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How to Add Custom Login URL in WordPress?

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  1. Why do I have to change the URL?
  2. Top 3 plugins to change the login URL with
  3. What if it didn’t work?

Why do I have to change the URL?

There is a widespread opinion among the newbies that changing your login URL is an important security measure. Being with you completely honest I must admit that this is a pretty useless feature that gives your website a more professional look.

Of course, having the typical WordPress login URL, you are giving a potential hacker a full understanding of what CMS your website is based on. But do you believe that this is the only way they can know that? Do you believe that a custom address takes your website’s security to a new level?

The truth is it’s not, and we have to stay more realistic.

However, having a default login page address on your website is a bad practice, so today I’ll show you how to change your login page it with the help of the WordPress plugins available on the market.

Top 3 plugins to change the login page with

There are a few ways to approach this: you can either use a WordPress plugin or do everything manually. I believe that there is no need to get our hands dirty because there are free extensions for your WordPress site that will take care of it for you.

Let me show you three best plugins you may use for changing your authorization page to a custom one.

WPS Hide Login

You can change a WordPress login URL with this plugin in a few clicks. The plugin itself doesn’t rename any directories, it just makes the default admin login link inaccessible, so it’s easy to change everything back if needed. Just remove the plugin, and everything will go to defaults again.

Also, don’t forget to write down the new authorization address URL, cause otherwise, you will have a lot of problems accessing your WordPress admin area.

Custom Login URL

This is a hide login plugin that lets you change the WordPress admin login link, website login address, registration link, etc. The new URLs will take you right where you want. However, this plugin has not been updated for a while now, so this is not my favorite one.

iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security)

This is more like a sophisticated WordPress security plugin with lots of added options. Changing the login address is just one of the features. I would recommend this plugin for those who want not only to get a custom login URL but also make sure that your website is secure.

Custom Login URL

What if it didn’t work?

When you must deal with something like this, you’ve got to have a perfect understanding of what you’re doing. If you are not good at this stuff, you can always ask someone more knowledgeable to help. We have a team of dedicated experts that may help you out and add a custom WordPress login link, they are called the TM Service Center, and they rock. Just get in touch with us, and we will take care of it for you.

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