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Free Full JavaScript Animated Template for Charity Project

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Folks, we hope that you'll consider this freebie a good opportunity to renovate your online project or start the new one with fresh look and great potential.

Welcome today's Free Full JavaScript Animated Template for Charity Project! It’s one more full JavaScript-animated free theme with effective background image from our collection of freebies. This website template looks like Flash, it only differs from it due to light-weight characteristics and the opportunity to be edited with any code editor. It was designed for a charity website, but can easily be customized for a lot of other topics that deal with charity and the projects of the same type - all of the PSD graphic course files are included into the download package. One more pleasant thing about this free website template is it's absolutely free nature. You can easily download and use it for your own website or customization project of your client. Don’t forget to see it in live action while browsing its free template live demo.

Free Full JavaScript Animated Template for Charity Project:

Download with PSD Download without PSD

7 Responses

  1. Thanks again for such a nice template…

  2. Password to extract template? The last part of download file does not work. Thanks.

  3. Great Template, However I am having a problem with it.  It works great in all browsers when I run in from my local windows 7 computer file directory, but when I upload it to my IIS 7.5 webserver all browsers work great except for IE.  Even thought my version of IE is 9 it works locally just fine but not live from the IIS 7.5 server. 

    Any Help Would Be Great.

    1. This theme works
      in all browsers, we’ve checked it. Please contact your hosting provider to find
      out the problem. 

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