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20 Delicious Restaurant WordPress Themes For Gourmets and Chefs

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An old proverb says food is essential to life, therefore make it good. It's no secret that restaurant websites need particular attention to their layouts. How else do you want to tell people about unique recipes that you use? To attract visitors to your delicious menu, you will need a nice website layout. Great news is - you're in the right place!

Take a look at the best 20 Delicious Restaurant WordPress Themes For Gourmets and Chefs in 2016! All website layouts in this collection can boast an excellent set of WordPress features.

100% responsive design allows browsing these designs on different devices and resolutions.  Drag and drop possibilities of these templates will help you make any changes in real time. There is no need to know any programming. Selected for you, these restaurant theme WordPress are great to hit up an online space. Now choosing a website template for your online project is easier than ever!

Giglio WordPress Theme

Giglio is a minimalist WordPress theme for a restaurant or a cafe. Its visual appeal will be helpful to showcase the best dishes you serve at your place. A huge hero area with a call-to-action button for the meal of the day.

Place the announcement about the working hours at the top, so that more people could see it. Highlight the delicious courses in a gallery. Provide visitors' testimonials proving that your restaurant is a great place to have dinner.

Silas S.

Giglio Theme

I've contacted their live chat and they recommended me this theme for Italian food restaurant. I'm really satisfied with it. It's a perfect layout for my design.

Download | Live Demo

Italian Restaurant Responsive WordPress Theme

Lorenza is a WordPress theme for an Italian restaurant or diner. It has a bright design in beige and light-blue color palette. An image slider on top is for showing the best food offers. Parallax scrolling effect adds a 3D feel to the layout.

Feel free to post different content to attract more people. Provide the best pasta recipes. Share the chef's formula for the best tagliatelle. Let your visitors give their reviews on their favorite dishes.

Henry F.

Brilliant theme.

Brilliant theme. Could have wished for more pictures to choose from and the ability to change colors without too much hassle.

Download | Live Demo

Little Italy WordPress Theme

Little Italy is a WordPress blog theme for an Italian restaurant. You can use it for a chef's personal journal or an online menu. Thanks to Parallax scrolling effect, this simple theme looks volumetric and impressive.

Publish a set of dishes and recipes for your readers. Provide them with a Google map to find your location faster. Connect them with your social profiles via Social buttons.

Lavinia G.

another good template

As always, this template was cutting edge looking and easy to customize to my client's specifications. I got stuck on a few things but the support was helpful and easy to work with.

Download | Live Demo

Premium Cuisine WordPress Theme

Premium Cuisine is a catering theme WordPress to use for an haute cuisine restaurant website. Also, feel free to use this template as a landing page for a restaurant or a diner. Its dark color palette lets all the necessary elements stand out.

A large hero area on top allows placing the best offers on top. The top  Dropdown menu helps to ease the navigation. This web template has all the potential to cause a mouthwatering effect on your visitors.

Download | Live Demo

Gulliver WordPress Theme

Gulliver is a WordPress restaurant theme that will stun your viewers at first sight. This theme is a solution for cafe and restaurant owners. It has a Slider that shows the restaurant interiors. This template conveys the vibe of your facility to the website visitors.

An unconventional placement of the main menu looks quite original. Post the best dishes in the restaurant dishes gallery. Showcase the information about the cuisine, daily specials and more in the menu. To see this theme in all splendor,  just hit the 'live demo' button!

Justin T.

Bulk Food Supply Theme for client

We purchased this theme after our client fell in love with it over all the other choices we provided as options.

It is extremely effective and eye catching, and we have been on live support on numerous occasions and always received fast professional help.

It is always great knowing you have the support any time you need it as thi

s is where other companies fall short. They may have support but the response time is the problem!

Download | Live Demo

Gourmet Cuisine WordPress Theme

Gourmet Cuisine is a WordPress theme for a restaurant or a cafe. This theme has a beautiful design spiced up with Parallax and Background Video. These two features make the best combination together! They're great to promote any dish or food special. Also, this restaurant WordPress theme has cool features for contacting your audience.

Make sure to use the Contact Form and Google Map. Use Shortcodes with a Shortcodes Templater to make changes to the layout.  This theme has a few pre-designed page layouts - About, Portfolio, Blog, Contact, FAQ. You won't be sorry on choosing in favor of this theme!

Ahmed F.


I am soo happy everything is fast and with good quality

Download | Live Demo

Cafe and Restaurant WordPress Theme

Paggani is a full-screen WordPress restaurant theme. The homepage of this theme looks pretty laconic. The hamburger menu on top of the page will open the window to let you navigate through the website sections.

The drag-and-drop page builder will help you create any layout. Social icons at the bottom of the page will let your customers connect with your social profiles. If you want to give your business a fresh look, this item is for you!

Nicolai Bach

Nice and clean coding. Cool look for my new restaurant.

Download | Live Demo

Pasta and Ravioli Company WordPress Theme

Pasta and Ravioli Company is a great WordPress theme to use for an Italian restaurant website. Its huge hero area with an image slider has a welcome message underneath.

This website template has a few masonry type animated galleries. These are the best to showcase all the best offers and recipes. The Stick-to-top-menu makes navigation more user-friendly and comfortable. Try it yourself!

layla lloyd

Just what I needed for my website

This is the first time I’ve purchased a website theme from TemplateMonster. I want to say a huge ‘thank you’ to these guys! They’ve done a really awesome job designing this one. After I redesigned a website for my diner, I’ve received a lot of praise from clients. The only thing I changed in my design is the font in the top menu, because to me it didn’t look readable enough. All the rest is fine. Guess, I will buy one more template for another project of mine some time soon.

Download | Live Demo

Mexican Food WordPress Theme

Mexican is a WordPress theme for a Mexican restaurant or diner. It's a great template to provide your clients with all the information on your business offers. This mouthwatering design is capable of attracting attention!

The bright color palette in coral hues can trigger appetite and make you drool. A fly-out menu that helps to save up on space. A thought-out structure allows finding the needed content in seconds.

Luis C.

I'm in love with templatemonster

I am a web designer and since I use these templates my productivity and profits have increased ; My last purchase " mexican food" helped me to finish a project in 3 days . thank u templatemonster

Download | Live Demo

Cafe and Restaurant WordPress Theme

White House Restaurant is a lightweight and minimalist website design. The combination of white and beige in the palette makes it look sleek and sophisticated. Grunge background adds to the stylish look. Animated website sections can attract lots of visitors.

Not only can they view the best food offers, but also prices and dish descriptions. Tabbed navigation helps to economize on space and keep away from clutter.

Fernando R.

I chose this model because I enjoyed it for that fluidity of its design and conviennais for my project.

myself being a developer, I have an advertising company, we create simple logo, a decorating shop windows and vehicles and also we make websites for businesses.

for the moment I have not needed to contact support, it is so well done and simple in this design I think the average user will be able to use it


Download | Live Demo

European Cuisine WordPress Theme

Foodhouse is a WordPress theme for a European restaurant website.  Use it to create an up-to-date food related web resource filled with recipes and offers. Thanks to its valid coding, this theme is fast on the loading. It also has Accordion and Carousel sliders to impress viewers.

On the main page, there is a menu section. It contains all the pricing information.  Galleries that are rich in photos and delicious backgrounds can attract attention. To post the latest news, feel free to use the blog section. There is also a feature for making reservations on site.

john t.

I used this theme as a website for a community rather than a restaurant and it was very easy to customize and work with. I fell in love with the parallax scroll and the modern feel to this theme. Since I was fully customizing and changing the look and feel of this theme, I needed a lot of support. If you need any technical support or help you can

easily chat with customer service and they answer EVERY question and are always there! No waiting! It's great!

Download | Live Demo

European Restaurant WordPress Theme

Restaurant will be a perfect fit for a European cuisine cafe or diner. This WordPress theme has many useful features to attract new audience to your food business just like any other best eCommerce templates. It sports beautiful typography in combination with full-width pictures with high resolution.

Thanks to the WPML plugin, the theme supports foreign languages. Cherry Framework ensures your website will be quick to setup and customize. Among other features, there is a contact form, a Back-To-Top Button, a Dropdown menu, etc.

Ricardo L.

a very fun theme

We are a web agency, we work in customizing themes of template monsters, always seek the best theme to start the idea that our client is to achieve, then adapt and customize the theme to stay with the face of our client's company.

The choice of theme we try to find niche market of aspects of our client along with it try to see attractive

points of their own theme structure which are beautiful and well today because the issues evolve over time and it is always important to stay up to date the visual part.

Working on this issue was very rewarding, initially it is made to a restaurant, but we adapted for a troupe of circus, it fit very well the concept of the circus troupe because of their large image background, we convey the idea of joy Circus perfectly to the viewer of my client.

The site is not yet in the air and not yet finalized for lack complete textual parts souls who our customer is developing, so I will not be able to give a preview to you, but I assure you it was a phenomenal job.

My client as is already pretty happy because the activities, was much more cheerful now with the result that we are having in finalizing their website.

The theme itself was easy to install and customize, we can implement it all alone without the support of template monsters, but of course, whenever they need are 10 in service and problem solving.

Finally, buy many topics every month and the template monsters makes me more and more satisfied with their job, my congratulations.

Download | Live Demo

Cafe and Restaurant Responsive WordPress Theme

CentralFood is a sophisticated WordPress theme for a restaurant website. It looks stylish thanks to the combination of its gallery and content blocks. A huge hero area allows posting information about the food specials and offers. Spiced up with Parallax effect, it catches the visitors' attention at once.

A well-placed top menu serves for more comfortable navigation. It also has Social icons on the right to let people contact you on social networks. Beautiful masonry gallery will let you showcase the information about your restaurant. Tell more about the events and get feedback from your clients. Hit the 'live demo' button and see it all with your own eyes!

cassie c.


The template is beautiful and have rich content. The functions (Gallery & Blog) of the template are useful for us. Finally, we created a good website with this template! Nice!

Download | Live Demo

European Restaurant Responsive WordPress Theme

DBR is a WordPress theme for a fast food restaurant or a diner website. It looks stylish thanks to the combination of its image slider on top and animated content blocks. A huge hero area lets you post the information about the hottest offers. Amped up with Parallax effect, it draws the attention to the needed areas.

Neat typography and a well-placed top menu serve for handy navigation. Contrasting website areas help to represent your content a lot better. This web layout is compact and functional. Use it with pleasure and boost the customer base with no effort!

Benivaldo C.

European Restaurant Responsive WordPress Theme #53999

very good! I really liked it.

met my needs

Download | Live Demo

Restaurant Management WordPress Theme

Yellow Spoon is a colorful WordPress theme to fit a fast food restaurant website. Jazzed up with Parallax scrolling effect, it has all the necessary features. A full-width image slider is a perfect tool to highlight the new dishes on the menu.

Also, a combination of website blocks will let you showcase more offers and specials on the home page. Supplied with a Google Map feature, it will show the location of your facility.  If you need a minimalist, yet bright website layout, this is the one for you.

Junior R.


I have buying templates from TemplateMonster for several years. I am impressed with the quality of templates and customer service. Keep up the good work!

Download | Live Demo

Cafe and Restaurant WordPress Theme

Gourmet is a tasty WordPress theme for a modern restaurant. Top-quality images and bright colors serve as a great appetizer. This website layout has a great control of space thanks to two sliders. Website elements stand out better against the white background. A slider and colored blocks serve for better navigation within the template.

Tell more about your restaurant in 'Welcome' and 'Latest News' sections. 'Our team' section offers you to put some information about your employees. Thanks to the Google Map, you'll tell people about the location of your facility with ease.

Download | Live Demo

Cafe and Restaurant WordPress Theme

Tasty Plate is a WordPress theme for a grill bar or a bbq restaurant website. It has an unusual structure of content blocks overlaying images on the background. Thanks to Parallax scrolling effect it gives a 3D feel to this unconventional design.

An Accordion menu in the top right corner of the layout will let your visitors reach the areas they want with ease. A combination of flamboyant colors makes this theme look optimistic and lively. This design supports audio and video integration, so make the most out of your content!

Download | Live Demo

Modern Cafe Restaurant WordPress Theme

Delicious is a WordPress theme for a family diner or a fast food restaurant. The design looks fresh thanks to the mint color that overlays content blocks on mouse hover. Feel free to use this theme for a restaurant menu as well.

Oriented on the visual content and images, it can represent every dish at its best. A full-width top slider, grid layout create a mouthwatering effect. Take a closer look at this theme and use it for your website!

Ricky C.

To provide more service on customer

Dear editor,

Hi, I am Ricky who's a director in my design house, in hk.

I bought template from you around 3-4 years. It's good to me, fast and no trouble,,

Just a bit comments on the online chat, it's better if your cs team, can provide more service. Let's say suggest some nice template to old client, reduce the time for me search

and search again.

When I bought the template. I searched over 30 pages.

It will be great, If old clients can have there business manager .



Download | Live Demo

Cafe and Restaurant WordPress Theme

Perfectum is a WordPress theme for a restaurant or a cafe. It will not leave you indifferent with its galleries and a selection of imagery.  A hidden main menu is an original design solution that allows economizing on space.

Use large image sliders to put as much mouthwatering dishes of images as possible. Together with banners these sliding images give the vibe of haute cuisine. Extra information appears on hovering the banner of a featured meal. The promo section contains a welcome message. A crimson area with a message is there to draw visitors' attention to the content.

Download | Live Demo

Asian Restaurant Responsive WordPress Theme

Vietnamese Food is a WordPress theme for an Asian food restaurant. It has an oriental design in white, light-green and crown hues. This template is the perfect choice to showcase the best offers and dishes.

An animated image slider in the header is ideal for creating the hype for certain meals. This theme is rich in functionality. It has both standard and extra features that help to make all the necessary changes to the layout. Feel free to integrate multimedia content, mix it with recipes and texts. Also, don't hesitate to hit the 'live demo' button to check out what this template has to offer!

Download | Live Demo

Here we are! Hope, this collection of WordPress themes for cafe and restaurants was fun. We have handpicked a variety of layouts for blogs and full-blown food portals. All you have to do is view these awesome themes and choose the one that suits you best. Please, mind that every item has a live demo for testing its look and feel. So, don't hesitate to hit the 'live demo' button and see it all with your own eyes!

Did you find any templates that could suit your online project? Would you recommend a few to your friends?

If you think this was a useful review, some social sharing is always welcome! And don't forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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