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An Easy Way To Learn How to Draw Fonts by Hand [Even Your Kid Can Do It]

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In the age of social media and smartphones, probably, there are people, who have never heard about handwritten letters. Actually, the least thing you think of when you want to communicate with your loved ones is a paper letter.

Of course, it’s easier to send a quick text or audio message, but what if you put a little more effort and express your feelings to your partner, friend or family member through the art of drawing letters?

How exactly can you draw beautiful letters? Luckily, we’ve come up with a simple, but effective tutorial. I’ve already tried it and can honestly say that even a non-calligraphy pro can perfectly cope with this task. To say more, my handwriting is bad, dramatically awful.


I am not exaggerating. If you want to know how bad it is, imagine the least readable medicine receipt from your doctor. Did it? Now, imagine even a worse version of it...And my writing style will be still worse than that.


But with the help of this step-by-step plan, I managed to craft a decent-looking letter for my friend. Come along and prepare to create a calligraphy masterpiece together with us!

The first step here is to choose cool fonts to draw. You can browse the web and take a look at 15 famous calligraphers to follow on Instagram. Or subscribe to be the first to try our upcoming fonts and icon fonts gallery.

It all starts from the base

First of all, you have to sketch the frame of your future letters. The common mistake people do is they rush, skip beginning steps, and try to get the desired result straight away. Your letter, word, font or handwriting style in general, will look better if you will draw the “skeleton” first.

After you have prepared the base for your future word, you can move on to adding depth to letters. Again, don’t rush things, take your time to carefully draw out each element and make your letters look proportional.

Now you can spice up your words with the elements of the chosen font. Don’t be afraid of playing around with curves, smooth lines, exaggeration or whatever you prefer.

Some extra tips:

Summing up, you just have to keep it neat and readable

So put usefulness before an awesome look, when you want to add another curve to your letter, but if you feel like it would mess up the whole word, better leave it alone 🙂

Guys, If I did it, you definitely will be able to learn how to draw cool letters. Don’t hesitate to try out these tips and tell us about your experience in the comments below. Also, you can rate this post and share it with your friends. Who knows, maybe you will be drawing cool letters together in the nearest future 😉

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Oh btw, when you finally be able to become a proficient calligrapher you will need a portfolio to host your works, mind enjoying these personal portfolio templates.

Top 15 Handwritten Fonts

If you are quite lazy to learn calligraphy yourself, but you do want to use those beautifully written letters on your site, cards, logo, whatsoever, there's no better option than purchasing a nice font or a font pack! Check out our top 15 handwritten fonts and choose what you like best!

Seren Script

handwritten fonts


handwritten fonts


handwritten fonts

Restless Youth

handwritten fonts

Hustle Script

handwritten fonts


handwritten fonts


handwritten fonts


handwritten fonts


handwritten fonts


handwritten fonts


handwritten fonts


handwritten fonts


handwritten fonts


handwritten fonts

Stay Classy

handwritten fonts

Top 15 Handwritten Fonts 2019

Seren Script - FontTypeFaithFonts$17
Scarletto Signature Duo FontBloomxxvi$17
The Artisan Collection FontHustle Supply Co.$22
The Restless Youth - Bundle FontHustle Supply Co.$18
Hustle Script - Monoline FontHustle Supply Co.$18
Gibson Script + Extras FontHustle Supply Co.$18
Belfast - A Dry Brush Script FontHustle Supply Co.$17
Harper Script FontHustle Supply Co.$17
Boathouse - Brush Signature Script FontHustle Supply Co.$18
Greenstone Script FontHustle Supply Co.$17
Ifera - FontZaremBladeford$17
Alyssabell Font Pack FontZaremBladeford$17
Southeast - Signature FontGiemons$20
Sheptember FontInitiaType$17
Stay Classy FontSolidtype$17

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