Free Maintenance and Cleaning HTML5 Website Template

Nov 29, 2010

Good design concept is the very thing that the online project must have to become interesting for its visitors. It is better to make use of the thought-out professional template, than create the trite design that lacks effectiveness. Today we are glad to present you the freebie that corresponds the mainstream web design trends and can help you to create the catchy project.

This theme shows you the professional way our designers' team has chosen to work out the templates for our ultimate collection. Its minimal design exhibits clean and clear style with several accents that is ideal for presenting your business ideas in the catchy and memorable way. You are welcome to download this professionally created free website template, but at first have a look at it.

Free Maintenance and Cleaning HTML5 Website Template:


Download with PSD Download without PSD

Starbis - Multipurpose HTML5 Theme

multifunctional HTML5 theme

Katarina Klementi
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2010-11-29 12:49:00

tnX :) You're great! :)

2010-11-29 07:43:00

Thx... Merci beaucoup Katarina.

2010-11-29 06:42:00

That's cool Katarina I will use this design immediately. Happy Thanksgiving

2010-11-29 05:46:00

Mmmm I like it. Thanks a bunch, Katarina.

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