Pitch-Perfect Choice for Style Mavens. Design Studio Free HTML5 Theme

Oct 14, 2013

What can give you a rush of inspiration on Monday morning? It could probably be a sunny weather, a kiss of the beloved person, or a cup of coffee...

I am a bit far to kiss you, but really happy to make the start of your day (and perhaps a week) a doozy one - with a shiny new Design Studio Free HTML5 Theme. Perfect Style and nothing else – this goodie will fit the demands of the ardent style mavens.

Go On! Theme Features

Clean stylish look is just a front face of the theme, but inner space is one more point that matters. Look at the list below to see what's inside this freebie.

Design Studio Free HTML5 Theme

* * *

Design Studio Free HTML5 Theme Will Give You...

Distinct presentation of services and portfolio. that Featuring current works and services the studio provides has been made dominant in the layout.

Seamless navigation. Wise structure of the content parts with all the blocks carefully arranged, colored headings that guide along the page, drop down menu for the ease of surf around the site – the theme offers comfortable navigation indeed.

Clean-cut structure. This simple design looks undoubtedly attractive. The visual harmony creates a sense of balance and makes it easy to scan the content.

Ease of further customization. Everything is already made for you by skillful developers, and it will not take you sleepless nights to get this theme into shape. To turn it into the website of another business orientation, just polish a little bit.

Live Demo Download

Design Studio Free HTML5 Theme

* * *
Use About Page to show your face to clients, tell about the mission and principles of your business, and they will give you a positive feedback.

Design Studio Free HTML5 Theme

* * *
Portfolio Page makes use of grid-based structure for wise arrangement of the portfolio with nice zoom effect.

Design Studio Free HTML5 Theme

* * *
Tell more about your partners and clients on Clients Page.

Design Studio Free HTML5 Theme

* * *
Ask the visitors to drop you a line in the form on Contacts Page.

Design Studio Free HTML5 Theme

Live Demo Download

Starbis - Multipurpose HTML5 Theme

multifunctional HTML5 theme

Katarina Klementi
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2013-11-05 02:36:00

like it @katarinaklem:disqus ..(y)

2013-10-15 06:26:00

Thanks for sharing it.

2013-10-14 10:56:00

i like it.. but it's not responsive. i know beggars cant be choosers :)

2013-10-16 02:46:00

It's not responsive, but still good) Try it!

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