Free Minimal Icon Sets [.SVG + .PNG]

Jun 10, 2015

Don’t miss your chance to customize your site and give it some stylish accents with a pack of new, free minimal icon sets from Each icon is optimized for all types of display resolutions, so you can totally use them for both regular web and mobile design. In addition, they offer quite flexible adjustments: you can easily change their size and color to adapt them to the entire design of the site.

The icons are also divided into several categories like: communications & media, email, electronic devices, etc. So you will easily find the required sample in a couple of seconds. They come in .PNG and .SVG formats and are available for absolutely no charge. In such a way, you can save a great deal of money and give your site some fresh and stylish accents.

Alex Bulat
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Last Updated : Mar 20, 2018

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