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Mar 14, 2011

Today we'd like to announce that on TemplateMonster's official website we've added a new section with Facebook Layouts product family that offers versatile solutions for a broad application of Facebook custom brand pages.

For now, the section embraces three subcategory products including our professional Facebook Flash Templates which can be edited via XML files to be subsequently displayed as fascinating Facebook custom fan pages with captivating dynamics. And apart from Facebook Flash pre-made designs, in this section you can also find our premium quality Facebook Flash CMS templates. These Facebook layouts are powered by the most feature-rich Flash content management system currently available – Moto CMS. This solution gives you a complete control to centrally manage rich content across Facebook platform and easily integrate some catching interactive displays to promote your business. TemplateMonster is also producing the newest standard Facebook HTML Templates that will help customers effortlessly redesign their existing Facebook fan page layouts having only basic coding knowledge.

And soon we will be providing you with a variety of other great Facebook layout products. Though, you can already start marveling at how you can utilize the available stunning technologies to increase your brand and product awareness in world’s biggest ever-growing Facebook social environment. Whatever your product or service is, make sure there's a huge potential market there!

By the way, today our collection of Facebook layouts will grow even bigger with two nicely done new templates, one Facebook Flash CMS template:

and one new Facebook Flash eCommerce template:

* * *

P.S. Pretty soon we'll launch static Facebook templates, we know you can't wait for them to appear, please have a little more patience. Until that time, feel free to play with a free static Facebook template we've launched last week.

Lilian Rigo
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