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25% Discount on Facebook Templates Family

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If you take a look at some of the most successful businesses around – they all have an attendant Facebook brand page to stay consistent with their customers. The goal of TemplateMonster now is to help your business succeed and grow with effective Facebook presence. For this reason we provide a rich variety of Facebook templates that can help you stay in front of your customers and increase revenue.

Normally our Facebook templates are available for about $50 to $70, which is a low price for such a professional design. Now though, there’s something even more cost-effective for the entire Facebook templates family! TemplateMonster currently offers a 25% discount all Facebook layouts including Facebook Flash Templates, Facebook HTML Templates, and Facebook Flash CMS Templates that are all designed by professional designers and developed according to the industry's latest standards.

With our 25% Facebook template discount you can easily save between $13 and $18 on each Facebook template you purchase. The discount is however available for a limited period of time - only for one monthstarting June 14th until July 14th, 2011. So you’d better hurry up if you really want to take advantage of this discount!

Here's a quick look at how awesome our Facebook templates can be!

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Fashion Models Agency Facebook Flash CMS Template

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Web Design Facebook Flash Template

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Creative Studio Facebook Flash Template

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Night Club Facebook HTML Template

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Personal Portfolio Facebook Flash Template

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Photographer's Portfolio Facebook Flash CMS Template

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