Free Business Website Template with Accordion Navigation

Apr 25, 2011

All designers are faced with a number of questions regarding web design concept when deciding which way to choose to create the top-notch project.

It is important to know what trends are popular today, which of them are interesting to the target audience and what kind of design concept will definitely become noticeable among others. Of course, there are dozens of variants, but we offer you the sure-fire way - Free Business Website Template with Accordion Navigation.

The type of navigation that is used in this template helps to navigate among a website's sections quickly and intuitively. The layout in green color palette is the very thing your online project need to attract attention of its visitors. Well, feel free to use this free website template for your future great plans, but at first view live demo.

Free Business Website Template with Accordion Navigation:

Download with PSD Download without PSD

Katarina Klementi
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2011-04-25 11:20:00

thanks simple but uncommon. it's great

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