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eCommerce Themes Giveaway: 5 Days, 7 Themes. You Get What You Choose

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TemplateMonster is holding another great giveaway! (And it is barely a week since the previous one has finished.) Well...we love you and we will do our best for your favor!

So if you are interested in our eCommerce product line, this time TemplateMonster is giving away 7 website templates of different eCommerce platforms. You will have to do some minor actions to win the template of your choice.

Rules of eCommerce Themes Giveaway

Nothing particular, just follow TemplateMonster on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Also, you may need to re-tweet the tweet about this giveaway every day within 5 days, to get additional points. The more points you get, the more probability to win.

One of the reasons we are holding this giveaway is a mid-season. This time of the year is always pretty spendy. People get a jump on their holiday shopping. Looking for the best deals on eCommerce, here you could save and get a professional eCommerce template for free.

Get a Piece of the 'Holiday Shopping Pie' and Prepare Your Store

for the Holiday Shopping Season!


But how do you enroll?

Using the Rafflecopter widget, you need to login either with your Facebook account or with your email. This is a necessary action working as an introductory step. After the log-in, you will be offered some more steps to fulfill. They are already described above.

Time to use the widget to enter for a chance to win 100% promocode and apply it for the exact eCommerce template you want.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Why we need your email? To inform winners directly and sent the promocode after the end of the giveaway.

* * *

Since this is an eCommerce Themes Giveaway, we would like to show top designs from each eCommerce type available at TemplateMonster.

Furniture Magento Theme

eCommerce Themes Giveaway

* * *

Pretty Handbags PrestaShop Theme

eCommerce Themes Giveaway

* * *

Shoe Store VirtueMart Template

eCommerce Themes Giveaway

* * *

Lingerie OsCommerce Template

eCommerce Themes Giveaway

* * *

Tools & Equipment ZenCart Template

eCommerce Themes Giveaway

* * *

Responsive Hardware Store OpenCart Template

eCommerce Themes Giveaway

* * *

Responsive Wood Finishes Store Jigoshop Theme

eCommerce Themes Giveaway

* * *

Responsive Alternative Store WooCommerce Theme

eCommerce Themes Giveaway

* * *

Now is the time to wish you all good luck! On October 9, 2013 we are going to announce the names of our lucky winners. Their names will be posted on Facebook and in our sequel post with results. As for the prizes, the winners will get an email with their 100% promocodes valid for any eCommerce theme of their choice. (By the way, don't forget which email you were using to enroll for the giveaway - it's important.)

If you aren’t the lucky one this time, we’ve got good news. Next week, we will be back with an awesome promo for the entire product line of TemplateMonster's eCommerce themes. Just stay tuned!

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    one day, I will use it for my clients project, maybe furniture store will be the first one..

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  • Brand Dedication

    Very cool! I hope to see more & more giveaways! 😉

  • SVorreiter

    A Store like Winery and one for Music with audio Preview and download …

  • Abdelhafid Cherair

    last giveaway i did not win anything, hopefully this time i’ll win something :p

  • Edyta Jordan

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    wow these templates are awesome. i would love to get one for my sister, she sells clothes and one of these templates will definitely give her site a more professional look.

  • JJ

    This is a great contest, thanks!

  • Cristopher

    I will use it to help my mom open her online store.

  • Danny Mc

    I’m building a Baby Hamper ecommerce site, and would really like a new fresh template to work with.

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    I need the template to run the T shirt store that my wife always wanted.

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    I think I’ll use it for my cousin’s woman accessories store. It’s time for her to go online!

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    All things are ready, including the domain and the hosting, the only thing remaining is only one an attractive eCommerce template,the reason I’m here is due to low budget on the site, a giveaway template would be quit helpful for the further help.

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    I need something trendy for my new Violins and More… eCommerce site. I don’t have any money to spare so this would be a great help!

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    I’ve been competing in the E-Commerce competition for the Future Business Leaders of America club for the past three years, and in the past I’ve had good experiences with Template Monster’s free templates. Winning a free theme would improve my entry and what I could do with it so much.

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    Thanks for this offer. Will try to get more points.
    Good luck TM…

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