Page Flip Book + FlashMoto CMS = Additional Customization Options

Sep 01, 2010

This Flash template based on the page flip engine and equipped with a powerful control panel is a perfect way to create digital editions such as any type of publications, magazines, brochures and catalogues.

Flip page refers to the effect that creates an illusion of flipping through the pages of a digital document as if it were a physical document. The benefit of having a flip page document is that it creates an amazing visual impression and provides a pleasant user's experience of reading the actual copy of a print magazine or document.

Moto CMS control panel interface will make your workflow more convenient and productive. Use a great variety of customization options and live preview for configuring your book. You don't need any additional software to edit the design, as Moto CMS offers everything you need. In fact, it's the first Page Flip application that goes together with a WYSIWYG editor!

As a real book, this Flash CMS design consists of a cover:

When you are browsing the website, the pages of the book are flipping either forward or back with a rustling sound imitating the natural way of browsing through a tangible document or a book. But at the same time this digital version allows users to enjoy its advantages like searching through a document, jumping to a certain page, links to external websites etc. Pages can be flipped either by clicking on the menu buttons, or by clicking on their corner, or even by pressing the browser's back/forward button.

Let’s take a deeper look inside. You can easily change any text and customize its font, style, color, size etc. using the Properties Panel on the right:

Or even add different effects to the text: bevel, blur, glow, shadow, color – via the Effects Panel:

Other website pages can be customized in the same way. You may add as many pages as you wish, and the transition effect between them will be preserved. The size of the pages can be edited via FLA file. Adding images to your book couldn’t be any easier, as WYSIWYG editor visualizes everything what you are producing. You may also add hot-spots to your book pages, such as links pointing to other pages or external URL, pop-ups, etc. The page background is also customizable.

In addition to that you can easily embed video or music player into your digital book with no efforts and coding required. In the Tools panel on the left click on “Modules” button, choose the necessary component and add it to the stage. And that’s it!

Summing up…

This Flip Book ready-made template powered by CMS for Flash is a professional solution to manage the content of your book regularly without touching the source files. You can update the pages of your book just on the fly and enjoy the brilliant imitation of a print book or magazine.

Try a Live Demo of this Flip Book Flash CMS Template right now or watch a short video on how to customize the design.

Tianna Morris
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2010-09-06 08:13:22

Can I turn / convert a pdf in this product? Like does?

2010-09-02 06:53:42

@ Dave Flash content, when used effectively, can work great for SEO. FlashMoto CMS is organized and functioning in the way that Google entirely indexes your Flash website content. The thing is Flash sites built with FlashMoto have two versions: - Flash version (seen by users); - HTML version (seen by search engines and users who don’t have Flash player). You may find more info on how to wisely optimize your FlashMoto website here:

2010-09-02 01:36:46

Nice idea. I will play with this CMS. Is it SEO friendly solution?

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