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eCommerce Widget from MotoCMS – Now Available!

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Ok, you all know our good friends and partners from MotoCMS, right? They really need no introduction. A couple of days before 2012 has arrived MotoCMS launched their new revolutionary product – the e-Commerce widget – and now we're ready to present it to you, as it's now available for purchase with Flash CMS templates being sold on TemplateMonster.

This e-Commerce solution was created to help you sell goods and services using PayPal, Google Checkout, Robox or simply via the handy contact form. The widget is already installed in Flash CMS e-Commerce templates (so far it's only a Watches store Flash CMS template), and again - it's also available while purchasing any Flash CMS template of your choice - it will be offered to you on a shopping cart. Another option is you can buy the widget separately in case you already have a theme that you want to add the eCommerce functionality to (but if you buy a widget separately its price would be $150, if you buy it with any Flash CMS template it will cost $99).

The e-Commerce widget includes 7 feature-rich components: Category Menu, Products List, Banner Rotator, Shopping Cart, Shopping Cart List, Product Details and Add to Cart Button. We have a couple of words on each of them.

Category Menu

This component is a basic one in the e-Commerce widget because it allows to create shop categories and to complete them with products. It will be connected with other components within the e-Commerce Connection ID, so be attentive while arranging the 'Category Menu'.

Category Menu module of the e-Commerce widget of MotoCMS

Products List

A well done products list will always grab visitors attention. This component perfectly displays all products you've created into the 'Category Menu'. All you need to do is to find the right place for the 'Products List' element and adjust its settings at your liking.

Products List module of the e-Commerce widget of MotoCMS

Banner Rotator

A website section like this is presented almost on every online store's home page. It showcases featured products of the shop and is always a powerful advertising tool. And now this tool is also presented in MotoCMS e-Commerce widget.

 Banner Rotator module of the e-Commerce widget of MotoCMS

Shopping Cart

The 'Shopping Cart' element shows how many items the customer chose to buy. It's always connected with the 'Shopping Cart List' which clearly displays detailed information about every chosen item. To achieve the best results you should place the 'Shopping Cart' component within the entire website.

Shopping Cart module of the e-Commerce widget of MotoCMS

Shopping Cart List

The 'Shopping Cart List' component allows to review the list of purchases once again before a checkout. It gives a short information about every item and allows to edit the list. MotoCMS recommends to place it on a separate popup.

Shopping Cart List module of the e-Commerce widget of MotoCMS

Product Details

The 'Product Details' component will open a new popup with a product description every time you click on its image.

This component is connected with the 'Category Menu' and 'Products List' that's why all these elements should be placed together.

 Product Details module of the e-Commerce widget of MotoCMS

Add to Cart Button

And the 'Add to Cart Button' is the last component of the e-Commerce widget we want to present you right now. As any other element of the control panel it's easy editable and all you need to do is to specify its product and button settings.

Add to Card Button module of the e-Commerce widget of MotoCMS

We (and MotoCMS) hope that you'll be satisfied with this new e-Commerce widget for your Flash CMS websites. To find more info on the widget, plus some tips on its customization and installation please feel free to check out the eCommerce widget post on official MotoCMS blog. We wish you the best of luck in your initiatives and we'll be glad to get your feedback about this innovative online store solution from MotoCMS.

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