself. We will also be happy to know your thoughts about it in the comments.

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  1. nice graphic… i had no idea cs was that pioneering. its almost as old as the net itself as we know it.

  2. I agree with Job, great graphic presentation. Could you people also include something like this about HTML5?

    1. Thank you Chris, we will think about it. Maybe next month.

  3. so this is where we came from, never tot abt it

  4. Internet Explorer is the dead horse yet it’s the most used. I always have problems developing for it. It’s buggy and limited.

  5. People who still use tables to design web pages should be flogged publicly

  6. Is there a poster of this that I could purchase? I would love to hang it on my wall. Its a great conversation starter. One thing I don’t understand though… it says IE doesn’t support CSS gradients, yet, I’m using them and they fine in IE along with my rounded corners? Kudos to Safari for getting all A’s. Can anyone say over achiever. ( ;

    1. Hey Josh, unfortunately we don’t have a poster of this infographic because it was made up only for our blog. However feel free to print the image from this post and hang it on your wall if you want.

  7. This is awesome! thanks for this…but the problem that I’m having, since most of my clients are in the Real Estate industry…is that the browser they and their offices are using…is IE! Who knows when they’ll finally upgrade from IE6, sigh, and then have to wait til’ they are using IE9…

  8. …. I love these infographics totally…. thanks Edward and Template Monster for the article and this post !!

  9. Wow this is really interesting reading …thanks a lot!

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