Free Full JavaScript Animated Template for Web Design Studio

Feb 01, 2020

What if you have run out of inspiration and have any ideas about how your design should look like to get a feedback from your customers? How would you act in this case?

One and perhaps one of the correct ideas is to turn to the premium solutions that can be a good starting point for your effective designs. You are welcome to check out one of them that is presented by the professional designers from TemplateMonster - Free Full JavaScript Animated Template for Web Design Studio.

This theme is perfectly tailored for your web design studio, but can be easily customized for any related topic. When crafting the successful online project, you should take care of its design and user-friendliness. All these must-have points are taken into account in this free theme. Speaking about its design, it should be mentioned that it’s done in pure JavaScript that means that it looks like a Flash site with the stunning animation, but this effect is done with JavaScript. It allows you to present your works and business ideas in the catchy manner and draw the visitors' attention to your projects.

Free Full JavaScript Animated Template for Web Design Studio:

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Bonobomb - Full Animated Zoo Website Template

JavaScript animated templates.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Managing the zoo or any other business dealing with animals and pets one will require to improve the online presence of the firm. Bonobomb full animated zoo website template will become a reasonable solution for launching a new landing page.

Bright and colorful backgrounds with high-quality pictures of animals will be a good start for promoting the company online. Funny pandas, exotic birds or elegant leopards would definitely grasp the attention of the potential clients. Javascript animation features make it even more interactive.

The advantages of these template include:

  • an uncomplicated code that could be modified according to the user’s needs;
  • a clear and detailed structure of the page. It applies a stick-to-top menu and contains a form to collect the customers’ contacts;
  • pre-set sections including a table for publishing the fees that can fully satisfy the needs of business owners.

Besides, the page owners can benefit from the following features:

  1. Site builders can also use CSS animations to better decorate the layout.
  2. High resolution of the images makes the page look more expensive with standard investments.
  3. The sample’s framework helps business owners to include SEO-friendly elements and make the page more representative for the algorithms of the search engines.
  4. Compatibility with Google fonts and Maps makes the template accessible for PC’s, mobile and tables due to integration of Bootstrap 4. An opportunity to find the location of the company online and to build a route will higher its search ranking.

To install the product you will need:

  • Apache 2.0 +;
  • PHP 5.4+;
  • Sublime Text 2 or higher;
  • Notepad++ or any other PHP-editor.

Apply Stuffit Expander 10+ (Mac) or WinZip 9+ (Windows) to uncompress it. The sample will be available from any modern browser.

Developers provide users with a detailed package of instructions. They promise to be 24-hour online to assist their customers and to make the application of the template more comfortable.

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thanks nice collections...

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