12 Must-Use Financial WordPress Themes for Banking & Cryptocurrency in 2020

Develop eye-catching financial websites with the help of WordPress themes from TemplateMonster.

Make your website look bold, modern and elegant. TemplateMonster provides you some modules, layouts, Google fonts, and styles for text to make your website or blog look attractive and to share it on social media.

Looking for awesome examples? ICOTokenNews.com is a cryptocurrency related news website developed on the WordPress platform. This site gives excellent reviews for ICO related cryptocurrencies, and it was proudly created on the WordPress platform.

So, today, let’s have a look at the some of the must-use Financial WordPress Themes for Banking and cryptocurrency from TemplateMonster.

Must-use Financial WordPress Themes for Banking and Cryptocurrency in 2020

Get Unit - ICO Crypto Currency Multipage HTML Website Template

Get Unit - ICO Crypto Currency Multipage HTML Website Template

Demo | Download | Hosting

Bitunit - Cryptocurrency Elementor WordPress Theme

Bitunit - Cryptocurrency Elementor WordPress Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

It comes with a front-end page builder and doesn’t require any coding to edit the website.

The theme can be easily customized, and you don’t have to depend on a professional to help you in editing the website.

It comes with some header and footer options to make your home page and inner pages more attractive.

This WordPress theme comes with free images to be incorporated into the website.

Most importantly, it is SEO friendly.

cCurrency Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme

financial wordPress themes

Demo | Download | Hosting

This WordPress theme can be adapted to all types of devices (computer, laptops, smartphones), browsers (google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, opera, etc.).

It is a strong theme to support any cryptocurrency themes.

One can easily customize this theme with the help of the front-end editor.

You don’t have to be a professional to edit, add or remove the text, or to add any other features.

Financial Consultancy WordPress Theme

Financial Consultancy WordPress Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

Complete professional look for the corporate finance theme.

This WordPress theme is the best for finance, banks or investment companies.

Financial Consultancy WordPress theme supports popular plug-ins, and it is also compatible with different devices.

TradeBit - Bitcoin-Trading WordPress Theme


Demo | Download | Hosting

This WordPress is made with the help of Elementor page builder.

TradeBit WordPress theme is suitable for all types of devices with small to large screens.

You can expect free images along with this theme.

It is developed using latest technology giving a colorful and stylish appearance to your website.

Invenio - Classy Financial Advisor WordPress Theme


Demo | Download | Hosting

The animation effect of this particular theme is superbly done by highlighting the sections that are most checked by website visitors.

The websites using this theme can be visited through mobile or computer with each section being visible for both windows.

It comes with some social media options that allows you to share blogs with family and friends.

TopMiner - CryptocurrencyWordPressTheme


Demo | Download | Hosting

This WordPress theme allows for full SEO optimization.

Topminor comes with some options to design the main website page and other web pages as well.

This WordPress website is also created with the help of Elementor Page Builder plugin.

One can also add extra plugins from the admin.

Bankorama - Bank WordPress Theme


Demo | Download | Hosting

This theme is most useful for bank owners and allows you to develop an attractive website that can attract the customers.

Bankorama display can be adjusted; the theme is fast and allows you to share on several social media platforms with a single click.

This theme is developed by a team of highly qualified professionals and has five layouts and seven post formats.

Financial Consultant WordPress Theme

Financial Consultant WordPress Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

This WordPress theme comes with white space and an excellent interconnected layout, best for any financial company.

The theme is ready to use for any financial website.

You can edit and customize it within a short span of time, and it will be ready to be published.

The outlook of this WordPress theme is very elegant.

wordpress themes

Starpus - Creative Financial Multipurpose WordPress Theme


Demo | Download | Hosting

This WordPress theme is easy to edit and manage.

It comes with some Google fonts and text styles to make your website look more appealing.

The theme also has a personal blogging feature that helps you in giving more information about the company.

Starpus theme can be accessed from any part of the world and is compatible with all devices.

FinExpert - Financial Advisory Company Responsive WordPress Theme


Demo | Download | Hosting

This WordPress theme has more than 25 modules, flexible power builder, drag and drop functionality.

It has many animation and layout options.

The theme is built with the latest technology and advanced functionality.

One of the interesting features of FinExpert is Cherry Search, which is compatible with WooCommerce and supports all type of blogs, online stories, etc.

It also features custom widgets.

Financex - Financial Advisor WordPress Theme


Demo | Download | Hosting

This WordPress theme is perfect for finance business companies that allow you to highlight promotional things.

It has options to increase brand awareness with the help of social media.

Parallax scrolling increases visitors’ attention and helps in understanding the company better.

It also has flexible blog functionality.

The theme is licensed under the GNU GPL v3.0. and the package includes high-resolution images with no additional cost.

You will be more than satisfied with the website developed with Financex.

ChainBit - Bitcoin WordPress Theme


Demo | Download | Hosting

Bitcoin is a well-known and famous form of cryptocurrency.

ChainBit - Bitcoin WordPress Theme is easy to configure through the control panel or by the Visual Composer plugin.

The package contains sample pages of various sections, such as About Us, Services, and Contact Us, etc.

Your website designing is quite simplified as you can use any of these templates to get started with.


TOP 12 Financial WordPress Themes for Banking & Cryptocurrency

Template NameTheme ProviderTemplate CategoryPrice
Get Unit - ICO Crypto Currency Multipage HTML Website TemplateZEMEZInvestment Company Templates$75
Bitunit - Cryptocurrency Elementor WordPress ThemeZEMEZConsulting Templates$75
cCurrency Cryptocurrency WordPress ThemeThemeHurstWeb Development Templates$85
Financial Consultancy WordPress ThemeZEMEZFinancial Advisor Templates$75
TradeBit - Bitcoin-Trading WordPress ThemeZEMEZFinancial Advisor Templates$75
Invenio - Classy Financial Advisor WordPress ThemeZEMEZFinancial Advisor Templates$75
TopMiner - Cryptocurrency WordPress ThemeZEMEZFinancial Advisor Templates$75
Bankorama - Bank WordPress ThemeZEMEZConsulting Templates$75
Financial Vision WordPress ThemeZEMEZFinancial Advisor Templates$75
Starpus - Creative Financial Multipurpose WordPress ThemeZEMEZFinancial Advisor Templates$75
FinExpert - Financial Advisory Company Responsive WordPress ThemeZEMEZFinancial Advisor Templates$75
Financex - Financial Advisor WordPress ThemeZEMEZFinancial Advisor Templates$75
ChainBit - Bitcoin WordPress ThemeZEMEZInvestment Company Templates$75

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