Take Control Over Users' Emotions

Mar 11, 2014

People’s feelings and emotions are sensitive like strings of musical instruments. Some things make us smile, some put on the verge of tears, some calm us down and some simply leave us indifferent. We are sure that any UI designer will say that even negative user’s reaction is better than disregard. When people estimate your work, this means that it has found a response in their minds, drawn their attention and captured them.

Would you like to get to the next level of design - the emotional one? Browse this e-book’s pages and you’ll learn new tricks and methods of creating emotional design. Have you ever noticed that sometimes we are guided by our emotions and not by the common sense? If you master the techniques of emotional design, this will surely raise your conversion rates higher. This e-book from vast Smashing Shop library will teach you main principles of emotional design. The acquired knowledge will let you add appeal and personal touch to your website thus making user experience better and putting visitors’ feelings under control.

Helga Moreno
v Complain

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