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Every Web Designer’s and Developer’s Routine in 15 GIFs

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You’re in a middle of an important project, but a client is a real pain in the arse. You’re juggling ten tasks all at once, while your product manager emailed you 18 times only this morning.

Do you feel it? Do you actually feel this pain?

Right, this is how every web designer and developer’s daily routine looks like. And believe me — we’ve all been there. So, take a look at these 15 GIFs and recognize yourself.

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1. Doing a long-term project would be like

2. When you decide to release a product without testing it

3. When you fixed a bug a second before the release

4. When it’s time to release

5. When you pretend the bug is a new feature

6. When you procrastinate on a project until the last minute

7. When “that” client suddenly emails you

8. When a client sends you another set of changes

9. When you’re in a middle of something important, but your computer acts up

10. When a client asks to change the font you’ve chosen

11. When your project manager asks for a status update

12. When you show your product manager that you have finally fixed that bug

13. When you see some terrible design

14. When you finally get paid after a never-ending project

15. When you and your team celebrate the end of a project

The bottom line

We all have our stressful days or even weeks, but here’s the idea: next time you hit the ceiling, remind yourself there are thousands of web designers and developers all around the world who feel the same this very second.

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