Free Beer Website Template for Oktoberfest

Sep 27, 2010

This year is marked with the special event – 200th anniversary of the first Oktoberfest that was held in Germany. Wonderful festivals with amusing entertainment, amazing parades, excited crowd of people in traditional costumes and, of course, beer tasting make this day one of the most favorite holidays of the year.

This event is a pretty nice chance to present you this Free Beer Website Template that can help you to make most of your Oktoberfest, ‘cause using this theme you can start your own project that deals with beer and share your passion for this product with other likeminded people. Enjoy every day of the year and make your life bright! Try this free website template and start your online business successfully!

Welcome Free Beer Website Template!

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Katarina Klementi
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2010-10-09 23:40:32

>Feel free to use this template for your business, but you are not allowed to resell it. Enjoy! Can I use it for Multisite ?I won't sell it .but other users of my Multisite use this template for sub-sites on my multisite installation .Is this against to your Terms and conditions?

2010-10-05 04:03:28

Thanks, the ropes are quite interesting....very nice...and thank you!

2010-10-02 10:27:39

Its awesome. If u remember I'm us regular buyer of flash templates. Thanks for this free template.

2010-10-01 19:03:54

Very nice template, thank you so much

2010-09-28 00:57:52

AWESOME !!!! I love M T I love BEER I love Me

2010-09-27 23:23:20

Good Templates, I love Monster Templates...!

2010-09-27 20:33:18

Thank you!

2010-09-27 14:38:33

A very warm "Thank you!" to the people involved in this fine online web templates store.

2010-09-27 13:01:35

Gotto love free templates, websites and hosting. Now if webs and yola would just increase their template choices to include more cool ones like this.

2010-09-27 11:46:49

obrigado. Luc

2010-09-27 11:22:37

I was expecting a "Website that offers free beer" first when I read about this in my email. But this is fine too! =D

2010-09-27 07:49:58

Thanks. Nice template. I can customize to fit to my requirement.

2010-09-27 07:11:50

Great template! Thank you.

2010-09-27 03:40:26

Thanks a lot!

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