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Free Business Website Template – The Right Choice for Your Project!

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What is the effective way to make your project noticeable among others? The solution is simple – attractive design concept that is undoubtedly distinctive from the ordinary sites.

Free website template from the professional designers can become the powerful starting point for your successful project.

As you understand, today we present you another freebie. This theme features clean and clear style as well as the catchy 3D models that are also used in its design. You can easily customize it and present your company in the effective way. This free website template can be a good choice for your online project, be sure!

Free Business Website Template:

Free Website Template

Download with PSD Download without PSD

12 Responses

    1. Stephane, what exactly do you mean by saying the link for PSD doesn’t work? After you click it you get to the page where you specify the email address you want the ZIP to be delivered to. It’s all simple. Let me know on what stage it went wrong.

  1. psd link button doesn’t function. shows as link but it looks like it either connects to the same page it’s on or a page that doesn’t exist.

      1. the subscribe link was checked and I am already subscribed so it wouldn’t process any further. Unchecking the box made all work OK.

  2. Nice website – like the funcunality of the layout, easy to read and gives the idea it has an ease in use. Customer friendly.

  3. when I click Send Me the Link, I do not get a link sent to me

  4. Although I’ve purchased several from TM, (e.g.,, I’ve never been able to get any of the “Free” templates from Template Monster. The promised email links never show up. I’ve also gotten frustrated buying templates from TM when my boss gives me her CC to buy one and TM phones, asking her to fax an image of her CC. You have great stuff but it’s not always “customer friendly.”

  5. When I buy template what i need to browser on site

  6. The PSD link is hopeless. I hope this is not an indication of the quality and response from this company

    1. Again, what exactly do you mean by saying the link for PSD doesn’t work? Are you not able to get to the page from this blog post? Or did you specify the email address that you want the download link to be delievered to and you can’t receive that link?
      Please let me know what exactly went wrong, otherwise we don’t know what to fix.

  7. Hello,

    Links are working fine after entering email id , I got email with download link. Once again great website design and graphics Thnx

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