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Rock Your Music Project with Free HTML5 Website Template

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For all music fans and all those who are death on music beats we present today’s freebie - free music website template. If you are keen on music and want to share your passion with everyone, here is a good chance to do it.

We continue creating free HTML5 templates and we are proud to present you the new one. You all know about the advantages of this new markup language and we try our best to offer you more and more high-grade products. So, today it is Free HTML5 Website Template for music site and you are welcome to use it for your online projects that deal with the music sphere. Try it and create the web presence that will rock everyone.

Free HTML5 Website Template for Music Site:

Download with PSD Download without PSD

Starbis - Multipurpose HTML5 Theme

multifunctional HTML5 theme

use code HTML15OFF
use code HTML15OFF

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  1. Very nice template, congratulations

  2. you guys are on fire. cheers will check it out soon!

  3. Grear gift!

    HTML 5 is the future and necesary for Google nex time!

  4. There aren’t much browsers which are HTML5-ready.

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