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Jan 17, 2011

It's time to create a whole new feel for your business. Regular web presence is not enough for keeping up your online activity, Facebook brand page is really a must-have part of your successful business.

With over 500 million accounts, Facebook exerts huge influence on our society and it means that your custom fan page within this social network will certainly call attention of a number of people from your business's target audience. So, if the goal of your business is the growth of its popularity, today’s freebie is perfect for you. Here it is – Free Facebook Page Template.

Here you will find the download package of this template that contains SWF and XML files as well as images including splash page to attract your visitors the first time they find your page. You are welcome to customize this template with your own content, images, banners, logos etc - XML file will help you in that. We hope that this Free Facebook Template will inspire your for creating the top-notch Facebook brand page.

Free Facebook Page Template:

Free Facebook Page Template


You may also be interested in a free static Facebook template that we've launched after this one - please feel free to download it and use it for your Facebook brand page. We're also proud to introduce our new product for creating spectacular Facebook pages – Facebook HTML Templates. Feel free to check out them.

Katarina Klementi
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2011-02-09 03:16:00

Mine gets stuck at "Loading XML"???

2011-02-09 03:57:00

worked it out, user error :-)

2011-02-03 05:37:00

I copy and pasted the code from the readme.txt into the app on my new page. How to make the template appear in the fan page? Because it doesn't work for me!

2011-02-03 00:05:00

how should i make html to work there as i want to specify html table as theatre listing.... for flash its awsum, and perfectly fine with the steps

2011-01-24 17:16:00

You say that we can't have the fla file because its a paid template. I cant find any facebook templates on your site to buy. will gladly pay for it if u show me where. Thanks

2011-01-26 09:59:00

In this free template a modified FLA from Flash Template 31764 ( was used. So you can use the FLA from there. Also, soon we will launch a product type of Facebook page templates, including this one, ther will also be an FLA file available there. Please don't hesitate to let us know if there's anything we can do for you.

2011-01-21 11:04:00

Ok I've got it uploaded to the fan page, but I can not figure out how to change / edit the info to my info? HELP ... Jessica Palotas

2011-01-24 03:39:00

There's an XML file that contains the info that's displayed in the Flash areas. By editing texts in the XML file you basically edit content of your page.

2011-01-19 14:02:00

How can I setup the Welcome page (old FBML) to be the first to show, replacing the Wall?

2011-01-19 10:55:00

can you post fla? we'd like to edit loading page and russian font or something like this?!

2011-01-20 10:12:00

No, sorry, we cannot post an FLA source. There's a paid Flash template that this Facebook template is based on. Giving FLA would basically mean giving away two templates for free. I'm sure you'll understand.

2011-01-18 23:42:00

Good stuff, BUT - You have to give us a way to skip that loading page. We cannot have people forced to click on "Enter" .. that's something you made people do ten years ago in Flash... common.. You can put a "real" loader in there.

2011-01-18 15:31:00

Thanks Katarina, but you need to say that this is only for Fan pages. It doesn´t work on normal pages or profiles.

2011-01-18 15:01:00

very very good timing

2011-01-18 09:04:00

can some one explain how i can upload the template to server.....i use filezella, and which folder should i upload....thanks!

2011-01-17 20:00:00

I like the idea of the template I've been looking everywhere for good one but can you make any for the entertainment industry? With a little more contrast and excitement? The plain ones are nice but i need pizas!!! Please

2011-01-17 15:40:00

Excellent, this is exactly what I've been looking for. Nice design, easily customizable with very little effort. Thanks for this gift!

2011-01-17 15:37:00

Thx Katarina ! Puis-je avoir le .fla ? Encore merci beaucoup.

2011-01-17 16:53:00


2011-01-17 14:34:00

Nice clean design!! Thanks so much...

2011-01-17 13:50:00

and how to embed russian font here? (((

2011-01-17 14:41:00

I think that Katarina rocks!! So quit fooling around about Russian Fonts, but it's funny nevertheless....

2011-01-17 13:20:00

amazing. thanks a lot!

2011-01-17 13:09:00

Thank you!

2011-01-17 11:24:00

I'm new FBML and this just made my day. Hope to see more Facebook Page Templates. Thanks

2011-01-17 18:31:00

Thank you so much for this. I am new to fbml too but really want to use this great freebie. I copy and pasted the code from the readme.txt into the app on my new page but what to do with rest of the download ie how to make the template appear in the fan page?

2011-01-17 11:18:00

How to rename FBML to Welocome???

2011-01-19 16:30:00

It is simple. When you are editing FBML, on the same page that you paste the code TM provided in the read me file, you put what you want in the box title field. In this case you would type Welcome if that's what you want it to say. I have a question too if anyone can help...I know I save my changes in the XML file but how do I get my changes to go live? I'm assuming that the code we pasted in the FBML box points to a file hosted by template monster (TM) and we have to remotely host are own som where. Can anyone help?

2011-01-17 11:38:00

Go to the “Settings” of your page, find Apps -> FBML-FBML -> select “Go to app” :)) thanx to me

2011-01-17 08:46:00

You offer us surprises..

2011-01-17 05:34:00

God bless your heart!

2011-01-17 05:25:00

Amazing! really youre the best!!! youre making us to expect the unthinkable, so i hope soon you release more templates with more costumization like the option to put videos on it. For now, simply thanks youre great!!!

2011-01-17 04:15:00 made my day!!! I want more and more interactive please.

2011-01-17 03:31:00

thanks! I been looking for something like this!

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