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Best Electronic Technology Store WooCommerce Themes 2019

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  1. Advantages and Peculiarities of WooCommerce Technology for the Users
  2. Technology Store Online Themes for WordPress

When it comes to the creation of online stores, you have plenty of options for all tastes, needs, and pockets. For instance, Magento with its quite complicated interface and working principle will satisfy the needs of the advanced users who have some website building experience. Drop shipping business owners will more likely benefit from Shopify functionality.

Besides other worthy options, you have WooCommerce – a WordPress extension for creating an online store for any purpose.

Electronic Technology

With more than 67 million downloads, WooCommerce is the most popular tool for creating an e-commerce website. Regardless of your knowledge of website building, WooCommerce is a convenient user-friendly option with such perks as:

  • editable code that allows a full-fledged website optimization
  • thousands of free and paid themes for all occasions
  • a great number of free and paid plugins
  • drag-and-drop nature of the editor that facilitates a website editing process
  • extended functionality
  • high speed and security
What is more, the WordPress extension is available absolutely free! Therefore, creating an online store with WooCommerce is indeed affordable.

Another great thing about this WordPress add-on is a huge amount of the original and third-party themes and plugins. With their help, you will easily alter your site to the specific style and purpose of the website.

Speaking of trustworthy resources with premium themes, we can’t fail to mention a subscription service – ONE by TemplateMonster.

the ONE

This is an ultimate toolkit for website creation. For the reasonable monthly price, you get:

  • a great number of multipurpose themes for different content management systems/written in various programming languages
  • a rich collection of e-commerce themes
  • a powerful selection of plugins (JetElements are included)
  • high-quality graphics for different occasions
  • 24/7 support
The advantages for ONE Subscription users:
  1. No low-value products. The package includes such giants as Monstroid2, WooStroid2, Intense, Magetique, and others.
  2. A low price for the subscription in comparison to one WooCommerce theme. For instance, Electrolux PrestaShop theme itself would cost $139 while the annual subscription with dozens of products costs $229 or $19 monthly. You can familiarize with the full collection of WooCommerce themes included in the ONE subscription.
  3. All ONE subscribers automatically get a 50% discount on every TemplateMonster product that isn’t included into subscription.
  4. The number of downloads is unlimited. You can use the same product as many times as you need.
  5. You have access to tons of high-quality products for different purposes at any time.
Another thing worth pointing out is the comparison with other offers for digital products for website creation:

the ONE comparison

As you see, the ONE subscription offers plenty of perks for website creation.

It will be suitable for those who deal with multiple projects and those who only need to create one website only. Access to various themes and instruments makes it possible to change the appearance and functionality of the website without paying extra money.

Coming back to the WooCommerce benefits for its users, there are a couple of things left to mention. Afterward, you can familiarize with the top 9 electronic technology themes for an online store.

Advantages and Peculiarities of WooCommerce Technology for the Users

According to PipeCandy research, there are between 2 and 3 million e-commerce stores globally (excluding Chinese stores). Taking into account this information, WooCommerce runs a great number of the online shops (more than 67 million) which is not surprising.

Besides the fact that this extension is available for free, it comes along with an impressive set of functions:

  • Open Source Code

Just like WordPress, WooCommerce source code is open. It means that all possible and impossible design variations are at your hands. If you have some knowledge of coding languages, then you get access to ultimate editing opportunities. Furthermore, everyone can offer ideas for platform improvement and create new themes and templates. Due to such opportunities, WooCommerce is considered to be the most open platform.

  • Flexible Setup

While using WooCommerce, you can forget about any restrictions. Due to the rich collection of themes and various extensions, it is possible to create an e-commerce store to your taste. In the end, you get an attractive and user-friendly website just like if you wrote it independently using frameworks.

  • Unlimited Number of Pages with Items and Categories

WooCommerce allows creating any structures and product categories and stuffing them with as many items as you need.

  • Templates and Themes Adaptability

Due to the high amount of competition, developers from the official website and third-party vendors pay particular attention to the quality and adaptability of the products. That’s why a responsive theme or a template is a must-have in the marketplace.

  • Reporting and Analytical System

The administrator can analyze the selling statistic right from the admin panel. Besides, there are different extensions such as Smart Reporter that provide users with more precise information.

  • Extended Functionality of the Online Store

WooCommerce offers different delivery and taxation options depending on the country. Plus, the platform supports the system of customers’ reviews. It helps to attract new customers and increase the level of their trust.

Furthermore, as WooCommerce is focused on the global market, it supports direct payments, payments after delivery, and integrations with various payment systems.

  • Potential of Growth

The platform is based on its own server. It allows controlling the development of the business without thinking about tariff plan limitations, subscription issues, etc. In this case, you are limited only by your fantasy.

  • Speed

Unfortunately, unlike Shopify, WooCommerce doesn’t offer its own hosting. We say “unfortunately” because when a platform comes along with hosting, the speed of the website often tends to be high by default. On the other hand, the productivity of your store in terms of speed depends on your own hosting. Therefore, you are free to choose the one that suits your needs best.

  • Price

Last but not least, the important thing is the price of the e-commerce store. So, as long as the plugin is available for free, the most basic and simplest website might cost even $10. There is no upper bound for the price. It depends on your needs, opportunities, and desire to invest in your store.

Here are a couple of expenses that the owner of an online store will bear:

  • a domain name – $10 and more
  • hosting – $2 and more
  • SSL certificate – free from Let’s Encrypt or a paid one – $9 and more
  • premium paid WordPress theme – $50 and more
Plus, there are more than 300 helpful and worthy extensions that can optimize the work of the website. They are also paid and most of the plugins cost less than $60. Remember that you can always benefit from such deals as the ONE subscription and get more products for a lower price.

Here are the top 9 online technology store themes for e-commerce stores for different tastes and purposes. All of them are included in the ONE subscription but you can also buy each of them as a single product.

Technology Store Online Themes for WordPress

Electrolux - Electronics Shop Elementor WooCommerce Theme

Electrolux - Electronics Shop Elementor WooCommerce Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

The first representative of our collection is Electrolux – a user-friendly theme with rich functionality.

The thing that deserves particular attention is the collection of Jet plugins. With their help, almost every modification to a website is possible. Want to create a menu with multiple categories and sections? Do it in a couple of clicks with a JetMenu plugin. Want to add a catchy header and footer? Look at what JetBlocks plugin offers.

In addition, you can stuff a website with various content blocks for better organization and add pre-styled widgets. The drag-and-drop nature of the Elementor Page Builder allows building a website and modifying it without any knowledge of coding or web building.

Another amazing thing about Jet plugins is that the package goes along with a Jet Plugin Wizard tool. It helps to install and manage the plugins quickly and easily.

Users also benefit from:

  • Visual Editor
  • SEO optimization
  • cross-browser compatibility
  • various drop-down menu options
  • rich background opportunities
  • sidebar managers
  • Google fonts
  • commenting system
  • calendar
All demo images are available for free.

Electrinix - Electronics Shop Elementor WooCommerce Theme

Electrinix - Electronics Shop Elementor WooCommerce Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

Another representative of the electronics website templates is Electrinix. As well as many other WordPress products, it is built with Elementor Page Builder. By default, it goes with Jet Elements that expand the functionality and efficiency of the online store.

For instance, there is a JetElements plugin that includes different modules with multiple timers, tables, pricing options, a rich collection of sliders, etc. With the help of the JetBlog plugin, you can stuff a website with Text Tickers, Smart Post Lists, Smart Tiles, Video Playlists, and more.

With Sidebar Manager and Jet plugins, it is possible to organize content in the most appealing way. You can add multiple blocks, sidebars, headers and footers, launch popup messages, and even more to contribute to the convenient navigation and organization of the website.

Along with these opportunities, it is possible to:

  • use different fonts, color options, and icons
  • change the background
  • create a unique Favicon
  • integrate social media channels
  • improve search engine optimization
In addition to its rich functionality, the template has a simple but stylish design. It won’t distract potential customers from their goal – choosing the electronic device. Still, it looks organic and appealing indeed.

Technics - Electronics Store WooCommerce Theme

Technics - Electronics Store WooCommerce Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

Speaking of the user-friendly e-commerce store, simplicity and easy navigation are two important factors that influence the user’s behavior a lot. The creators of the Technics theme took this into account. They created a theme with an exact structure and convenient navigation.

Still, as usual, you can modify the store to your taste: add pages, content blocks, sidebars, visuals, and widgets. Moreover, with the help of Elementor Page Builder, you can customize the look of the website, namely fonts, colors, and other styling options.

In other words, Technics has a lot to offer:

  • multiple customizable pages for all occasions
  • 7 headers and 3 footers
  • 5 blog layouts
  • Google fonts
  • MegaMenu plugin
  • WordPress social login
  • extended social and background options
By default, you receive a WooCommerce package that guarantees efficient and simple management of the online store. In addition, you get WooCommerce Compare & Wishlist and Quick View.

C&N Store WooCommerce Theme

C&N Store WooCommerce Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

C&N stands out from other electronics website templates due to its elegant design. Firstly, the smart positions of the content blocks contribute to an easy perception of information. Secondly, the color scheme of the template is quite neutral. So, nothing will distract potential customers from choosing the right electronic device.

If you don’t like some of the things about the theme, you can change almost every element right from the admin panel. You don’t need any coding skills. The drag-and-drop nature of the page builder allows modifications in just a couple of clicks.

So, for the affordable price, you will get:

  • 25+ content modules (buttons, tables, sliders, contact forms, images, etc.)
  • a rich library of presets
  • a wide collection of Cherry Plugins
  • a WooCommerce package
  • multiple layout options (content organization in blocks, columns, pages, etc.)
  • WooCommerce Quick View and Compare & Wishlist plugins
To increase the functionality of the online store, you can add custom widgets. For instance, you can add Testimonials, so the visitors can familiarize with the experience of the real clients.

Also, you can add a Calendar to mark important events. You can also launch different popups that will inform visitors or call them to action.

With the help of the Live Customizer, you will check out the implemented changes right away (even before visitors will see them).

TechLoop - Electronics & Gadgets Store Responsive WordPress Theme WooCommerce Theme

TechLoop - Electronics & Gadgets Store Responsive WordPress Theme WooCommerce Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

Be a part of the Woostroid sales booster. TechLoop stands out with a clean design and code. Its functionality will help to create a user-friendly stylish e-commerce store. This theme for a technology store offers a sophisticated product carousel and versatile product badges, star rating, and crossed pricing.

Furthermore, it includes a Wishlist & Compare plugin to make the process of choosing the electronic device more convenient. This way, the customer will compare multiple products and create a wish list to not miss the desired products.

In addition, the theme contains an Ajax cart and a live search along with the extended sorting options. It contributes to the positive UX and increases the chances of selling the product.

Along with the aforementioned options, the theme contains a bunch of Cherry Plugins. With their help, you will add testimonials, information about team members, multiple projects, and sidebars easily.

Cherry Plugins

It also has a TM Style Switcher that makes modifications with the style possible in a matter of clicks.

Using 25+ modules, you can increase the functionality and change the look of the online store easily. Each module is editable. So, you can simply adjust every element (button, image, slider, etc.) to the conception of your online store.

Moox - Drone Shop WooCommerce Theme

Moox - Drone Shop WooCommerce Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

If you are looking for simplicity, then Moox is worth your attention. There are no fancy complicated elements. The structure of the website can be quite simple: an appealing header, a neutral background, product categories, testimonials sections, user-friendly menu, and list of pages.

Creating and modifying pages is super easy due to the drag-and-drop nature of the page builder. You can make all changes right in the admin panel by clicking the relevant buttons. Live Customizer will help you to see the changes right away. In other words, you change the look of the website in real time.

With Moox, it is also easy to create popups. For this purpose, an appropriate plugin exists. It is included in the theme package. A good thing is that you don’t need to dive into the code to modify the appearance of the website.

In addition, you can also add multiple editable modules such as buttons (especially good for social media integration), contact forms, counters, timers, sliders, accordions, audio and video, etc.

Still, don’t forget that a customer comes to an electronic online store to purchase a device, not to be entertained. Therefore, it is important to keep your website clean and simple, but stuffed with everything a customer might need.

So, here is a brief outline of the important theme features:

  • MotoPress Slider
  • Power Page Builder
  • Popup and Sidebar manager
  • Sample data installer
  • Visual Editor
  • Ajax Product Filter
  • Dropdown menu
  • Commenting system
  • Social options and Media library

Knox WooCommerce Theme

Knox WooCommerce Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

Another option for an online technology store is Knox. For the users it has:

  • MotoPress Slider
  • Advanced theme options
  • Commenting system
  • Dropdown cart and menu
  • Back-to-top button
  • Google map and web fonts
  • Advanced social options
This is a tiny list of options available for creating a full-fledged online store. A great thing about the theme is its drag-and-drop nature. In comparison to a wide set of options, it allows website modification without coding skills.

Knox has everything to make the customer’s experience positive. For instance, you can launch a product sorting with advanced options which is a must-have option for a modern online store. Plus, you can organize all products in the product tabs according to specific criteria. This way, the customers will have a better idea about the assortment.

Furthermore, you can also launch tooltips for better navigation. A convenient and clear menu contributes to easy navigation as well. Fortunately, Knox comes with a customizable dropdown menu. You can make it up in all ways (adding or removing the categories and subcategories).

SmartHouse - Accessories & Gadgets WooCommerce Theme

SmartHouse - Accessories & Gadgets WooCommerce Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

With SmartHouse it is absolutely possible to create a technology store online with a user-friendly design. For example, there is a rich collection of headers that you can stuff with a menu with multiple categories.

By the way, there are three header and three footer styles to choose from. To make your website look appealing and catch the customer’s attention, customize these two elements according to your website’s style and target audience needs.

Plus, it is possible to adjust the sorting options. Otherwise, navigation through the website will be quite complicated.

There is also an opportunity to spread the word about your store, products, industry, or just share useful information. For this purpose, a theme includes four blog layout types. Of course, you can modify each of them by changing content blocks, adding sidebars, widgets, etc.

The color scheme of the theme is suitable for a store selling electronic devices. It doesn’t have visual distractions, although it is still editable. Google Web Fonts are integrated into the theme. All the modifications are possible right from the admin panel.

Tech Gadget WooCommerce Theme

Tech Gadget WooCommerce Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

Tech Gadget has a lot to offer for proper content marketing. By default, the theme is SEO optimized. This means that the developers took into account all factors that can influence the ranking by the search engines. As a result, they created a theme that meets the major requirements of the main search engines.

A rich collection of the editable headers and footers, modules, and visuals is a great toolkit for creating an appealing online store with easy navigation.

Plus, you can integrate social media channels and get an additional source of potential clients. With the social media buttons, website visitors will be able to spread the word about your store. With the help of Testimonials, your customers can leave feedback. In other words, it is easy indeed to create an e-commerce store.

Still, it only depends on you as to which image it will be: a good or a bad one.

So, we reached the end of the collection with electronics website templates. Though it contains just nine template items, you still have a wide choice. You can visit the TemplateMonster marketplace for more options.

Assuming the fact that every theme is extremely customizable, you can create a unique online store that meets the conception of your business.

Make sure your online store is user-friendly and contains all the necessary information. Of course, mind SEO optimization as the visibility of your store plays a huge role. Taking into account the high amount of competition, ensure that you have something special to offer to your potential customers. Good luck!

Top Electronic Technology Store eCommerce Themes

Template NameTemplate ProviderCategory
Electrolux - Electronics Shop Elementor WooCommerce ThemeZEMEZElectronics Templates
Electrinix - Electronics Shop Elementor WooCommerce ThemeZEMEZElectronics Store Templates
Technics - Electronics Store WooCommerce ThemeZEMEZComputer Store Templates
C&N Store WooCommerce ThemeZEMEZElectronics Store Templates
TechLoop - Electronics & Gadgets Store Responsive WordPress Theme WooCommerce ThemeZEMEZElectronics Store Templates
Moox - Drone Shop WooCommerce ThemeZEMEZEntertainment Templates
Knox WooCommerce ThemeZEMEZElectronics Store Templates
SmartHouse - Accessories & Gadgets WooCommerce ThemeZEMEZElectronics Templates
Tech Gadget WooCommerce ThemeZEMEZElectronics Templates

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