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6 Dos and Don’ts for Effective Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization
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The World Wide Web is a dynamic field and thus the rules of SEO change quite often. You will find lots of articles on the web telling you about the new changes made by the algorithm updates and I don’t blame you if you get confused after reading those contradictory suggestions. Today, I will discuss a few dos and don’ts of modern search engine optimization so that your website gets the visibility it deserves. I hope it will clear your confusion because irrespective of the current and upcoming algorithm updates, these dos and don’ts apply universally.

Do Write Long Content

When you discuss something in detail, it tends to be lengthy, but people love reading such content because they get to learn everything about the topic you are discussing. Lengthy content is not just applicable for blog posts, you can write lengthy web pages as well. Suppose you offer legal services.

Think about the questions client may have in their mind and try to answer those questions in your website’s service page. Informative content is more frequently shared on social media and as a result your website ranks high on SERP when people search about the topic you wrote.

Don’t think about content duplicity

Never try to outsmart Google by posting the same content in various blogs or websites. Write fresh and original content. If you want to post 10 guest blogs a month, then you have to write 10 new articles. Also, stay away from keyword stuffing practices. Use long-tail keywords and that too, not more than 3 to 5 times. If you are outsourcing your website content writing assignment. then use Copyscape or other such content checking software to make sure that there is not even a duplicate sentence in your content.

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Do use YouTube for SEO

Just search for anything that requires demonstration and you will find dozens of YouTube videos in Google search result page. For instance, if you sell liquor online, then you should create some videos on cocktails and upload on YouTube to bring the traffic to your YouTube channel and then from there to your website. YouTube is a hugely popular and powerful search engine. You should take advantage of it to earn the trust of consumers.

Don’t sacrifice mobile performance

You need to create a media rich responsive website, but don’t sacrifice usability at any cost. More and more people are using smartphones or tablets as their primary device, and thus, you must create a mobile friendly website that loads fast and fits any screen size.

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Do accept top quality guest blogs

There are 3 advantages of accepting guest posts for your blog. First, you get informative articles written by experts and thanks to their content quality, your website ranks higher on SERP. Second, the backlinks help you in terms of SEO and third advantage is you get the opportunity to attract the loyal readers of these guest blog writers and witness a steady increase in organic traffic.

Don’t buy links

Backlinks are considered by Google while deciding the rank of your website, but the quality of backlinks matters more than the quantity. Therefore, don’t buy links from link farms and never exchange links with any shady website. Try to acquire genuine backlinks from reputed websites in your niche.


Keep an eye on the updates released by Google and adapt your Elite Search Commander SEO strategy accordingly. Remember, as long as your website contains informative content and suitable keywords, Google will love your business. Follow white hat SEO practices and you will always be successful.


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