Interface Design Freebies: Free Multitouch Gesture Icons

Touch screen is a pointing device that allows you by with your finger, stylus on the area of the screen to produce the required data item selection, menu, or perform data entry into the device. Touch screens are best suited to organize flexible interface, intuitive, even for nontechnical users. With the proliferation of handheld, tablet computers, devices for reading electronic books and various terminals touch screens have become as common as a mouse button and the wheel.

For the last ten years the necessity to use physical keyboards gradually falls off...that's because touch screens have become major input devices. Today all apps and websites are optimizes for touch screens making it means that precise pointing is no longer needed, since finger is way thicker that the mouse pointer. This "finger navigation" reminds a Fifteen puzzle, it's a classical problem for modelling algorithms involving heuristics...similar issues are considered when designing touch interfaces.

Anyways "touch" is the main thing that concerns the hearts and minds of web designers, terabytes of freebies and various design goodies can be found throughout the web though we'd like to share with you some interesting freebies, they are called Multitouch Gesture Icons. These things are created like small hands and can be used as tip-tools giving user a hint about the required action, or anyhow else. All sets included into this post are free and can be used commercially. Feel free to download them.

All the best!


Multitouch Gesture Library




High Quality Multitouch Gesture


Gesture Icon Sets


BenBois Icons


Touchscreen Stencils




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  1. Ester Andr says:

    Super! Thank you very much! Blessings to you, Alex! Thank you for your job.

  2. ferobanjo says:

    Yes box. Thanx

  3. Thank you very much for sharing the icons. I found it very useful as I’m preparing a documentation on multitouch software. Keep up the work.

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