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Oct 22, 2012

Get off to a good start of the week with the fresh new freebie - Free Joomla Agriculture Template! A number of goodies were featured in our weekly series of freebies, and here is the new item from the professional team of designers.

We hope that you found your favorite items in this collection and used them as the basis of your own projects.

It’s a tough choice to find a good design for your web presence, but there are always great solutions that are near you. This free Joomla theme has a great design sense, and you can notice it at first view. It covers all the essential Joomla features and powerful functionality you need to run a successful project. All agriculture oriented businesses will find its layout effective for visualizing their business ideas. Cool background image with the properly chosen color scheme complements the whole effectiveness of the design.

Free Joomla Agriculture Template:


Live Demo Download

Jedi - Multipurpose Joomla Theme

multifunctional Joomla theme

Katarina Klementi
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