Meet Radiant Orchid - The Color of The Year in Free HTML5 Theme for Spa Salon

Jan 13, 2014

2014 brings a modern twist on web design trends. What’s that? The first trend we’re going to 'illuminate' is the color. This year will be painted in Radiant Orchid, ‘cause it’s announced as the color of 2014. Pantone, a world-known authority on color and provider of color systems, reveals captivating and enigmatic purple as the most popular 'scheme for this year'.

If you want your designs to intrigue the eye and spark imagination, choose this color as the primary one. To see how it works Ivy Green, TemplateMonster designer, revived the new freebie, Free HTML5 Theme for Spa Salon, with the blooming force of a Radiant Orchid.

Expressive Force of the Free HTML5 Theme for Spa Salon

Consider this theme to be a web design fashionista. Its design shows major tints of Radiant Orchid, color of the year, thus reminding a mood board that is an example of elegance and inspiration. Featured blocks, content boxes, background and even fonts are colored in intriguing fuchsia, pink and their undertones – the harmonious family of Radiant Orchid.

Scroll down to see the set of pages, or click live demo button to see this design emanating joy and creativity. If you have never used such colors in your works, experiment with this freebie and see how a single color can make your design really intriguing.

Live Demo Download

Starbis - Multipurpose HTML5 Theme

multifunctional HTML5 theme

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