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Is your E-commerce Business on the Right Path? 5 Things You Need to Know

E-commerce Business
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The world is a competitive place, and e-commerce is getting tougher and tougher every day. You must work harder and harder to survive, and you must go that extra mile if you want to be at the top. People and e-commerce businesses are at the top for a reason. And no, they didn’t do everything right the first time. They made mistakes, and they learned from them, and then they made some bold decisions that helped them to reach the top.

Ever second-guess the decisions you make? Do you wonder if they are leading you or your e-commerce business to success, or are they going to get you in trouble?

If your answer is a big “Yes,” then let’s dive in and look at whether your e-commerce business is on the right path or you are going the other way.

Never Stop Evolving

It not only applies to humans but every business as well. Never stop changing. Always keep an eye out for the changing trends of technology, customer tastes, and their needs. Keep changing your products and don’t forget to add new ones. Every consumer good comes with an expiration date, and it’s usually between 6-12 months.

Don’t just change the listed products. Bring an overall change to your website layout, check-out process, search options, and login options, as well. The more user-friendly your website is, the more sales it will drive.

Here’s a comparison of Amazon’s new and old website:


So, are you evolving? If yes, then your e-commerce business is going in the right direction!


Make your checkout process simpler

Is your checkout process complex? Do a test run and analyze it from a consumer’s perspective.

If you find it complicated, then your customers do not like it one bit.

This mistake can set your e-commerce business back, and you won’t even notice it.

Making the checkout process easy and simple will not only increase your business sales but will also lead to some significant profits.

Many e-commerce businesses don’t consider this as important as other things, but it is just as important as anything else.

But, how can you make it more straightforward? Well, for starters, don’t make the signing-in option compulsory. Let your customers checkout as ‘guests’ and, if necessary, collect their email address and you can use it to retarget them later with email marketing.

Here’s an example to get you started:

sign in

If you are not giving what your customers want, then you cannot reach the success you are chasing.

Considering a live chat feature

Ever wonder why so many people gripe about after-services and customer support services being garbage and no help to them? Those are valid complaints because the worst thing about e-commerce websites is their after-service. The businesses that care about their customers, like Amazon, rank at the top and are considered the best.

But, how will you provide this kind of customer support?

Well, it’s not rocket science. Go out in the market and browse around for some useful customer support apps, and there are thousands of them.

Consider live chat tools on your website, which will turn out to be the best thing you ever added to your site.

If you think that this step will add a lot to your costs, then don't worry. Adding live chat on your website will reduce the cost and efforts spent on customer acquisition.

Having a live chat option on any e-commerce website gives it an edge over the competitors. If your site doesn’t have it, install it now. It will only take a day or two to set everything up.

Wind up Slow-moving products

Oh, those products that are listed on your website from forever! People just hate seeing the same thing repeatedly, and this piece of advice can be offered by any person walking on the street.

Outdated things need to be removed from your website.

If you are wondering about the products we are talking about, then here’s a list of the products that you need to clean out of your website, ASAP:

  • The product that sells once every quarter
  • Seasonal products
  • Perishable products
  • Never sold products
  • Older versions of various products

If you have a big website, then this will take time, but it will be worth it. Decluttering those products gradually and investing the same money on some remodeling purposes, or buying new inventory, will always give far better results.

Done this already? Let us know a little bit about your experience in the comments section.


Invest in Quality Photography

When targeted audiences look for products on e-commerce sites, they want exact information about them, with crisp and clear pictures of the product from the very best angles.

And if you have been in the e-commerce business long, then you know that products without images or reviews cannot be sold. You just can’t sell a product without giving your customers a feel of that product.

And what’s the best way to do that? Images! Every product on your website needs to have pictures.

But, why are they so important? Images provide the customers with a feeling; a feeling that the product listed is genuine and they can trust your website enough to buy it. Photographs add to your trust level in a significant way.

And that is why investing in hiring the best photographers for your products is a smart thing to do.

This is going to add value to your business in the short term, as well as the long run. Excellent photographs and good presentation will always bring your customers back to you. And not only that but images help with your SEO rankings, as well.

If you don’t want to hire photographers, then there are always tools like Adobe Ps, Flimora, etc. that can help you enhance the images you have already.

Make it mobile friendly

I am a big-time online shopper, and almost all of my salary goes to these e-commerce websites. So, believe me when I say that having a site that is mobile friendly or has a mobile app is crucial for every e-commerce business.

There is no surviving without it.

Moreover, nowadays, almost every other person has a mobile with the best net packs available on the market, as they are becoming affordable and they increase the purchasing power of consumers.


Thus, making it inevitable for every e-commerce business to have a mobile-friendly application in the store, along with their website.

This will not only increase reachability, but it will grow your consumer base, and it will be dead easy to reach out to them with mobile notifications.


The most important thing to having a successful e-commerce business is to have great products and the best customer support.

You can be the best with these two things at the core.

Pro Tip: Collect reviews and feedback
Consumers love to share their feelings about the product and, thus, collecting valuable feedback from consumers and analyzing it fruitfully can lead your business down a new path.

Review the feedbacks of consumers and act accordingly.

Replying to consumer’s feedback on popular sites about your product will leave a good impression of your business, and it will build your website’s trust level.

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